• mr.zee


  • JJJHoliday

    White gloves though…Delusions of grandeur !

  • truth

    How George Lopez has a career is beyond me.

  • the penguin

    everytime they try and get him to say something it reminds me of people trying to get my 2 year old cousin to say something….LETS TALK ABOUT THE ALBUM! ….actually no lets not LOVE SNOOP THOUGH

  • Belize

    Damn shame it would’ve killed Lopez to ask about Nate.

  • Hip Hop Fan

    damn Snoop just kills everything… maybe he should run for Gov! HA

  • Braniak

    Kiblbes & Beats funny shit.

  • Flat Phil

    You gotta understand that sticks and stems from the Dogg probably kicks a white girls behind! LOL

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