• ColoradoKnight

    Now their puttin’ “I Love You” on iTunes J?! And it’s more for the ladies? Damn, oh well, I’ma still check for it though. Still in my “Top 5 Dead or Alive” (pun intended)

  • puerto-black

    Go knicks! Since harper, starks, mason, oak, 33

  • Your mother’s “Friend”

    Man WTH is going on in that picture ???

  • James


  • syllables

    MELLEA GOT THE INFO jada metioning shady top 5 of all time.. game over

  • i said YERR

    good shit! u never kno wut the lox is up to. they never do interviews smh


    yo if u been a fan of d-block / the lox for awhile u already kno wut this means. Jada said top5doa in july? smh it’ll prolly drop september

  • P. Diddy

    Yo i lettin them cats drop anytime soon … the bugati boys got more BARS lmaoo


    idk bout yall but i love when ne1 talks about the “golden era” of hiphop. brings me back to the days of that real music! the 90s>

  • Go Knicks

    good post, jada is top5, melo is top5 n the knicks gnna make a lil run in the playoffs nahmean?

  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis

    i want to see knicks vs heat in the playoffs.

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  • Belize

    Pic says it all.

  • Belize

    damn yo my nigga shyne b all jewish n shit … damnnnnnn lmao fuckin faggets


    NY yall dont want it with King and D3 so stfu

  • like isiah u cant handle the nicks

    realest shit i eva posted ——> JADAKISS is TOP 5 DEAD OR ALIVE wheneva he drops that album b


    yo but forreal YN … u niggaz really gotta put up a better pic! … JADA is straight up in MELOs ass lmao smh b

  • mayo

    may to the O here folks … good stuff. jada the kiss “i love you” coming soon. exciting post, very.


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  • NY

    Thats a “Caption This” pic

  • LA

    [email protected] STILL BUMP?LAST KISS?THO

  • jadahomo

    LOL gay ass picture

    jada spooning melo

  • white milk

    LoL… is kiss hi? i only listen to the first couple of minutes but he was relaxed like a mufuka…no energy at all

  • Alton Brown