• Master P’s Theatere

    Nice freestyle.

  • Black Shady

    People still checkin for Slim Thug?

  • ‘And these bitches still on me/ Cant fuck them all..I wish I knew how to clone me/” Hottest line from that song,IMO.

  • @Syllables..Who freestyles off the top anymore tho?IDK what you mean..but did you see Big Seans freestyle? He kept messing up? Not saying that all rappers are like that.But I would rather hear bars that says something..rather than stuttering.

  • 5k on my wrist

    he destroyed it, hot freestyle

  • blazen


    A freestyle doesn’t mean that it’s off the top of the head. A freestyle just means the rhyme is free. You’re rhyming about anything and everything and it has no format.. thats what the meaning of a freestyle is. Geez.. some of you need to get educated on hip hop.

  • I told ya’ll Thugga nice.

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  • GucciFlipFlops

    Nice “freestyle” @syllables you fucking retard… tired of your ass

    How is Slim Thug gonna go over the 6’7 beat? Not even close to tune or cory gunz.

    Texas rappers all talk funny too, bun b, paul wall, this clown. Whats with that?

  • blade




    alot of the rappers who rapped on this shit didnt marry their lyrics with the beat. if he was on the original, i wouldnt have been mad.

  • Thank Me Hater

    This is why Wayne thinks is so damn dope. People constantly hopping on his shit paying him homage.

  • GucciFlipFlops

    it’s two different styles, i like both. but when i hear this bangladesh beat i think of super fast rapping that you can hardly keep up with. So listening to this guy all high on cough syrup slowly rap it just sounds shitty.

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  • cheetos

    For as much hate as Wayne gets, he was the only one to kill that beat. ive seen like a dozen people try to go over this beat and none can top wayne

  • Ben Frank

    ^Gotta cosign

  • Blue

    Cheetos you never heard 6’7 by Kendrick Lamar and Schoolboy Q then.

    I mean they put this beat to rest the weekend it dropped.

  • Converse

    ^Haha!? Wayne murk that beat. Kendrick didnt even sound right on the beat! smh

  • as


    Kendrick Lamar was whack too. Occasionally starts rhyming quickly, but isn’t talking about anything.

    Wayne doesn’t say anything either, but at least his whack voice is entertaining.

  • SugarShane

    Fuck Wayne. All he does is come up with clever ways to brag about shit without ever saying a damn thing. No substance, no current events, no nothing. Dude is garbage.



  • whatever

    this is nothing compared to kendrick lamars version

  • @EtiennedeParis