New Music: Memphis Bleek “Toast To ‘Em”

Bleek ain’t lie. After flooding the ‘net over the past weeks, the Memph Man lifts his glass with his street single, “Toast To ‘Em”.  Look out for the video and The Process coming soon.

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  • yeee

    yayo and bleek should do an album togetherr lol
    you all know the comparison

  • Kimberly Simpson

    New music

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  • cee

    he should hop on some real hip hop beats……….

  • money mitch

    anyone read about jayz and these spade bottles how much he gets paid to pretend like he likes this 10 dollar bottle sold for 300 bucks

  • Hova

    I remember him on the “10 speed urb’ed up nig88a word up! He’s doing it for fun!
    All he has to do is sit back and chill somewhere cause he’s in Jays will somewhere!

    Wonder what happened to Sniper!?

    Oh and he mos def should “not” do a album with Yayo! Yayo is washed up! The weakest on the Unit!

    50cent should drop that knee-grow

  • 3rdRail

    This was surprisingly decent.

  • LA

    @Hova Nigga was joking? Yeah yayo fif bitch and bleek is….. well u know

  • HK


  • mack


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  • rocstar

    bleek always brings some real g shit. people hate on him cuz of hov but he been around since 96 and still droppin heat.

  • AnuKiNSkywalker

    Whats real? word toast to the haters, Ha! these hating ass niggas got so much Beef these niggas cant even cross to street ya heard me!? these niggas cant even go to the closer mcdonalds they gotta go real far just to eat lol, toast to the haters.

  • DJ CEO

    Yo I must say I was pleasantly surprised. Bleek was never wack he just was never great. He’s an avg rapper who’s big brother is the greatest alive. But I definitely rock with this track. Let’s not act like Bleek ain’t give us hits before. He’s good for 1 per album.

  • ok memph


  • Van


    Yeah I said it.

    Bleek is the personification of playing your position.

    Perfect your role (c)

  • Belize

    ^Hahaha! Yeah leech off a nigga like a bitch! smh

  • M. DOT!

  • dope

  • p4l

    It’s called Loyalty Belize…a jay show wouldnt be the same without Bleek

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  • n8015301

    bleek holds down his nigga and he holds him down…..YOU NIGGAZ DIDNT LISTEN ON COMIN OF AGE?

  • Boston

    Bleek has always been hot! It sucks to see his career go the way it went, makes you think if Jay is (without exaggeration) at the pinnacle of hip hop. How did Bleek end up so buried in the garbage of the game?
    I mean even Amil got a few movie roles lol….

  • Star

    I wonder who has more money Yayo Or Bleek?

  • Ben Frank

    ^Yayo only except crack coicane. JAYZ IS SHINE BLOCKA!

  • BK accent

    he sounds like maino

  • 9th wonder

    damn haterz i rock with this shit hes speaking thorough shit BK Allday

  • jadbeats

    Yall remember what Jay said

    “Bleek could be one hit away his whole career
    As long as I’m alive he’s a millionaire
    And even if I die he’s in my will somewhere
    So he could just kick back and chill somewhere
    Oh yeah, he don’t even have to write rhymes
    The Dynasty like my money last 3 lifetimes”

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