New Music: Pharrell “The Game Has Changed”

The game has changed, but Pharrell’s flow certainly hasn’t. On this new track, Skateboard P take a bumby ride over Daft Punk’s score from the movie, Tron Legacy.


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  • Reyes

    Is this the first April Fools joke of the day?

  • Black Shady

    ^ LOL POW

    this is wack

  • Pharrell killed this sh*t.. Now go hate on it. PEACE

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  • themuthafuckinreal

    wow, bitch niggas rejoice!

  • mr.zee

    haha that was the perfect begining, cause i was saying the same thing lol

  • RedRocBoy

    Get Em P!!!!


    nice P!

  • slowbot

    rapradar…stop bullshytn and post Wale’s artist Fat trel..his mixtape “April Foolz” drops today with production from Lex Luger, J. Cole and more

  • boum boum

    “im pharrell dumbass” (tyler voice)

  • So Icy Boi!

    I never heard of Pharrel….. wack

  • ireland


  • ugh

    “Is this the first April Fools joke of the day?” ROFLMAO

    gay robot rap

    fagg1t hop

    no one cares about this homo

  • Ricky Retardo

    Daft Punk’s Tron Legacy Scores was dope but only certain ones were rapable <—(new word)

  • Belize

    The Game has DIED.

  • Its not bad but it wasnt anywhere near dope. He needs to hop on to that old neptunes shit

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  • @So Icy Boi………….. Well You Don’t know what Good Music is-No Beff-.


  • man rap radar str8 hatin yeahh Pharrell wack ,thats why u bloggin and he produced the biggest names in rap,hip hop,pop,rock,funk etc,has a clothning label even two,a label,a band..and can buy your website and make you dissapear …be thankful he dont be hatin on losers like you………..maybe you forgot N.O.R.E’s cut or Jay-Z’s neptunes shit….Kelis,J.T,Gwen,Shyne,Snoop’s reborn career or Busta Rhymes ‘s joints….dont be silly keep bloggin rap radar you neva gonna be a STAR like that FUCK THIS SITE i prefer


    This was sick!! Great shit from P. Very different!

  • DS

    Shoulda went in on a better beat from the soundtrack…

  • BurritoDong

    @SKATEBOARD ‘ Kick rocks groupie, this shit was wack as fuck

    @Belize – Wise words from a decent man. I concur entirely.

    @ugh – I agree, does this fool rap, your not kanye buddy, cut it out

    @IreLand – Get that dick out of your mouth, you this sucks

    @Elliot and BDot, long time reader, 1st time commentor, yall run a legit blog, none of that filler bullshit. Although Im really starting suspect you get paid to place ppl in that top 5 list, the other day
    I saw Big KRITs mistake as the number 1 post??? Your not fooling anyone GTFO

  • BlaZe1

    the beat is hard

  • Scourge

    Make beats, stop rapping. Thanks.