• tm103

    its crazy how everyone still goes crazy for jizzle after all the delays TM103

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  • Black Shady

    Jeezy still around? lol

    @ tm103 ; people went crazy BECAUSE it is in ATLANTA lol. Jeezy is not relevant in 2011…sad

  • Word

    @Black Shady

    I dunno why people think Jeezy ain’t relevant in 2011. He just ain’t been putting out original music in awhile. He been doing features and focusing on USDA shit. When he get his tm103 grind on and puts out that club hit like Lose My Mind only a few months ago, then we’ll see how relevant he is. Very relevant. The fans Just waiting patiently

  • Andy

    I was there… Mac Miller opened and was way better than Wiz

  • Belize

    April Fools.

  • sleepy

    I thought i read suicide o’ well

  • VT

    Pumped up for Sundays concert at Virginia Tech

    Anyone who was there have a setlist?

  • LA

    Ha! that title is misleading?Dope! Tm103!

  • Cj