Police Report From Mister Cee Arrest

The Smoking Gun got a hold of the police report filed against Hot 97 personality and DJ, Mister Cee. Cee was arrested last week in New York for engaging in a sex act with a 20-year-old male. According to the NY Daily News, this is the third time Cee was busted for indecency. Read the report after the jump.

Sidebar: Power 105 vs. Mister Cee & Funkmaster Flex

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  • delasam

    what a retard hahhah

  • JoeMoney

    Yoo Mister Cee gay as fuck @BreakfastClub all day

  • Kareem


  • Your mother’s “Friend”

    Lmao i always thought flex was the homo

  • puerto-black

    Not the finsher, Not the guy who found B.I.G.

  • tron

    this nigga is GAY AS FUCK get this nigga off the air

    this is a bad look for NY Hip-Hop!!!!!!

  • D

    ”Mr. Cee, I want niggas to feel threatened” – D.O.A

    No you don’t Hov. lol

  • haha
    penal law….

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  • Biggie is turning in his grave…

  • Skimming through report.. “Exposed.. Parked car.. Erect penis.. Oral sex”…
    Faggotry ..
    Next time get a room lol or adopt dude ala baby-Wayne

  • mac DIESEL

    @ puerto-black



  • Looool ahhahahhahh

    @big homie

  • Tim Lee VA Stand Up

    “Anytime you ready Mr. Cee – We Gon get hardcore on these Homos” – Notorious BIG Wickedest Freestyle. HAHA

  • mac DIESEL




  • Black Shady

    LMAO!!!! Homo ass nigga. Hot 97 takes a huge L

    and FUCK FLEX TOO!! we didnt forget bout that fuck boi move u did dissin PAC..

    Breakfast Club all day!!! and yo YN hook a nigga up with the sexy Angela my nigga

  • ronnie_moe

    Where Brooklyn at?

    Brooklyn, come defend ya mans…

  • Vega

    Damn!! gave a whole new meaning to the finsher

  • D


  • raul

    uhh i yhink we have a new blackout

  • Flex was the boy dressed up as th e 20 year old man!

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  • haq

    Blackout & Played Yourself already, how much does it take?

  • mac DIESEL





  • Vega

    its no more no homo.. its we dont do that mister cee

  • bomberclot!


  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis

    WOW !!!

  • Vega

    I wonder if flex going to say pause anymore? or is he going to say mister cee?

  • tron

    YN is not gonna put Mr C on that summer jam screen (blackout) cause he got a “shoutout” from mr cee on the radio yesterday…..even tho he deserves that shit.

    industry homos look out for each other

  • Word

    Gay ass nigga. SMH. On a side note, the nigga Wiz Khalifa moved 191k units. Not bad at all.

  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis

    C tha GOD is killing FLEX and Mr. Cee. But FLEX looks like a fool forreal now for defending his homie talkin “its not true about them reports of mr. cee being with a hooker”.

  • Your mother’s “Friend”

    @ tron truer words have never been spoken

  • Big Daddy Kane

    Yo Mister Cee put ya weight on it!

  • Hey Mister Cee. Hey Girl!!

  • DIGGSY!!!

    3rd time? damn. thats what im talkin about rarpradar. teachin me things i didnt know

  • DIGGSY!!!


  • StudioThug 2011_

    So Icey Boi’s real name is Lawrence Campbell if y’all didnt know.

  • Buju “From Jail” Banton

    LAWD, Mi Been Say BOOM BYE BYE INNA Batty Bwoy Head!

    Realtalk these Homo running the industry is getting out of hand smfh

  • Post no billz


  • Your mother’s “Friend”

    So i guess Pac was right about bad boy

    Mase getting caught with tranney’s in atlanta
    Puff is literally the poster boy for down low men
    Big stayed sayiing gay shit in his rhymes & now this SMH

  • Sam I Am

    Yall should have just kept the article from yesterday.

  • B.Dot

    the tweets were fake.

  • Post no billz

    “im tryna stick mr.cee/that nigga still eatin’ off bigs first lp”- 50 how to rob..

  • T

    Wendy Williams exposed this years ago. And now it makes me think of all the people she has outed over the years; DMX, Usher, Busta, Puff, LL… It makes me upset these DL guys R having sex with men then turning around and sleeping with women. And we wonder why Black females are have the fastest growing cases of HIV. If ur gay just say it. SMH

  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis

    [email protected]”So Icey Boi’s real name is Lawrence Campbell if y’all didnt know.” D.L. Hughley voice: GOD DAMN !

  • fuk waka

    lol this is jokes!!!! i think flex already lost!
    hard to win with Charlamagne Tha God coz that guys doesnt care what he says

  • StudioThug 2011_

    @yourmothersfriend you forgot about Total Diking

  • mac DIESEL

    @ Sam I Am



  • Donn


    See this is what’s wrong with Hip Hop. WHO THE FUCK CARES?? IF dude is gay should that take away from all that man’s accomplishments and contributions to Hip Hop and the culture. NO. It shouldn’t. Hip Hop is so judgemental and Homophobic it’s ridiculous. If you found out your favorite rapper was gay tomorrow, you would stop supporting and buying his music just because of his sexual orientation??

    Y’all need to all grow up. And by YALL, i mean HIP HOP

    FOH. Who cares, if it was a girl it would be like ok so what but cus it was a guy it’s a big deal.

  • Your mother’s “Friend”

    @ studiothug2011 no doubt, @ T yeah shit is fucke up thats why i stay strapped (no mr cee)

  • StudioThug 2011_

    I wonder what Big Daddy Kane & Scoob and Scrap Lover have to say about this.

    @Donn he’s a queer end of story.

  • Donn

    @ StudioTHUG

    Um so? Who cares? What does his sexual orientation have to do with his contribution to Hip Hop? Fuckin’ homophobes smh…

  • WestCoast

    wtf!! gay niggaz
    next time birdman & lil wayne

  • cpmedia81

    the faggetness in hip hop and dl shyt need to stop for real

  • Sam I Am

    @mac diesal

    Poli-tricks! Hahaha definitely.


    Its a more severe repercussion because with most rap songs, the listeners want to put themselves in the roles and in the lyrics. I’m not going to rap no fucking song on some “I got that thugging love” type shit. Where’s Boondocks when you need em?

  • tron

    @ Donn

    “If you found out your favorite rapper was gay tomorrow, you would stop supporting and buying his music just because of his sexual orientation??”


    FOH captain save a homo

  • DIGGSY!!!


    donn says “If you found out your favorite rapper was gay tomorrow, you would stop supporting and buying his music just because of his sexual orientation??”

    YES. i have nothin against gay people but i dont wanna hear my fav rapper rhymin about suckin dudes off, etc. and u are clearly homosexual

  • Donn


    SMH, that’s sad, y’all should all be ashamed of yourself. Hip Hop preaches equality and acceptance and tolerance. Not this shit, the slander and bashing. AND ON THE DAY OF THE ANNIVERSARY OF MARTIN LUTHER KING JR.’S DEATH

    Y’ALL SHOULD BE ASHAMED. Who cares about that man’s sexual orientation

  • Geezus K


    No disrespect but I think you have homoerotic tendencies. You seem like the type of dude that would drive with your boy to a bar, he would pick up a dude and they start giving each other reacharounds in the backseat. All the while, you bumping that new Ross yelling “Bawse” and shit

  • Donn


    I’m a homosexual because i’m sticking up for GAY RIGHTS? So were white ppl NIGGERS because they stuck up for Black People’s civil rights??
    Were men who supported the Women’s Sufferage Movement gay too?


  • tron

    @ Donn

    “Hip Hop preaches equality and acceptance and tolerance.”


    Yall hear this guy? FOH you want equality and tolerance listen to house music

  • StraightUp

    You a fag nigga,a shame to HipHop,New York and Hot 97.Pack your shit and move to the countryside nigga.Your career is over you dick sucking faggot ass motherfucker

  • Donn


    So are you implying that Hip Hop wasn’t based off those principles?

  • Belize

    smh c’mon nigga

  • NYC

    Gays aren’t accepted in the hip-hop world. its just looked down upon.

    end of story, stop fighting now lol

  • Donn


    Gays aren’t accepted……Diddy? Lil Wayne & Birdman?? Nicki Minaj???


  • irony: rap is so homophobic, yet its artists wear scarves and tight jeans, hate women, and are hella sensitive always catching feelings

  • NYC

    they aren’t gay.

    Maybe bi, not gay. Nikki’s lyrics aren’t geared towards gays

    You can go to Lady Gaga for that

  • NYC

    Plus Women can get away with it easier cuz Hip-hop is ruled by males.

  • DIGGSY!!!


    its not because u stuck up for gay rights but because you sounded so personally offended. and i am just bein honest (not ingnorant) sayin that i prob wouldnt be listenin to my fav rapper if they came out the closet. it would be like if they started makin country music. i dont have anything against it but i dont give shit about listening to it

  • NYC

    Listen i respect Gays, but theres no real place for gay rappers in Hip-hop. Shit won’t sale and it won’t be cool.

    Being gay isn’t something i want promoted either.

  • IIG

    Mr. Cee please let us know what’s going on… I can’t fuck with this.

  • Donn

    There is no place for Gay Rappers in Hip Hop??
    Why exactly?? But there’s a place for Lil Wayne & Birdman to kiss and still sell records? There’s a place for tight jeans, open vneck shirts and leather pants though???

  • NYC

    they don’t have gay ass lyrics tho man. Wayne talks about pu$$y not pen!s !!

    Tight jeans, i’m not a fan of them but you can’t say who’s gay based off what people wear nowadays.

    Admitting your Gay and trying to sell records just won’t work lol. im sorry .

  • wuuajhwu

  • wuuajhwu


    more then meets the eye

  • wuuajhwu
  • N8O

    FLEX DROP A BOMB ON THIS NIGGA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I MEAN HIS CAREER IN HIP HOP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    MORTAL KOMBAT FINISH THIS NIGGA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SCORPION STYLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  • sway-z

    The Finisher?

  • GucciFlipFlops

    NY radio is clearly filled w faggots. Unlike Chicago: Chocolate Jocks? What could be straighter than that?

    @Donn – Hip hop is all about hating on fags. get with the program dude.

    BANISH him to gay land! hahahaha

  • M.Dot

    Yall 14 year old fuck boys need to slow the fuck down on your homophobia.
    What the fuck yall care about a man’s sexual orientation?? Why the fuck would you give a flying fuck about that? You should be fucking celebrating if you are straight, because more gays = more women for us. Damn yall niggas stay ignorant

  • Carl

    The hip hop community has no problem condoning someone like Chris Brown beating up a female, Mystikal raping one of his employees or Lil Boosie murdering several people? But y’all ready to disown a dude for his sexual orientation. SMFH


    ^ FUCK YA! i dont wanna idolize and look up to a homo rapper…r u fucking kidding me? idc if i get shit for this but fuck homos im homophobic and proud of it! “homophobic? nah youre just heterophobic, starin in my jeans watchin my genitals buldgin!”

  • StudioThug 2011_

    I’ve figured out @Donn is Funkmaster Flex

  • Ms. K

    I could care less if it was a with a man or a woman. I just wanna know why Mr Cee lied. He said he was alone in the car and it was all about the Hip Hop cops. And, the fact that this is his 3rd offense means that it ain’t nothing new. *smh*

  • SmokinAces

    ^Flex is that you? You taking this thing mad personal. Are you seriously suprised by this reaction?

  • Paul

    This is a bad look for NY? y’all homophobes are what’s bad, who gives a fuck if he’s gay? This would be why he never came out cause of the homophobia in hip-hop, this bullshit gotta end. Are you really just gonna diss him cause he’s gay? That’s just low, and instead of being by his side y’all bashing him. It’s a bad look on hip-hop if you fans bash him for being gay.

  • SmokinAces

    @Donn, why are you taking this to the heart so much?

  • original will

    LOL the breakfast club shitted on Flex LOL it is true remember how Faizon Love shitted on flex bacc in the day about the R.Kelly situation where flex was literally taking pics with this man a week before then slamming him on the radio and talking bout he need the death penalty a week later

    Charlamagne is that nigga he dont hold bacc he tell it how it is he can literally be like a blacc howard stern or a hood version of Petey greene

    if he is interviewing someone that shit is going to be entertaining becuz he dont hold his tongue on any information like that Buffy the Body interview i didnt know she was that old till cuz put it out there and he shitted on Drake for getting involved in some shit he shouldnt have

  • SmokinAces

    I want to see a rapper come out and say he’s gay and talk about it in his records and see how many of these “tolerant” individuals like Paul and Donn go buy the record. It’s easy to claim support for someone in a situation like this when no one can see who you are.

  • Carl

    “Hip Hop’s homophobia – along with its sexism, nihilism, misogyny, internalized racism and capitalist materialism – prevents the development of the culture into a modern movement for global liberation and civil rights.”

  • SmokinAces

    @Carl so hip hop is the only music form that participates in homophobia, sexism, nihilism, misogyny and capitalist materialism? These are things that are as much a part of American culture as apple pie. The problem is much bigger than just hip hop.

  • GucciFlipFlops

    @Carl, the fuck you talking about? “global liberation” It’s rap music fool… fuck bitches, that’s how it’s always been…

    Mayback music


  • Donn


    Don’t get mad cus there’s ppl out here who are tolerant of Gays and don’t care bout a person’s sexual orientation. I wasn’t raised that way. I came up on Hip Hop, Pop, RnB, Jazz, Soul, Funk, everything got play in my house. We don’t care about a person’s personal life and what they do, that’s their business

    Sad to say it had to end up like this but THIS needed to happen to show the Homophobic side of Hip Hop. Remember what you read here today from Hip Hop fans. That Homos aren’t welcome in Hip Hop and FUck Gays and Go Back To Gay Land.

    Remember it cus it will prove to be the FACE of what Hip Hop proudly stands for. LEAVE THAT MAN ALONE.

  • LA

    Paul=donn lol? Carl country music are tha same way dumb fuck! So take yo gay ass to a lady gaga or beiber site u fuckin fruit!

  • Meg

    come on guys, stop with the homophobia crap. It isn’t nice. If you don’t like gays then keep it to yourself, some people reading your comments may be offended and hurt.

    personally, if being with a man gets mr. cee off then thats fine. if you guys prefer girls then thats cool to. just dont be assholes about it.

  • SmokinAces

    @Donn how am I homophobic? What did I say that was even remotely homophobic? You seem to be on a little rant here, it must have affected your reading abilities. I never said anything against Mr. Cee. I just find it funny that people such as yourself go hard ON THE INTERNET for this, but if you were in the streets and someone brought this up, you’d say nothing.

    @Carl out of the people you brought up, who is really doing good. CB has more support from outside hip hop. Mystikal still hasn’t recovered from that situation. And Boosie is damn near irrelevant. So where is this support?

  • ^^this message has not been Chicken Shack approved^^

  • James

    @Donn How is wayne gay? Bc he kiss his dad? And what about diddy? Smh might as well put jay eminem and every other rapstar that are RUMORS! I know your type. U want those dudes to b gay so u can have someone to relate to lol!? Smh at your non facts but opinion!


    Whuuuuh!?!? Mr. Cee!?!? Noooooo! Hahaha..Mister Cee kidnaps kids??? F**ks ’em in the a*s throws em over the bridge???

  • Ben Frank

    ^Cosign! Pop loving Donn need someone to relate to so he can come out of the closet hahaha! New york home of the FAGGOTS! LMFAO!

  • if mr cee gay alotta people in the industry gay, @donn its cool or admirable about not admitting who u are. in rap its about being true to urself, but if ur not willing to admit publically ur gay like Ellen ur asking for hate because everyone hates a blatant liar. gay or not gay

  • Itz Yourz

    Yeah @ Donn its a big deal because its a fucking guy. Its shocking. I dont care if the nigga is gay. You dont want to find out someone is gay like the way he was found out to the public…niggas not in the industry. Cus its been known or speculated he was like that in the industry.

    Well mister cee your shit is on front street now..and it looks bad my dude. Be prepared to get shunned, ridiculed, and be the butt of people jokes(pun intended). So hold your head..no wait…naw I mean stay up….no wait…we got your back…no wait…lol whateve nigga jus do you…no wait….lmao. Ah fuck it…no wait…smh.nothing sounds right.

    So to the conspiracy theorist do think biggie was saying someyhing sublimal when he said ‘niggas been dicking me in the asshole undercover donnie brasco’ in the all about the benjamins song.





  • Shakra

    FACT: Over 50% of commenter’s on this story are already gay but wont accept it, openly gay, or are curious about gayness…Hence reading this story about gayness. Funny how thugs find this topic most amusing….hummmmm?

    QUESTION: Should we start hating Lil Wayne now? ( I need to see what everyone else is doing to make my decision 🙂

    STATEMENT: When will we stop bathing in the blood and embarassment of our own? One day, maybe a different circumstance (For those who claim they will hustle there way to stardom) this could be you…One

    PS. You may continue to be ignorant again…and use blog terms such as “IMO”, Don’t hate (IMO), RIde or die in my opinion, and such…. :O

  • aka

    Bring Charlamagne Tha God back to the Tri-State. Cee should already be canned for this.

  • thunn

    Wow…..Mr. Cee official fruit booty status….Aint many real niggaz left… Biggie is rolling over in his grave and Kane bout to hop in ther with him

  • thunn

    but on some real shit,, i know street that will blow your top off that be getting domed up north and niggaz in the hood be knowing about that shit but be scared to speak. Well im bout to an official anti down low fruit booty campaign cuz yo niggaz can be gay if they want thats they business but the niggaz thats impersonating real niggatry but on the low fruit bootys that dead wrong

  • tron




  • Word


    You call the commentors ignorant while making ludicrous claims like “over 50% of the commentors here are gay” without any facts. Yup, we’re the ignorant ones. That makes sense.

    Shakra = Donn

  • Belize

    Im Gay and proud of it! So what who care!

  • Word

    And the story isnt about GAYNESS, its about Mister Cee (A Well known figure). Thats why we commenting. Him being gay just happens to be the twist to this story thats attracting all the jokes. Which are funny. People get so sensitive on the internet. Nowadays. Respect though.

  • Whos That Peeking Through My Window

    Cosign @Word i think @Shakra getting a little too emotional while trying to prove a point. you cant claim ignorance of the commentors while making an equallt ignorant comment. thats called being hypocritical. your welcome to attempt that comment again though in a less ignorant fashion.

  • Shakra

    @Word: U actually sound like one of the few ppl on here with sense (your lack of the phrase “OMO”…But my point isn’t about gay rights n shit or jokes my dude, its about how we so easily as predominantly black ppl tend to rip at each others misfortune’s so readily…You must realize that the road you decided to take to my statement is the exact problem itself…”The old lighten up” route. Agreed jokes are jokes until they aren’t funny to you man. We keep letting shit slide up an down in our society until were left with a bunch of men who “dont’ take ANYTHING seriously”…I challenge you to choose any “Black oriented site” and read the comment paths compared to any other decent blog website..Regardless of the topic…barely any meaningful dialog occurs on the black sites…We act like clowns 24/7. Any way won’t rant any more and no I’m not perfect either but just once if someone reads this challenge your self to contribute something to the world before ya die….one!

  • Itz Yourz

    Fact: Shakra can eat ah fat dick!

    Question: Can someone put something in her mouth my my zipper stuck?

    Statement: Now that I got my ignorance out…IMO…MOST nigga are lost and backwards ass ppl and will believe anything if it is presented right(piss on there leg and tell em its raining they going to get umbrella)..hence Homophobia.. when it comes to being homosexual…they just know its wrong…they know its a sign of weakness…they know you dont embrace it. These are the same ppl that say I wont listen to a gay rapper but yet will spend there last dollar on clothing thats is MOST likely made by someone gay…the same ppl that wouldnt mind seeing two girls go at it. cus there “nothing gay about that”…smh…..these are the same ppl that been hated on all there life…and will continue to because they are black…yet instead of empathizing and standing up for someone that gets rejected like them …they help push the chair away to hang there ass…dont stand for shit at this current time but want your respect.
    Theres ah difference between niggas and black people. Me being a black person… Im very comfortable with my sexual orientation…that I am not threaten, nor do I hate or cant tolerant gay people…and wont treat an individual differently if they are. I wouldnt want someone doing that to me because Im black. I will say that they will have to answer to there God in there religion when the time comes. In other words thats there bussiness.

  • Shakra

    PS…..Look up the word ignorance if you don’t know what is means.

    Fact 1: The story is about MR.Cee being gay. Which in turn makes this a story about gayness, Mr.Cee’s gayness…right?
    Ouote:” Over 50% of commenter’s on this story are already gay but wont accept it, openly gay, or are curious about gayness…”

    PS. ig·no·rant/ˈignərənt/Adjective
    1. Lacking knowledge or awareness in general; uneducated or unsophisticated.

    I have knowledge based on the topic of Mr.Cee’s gayness, I have a Masters degree in Psychology,
    Unsophisticated…is an opinion of me.


  • BK

    Nigga WTF that ain’t a police report it’s a fuckin porn script!
    Damn nasty bastards.

  • lil peezy

    @Donn , you know you soundin like a limp wrist faggot right about now. I mean, you do know this..right?

  • this is hard to believe


  • damn c


  • Donn


    Damn, i dont’ know how many things to agree with in what you just said. Two girls is ok? Bashing gay people is ok but half the clothes you probably wearing on your back are made by a gay person lol.


  • I wonder if someone will put this in Mr. Cee’s Wiki? (pause)


  • Belize

    @Itzyour It is a choice to perform gay acts not race wise. So you have no point. And alsn nigga is a ignorant person not a black person. So the title apply to every race so just STFU u and @Donn!

  • if i was handling his public relations I would release a statment basicly saying that “Mr Cee was drunk and he didn’t know that she was a he”….LOL

  • @Donn Well said.

  • Itz Yourz

    Yea and ignorant can also mean illiterate(adj) yet we can read… so your point?

    And the story is about the police report of the arrest of Mr. Cee for lewdness in public. Which is a crime in NYC…his “gayness” if that is a word…is circumstantial to the report.

    So now your fact(what established research, “social behavior” evaluation did you collect on the commenters on this blog to base your fact) is a quote? naw nigga its your opinion…like an asshole…a shitty belief, shitty judgement that lacks complete certainity…its just…bullshit…thats excreted from your mind and defecated from the your mouth. Ignorance and opinion is one of the same in that they both lacking belief, uneducated, complete certainty of the truth. Maybe you meant your hypothesis instead of your knowledge of the one mister cee “gayness”. No doubt he must be a patient of yours.

    Got my masters in Experience…the best teacher in lessons learned. It also taught me one cant argue by themselves…so with that, Im done.

  • NYC

    Big daddy Kane,scoob & scrap….Personal fluffer back in the 80’s…Put a quater in ya ass cause ya played yourself!!!

  • Itz Yourz

    @ Belize
    Belize….please…. In your warp little mind…a nigga is an ignorant person. A nigga,nigger,nigguh, however you want to spell it… whatever way your want to use it for term of endearment to your friends or enemies… its origin was to slander, defame, humiliate, and dehumanize a BLACK person not an ignorant person you complete fucking moron. Its made up by people who believe they are superior to you. It was a pcychological tool used on Black people(how you like that one shakra..lol) to make a Black person feel like they anit shit….and should be treated accordingly.

    How do you know its your choice to perform gay acts? to be gay?…How you know a person wasnt born that way like a black person born being black…wheres the science on it of it being a choice. Thats my point bitch! Unless yopu gay belize and you tryna put us on to it. I know what is a choice though…given the information you now have on Mister Cee its your CHOICE to act a certain way toward him.
    Yo matter fact….stfu…gtfoh…go FO…and go hate nikki minaj or something thats more your content In other words….Beat It, go play somewhere im busy!

  • NYC

    That shit dosen’t go hand & hand with hip hop…Only a female mc can pull that shit off(Double Standard) & thats cool….But a male mc or dj or whatever no way…I’ve yet to see a gay male rapper come out the closest.

  • 5k on my wrist


  • Jaymalls

    This nigga DONN is gay… lol! But on another note… this shouldn’t take away from his accomplishments. He made a few BAD decisions but who doesnt. Also, i fuqs wit FLEX. I dont care if my boy got caught in a gay orgy, im not gonna make lil no name bitch niggas (Charlamagne The God or DJ Envy) disrespect him… especially publicly!

  • Jack Mehoof

    @Donn says: “FOH. Who cares, if it was a girl it would be like ok so what but cus it was a guy it’s a big deal”

    LOL!! Yea cause guys aren’t supposed to top guys off weird Kneegrow!!!!

  • I really don’t care what he does behind close doors, that’s his business, it doesn’t take away from his talent BUT c’mon dude, you could have been hella smarter with it. And Wendy Williams already aired him out on her radio show back in 08 with him getting down.

  • Oyee


  • Donn


    SAYS WHO???

  • sick monster


  • sugeknight

    2pac was gay too – so what?

  • no way lil wayne is gay don’t say that man i’ll kill myself 🙁

  • serpentor

    “well damn” *gucci mane voice*

  • Nickey Negrito

    I’m shocked! I been rolling with Mister Cee since 88 on LONG LIVE THE KANE. I downloaded his Guru tribute, Big L tribute, and Big tribute. I might still listen to the music downloads he Djayed, but the sad part is this incident Is gonna pop up in my mind.

    Wheneva I hear the Big freestee’s, Jay z shoutin Cee on DOA, when I think of Kane old classic hits. Mr Cee is gonna pop up in my head with that disgusting incident with a man old enough to be his son. I just hate that the picture is painted in my head and Mr Cee name is the trigger.


  • Hip Hop is alive!

    Eminem gay to so add another fag to your list behind @donn (pause).

  • Marti

    What saddens me most about the comments is the absolute disdain for homosexuality. Even worse is that Mr. Cee has deep roots in hip hop a genre that has historically been very homophobic; I can’t imagine him ever being comfortable with telling someone he likes men. Can you imagine trying to come out of the closet in that environment? Make no mistake, Mr. Cee is not the only person in hip-hop that engages in sex with the same sex. Perhaps the comments here should be more focused on having a mature and open dialogue on homophobia in hip hop, and how it forces artists to hide whom they are.

    Open your minds Rap Radar fans!

  • CinnamonQtpie

    Ya’ll all fuck’n gay for caring about a grown man and what he does what his penis! LETS GOOOOOOOOOO MISTER CEE you a fuck’n Finisher! and FUNK FLEX you a rider for your nigga…. ppl aint built the same no more LETS GOOOOO ! ”

    Hot 97 everyday that’s my word!

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  • Donn


    THANK YOU. Hip Hop is homophobic

  • Soulja hurricane cris

    Faget nigaer

  • Bronx, NY

    Damnnnnnn!!!!! Mr. Cee was prolly lusting over Kane back in the day lol “Mister Cee put ya weight on it”

  • Bronx, NY

    “A police source said Cee was busted in lower Manhattan last Oct. 8 and Nov. 20, both times for loitering for the purpose of prostition.

    He pleaded guilty to disorderly conduct after the October arrest. Charges in the November case appear to have been dropped.”

    This dude is prolly on suicide watch. His career is done. Everything he has contributed to hiphop will be over shadowed by this….smh

  • Nickey Negrito

    At Bx NY, lmao at ya 1st comment above ya last comment

  • surprised it wasn’t @Cthagod with the head bobbin

  • Word

    God made Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve. So everybody hates gay ppl, not just hip hop. But Christians do (or they supposed to)and so on. Homosexuality is frowned upon in the bible. Plain and Simple.

    @Itz Yours You wouldnt treat a gay guy different huh? I find that hard to believe, because they are DIFFERENT you dont treat a gay person same a straight person. You dont gotta treat em bad, but you wouldnt treat em the same. Cuz they gay. I aint gonna say fuck gay ppl, but i dont got no gay friends. And if that make me close minded, i really dont care. Christian beliefs drive me. We dont allow gays in my house. We dont hate em, we tolerate em, but we dont invite they gay asses over for dinner. I be damned if my kid grow up gay. Fuck that

    And stop making it seem like its hip hop thats rejecting gays. If gays were accepted everywhere, thered be gay marriages all over the country. But it aint legallized. Cuz niggas no its wrong.

  • tha truth is…

    He should only be mad at himself. He has a problem. He is in denial. Flex was rite 4 standing up 4 him but is dead ass wrong 4 it as well. He was best served staying out of this and should drop bombs on himself. My theory is if your ashamed by results of your actions, I suggest you don’t do it. This incident just shows more hyprocisy in Rap/Hip-Hop.

  • Itz Yourz

    @ Word…”@Itz Yours You wouldnt treat a gay guy different huh? I find that hard to believe”

    Exactly…because you dont know me and you talking like you do. I treat everyone as I treat myself and how I want to be treated…(isnt that in you little”christians beliefs” your “bible”or that God hate sin but love sinners). He’ll leave all you good doing “christians” mothefuckers to go get that one lost “gay, murderer,rapist,pedophile,thief,adulterer sheep” cus yall not on yall fucking jobs for him/her. Instead of being a messenger for your “christiian driven beliefs” and your God and help educate those that lack knowledge of him/her (that gay is a forgivable sin;hell its even not one the damn ten commandents)…you spill hate/disdain”. I really dont giv ah fuck who you let into your house. O how you raise your kid…wouldnt it be fuck up if your kid came out gay anyway after all that shielding, you doing….lmao.

    Idc…I think I told you once before, jus scroll pass me. Seriously I want take it to heart or feel slighted at all. I encourage you to.

  • Donn

    COSIGN @Itz Yourz

    People wanna pull that fucking Christian card but what about all the other things the bible teaches. Treat ppl how you want to be treated.

    If your gonna follow one thing in the bible then follow th rest of the shit in there you fucking hypocrits

  • Miss Peaches

    agrees with Donn 100%…hip hop pioneers are all either 40 yrs old or well on their way to being 40…so it stands to reason that the fans of the pioneers are about the same age…and you telling me that this is the kinda logic yall coming up with…its just so sad… Its true, not everybody agrees with other peoples personal lifestyles…some men would not be caught dead with a fried egg chested sista…but so what…you gonna force your thing down somebody elses throat?…its called personal choice people…and another MF’ing thing….most of yall are connected to a people who were (and still are) judged by the color of their skin…so what now?… yall joining that band wagon too…just straight phobia with no rhyme or reason???…..he did it ..or not did it, is not the question here…the question here is WHY DID YOU KNOW THIS PERSON IN THE FIRST PLACE….wasnt it because of your respect for what he brought to HIP HOP???….has his skill set changed?…..come on yall…it saddens me that I gotta take time outta what’s left of my .life to tell some 40+ year old to grow the fukk up!

  • Meagain

    My thing is… Cee is dope. he’s always been one of my fav dj’s, still is. I can care less about what he does in his personal time. I just wish he was a bit more discreet about it….if hes gay, hes gay ,cool. so is your Pastor, your fav b-ball player and rapper. We just don’t know about it…. Cee’s personal business should have stayed that, HIS PERSONAL BUSINESS. We shouldn’t know hes getting top from male prostitutes at 4am..

  • haha

    Donn wishes he was the one he exposed himself 2

  • Miss Peaches

    @Don….thank you for bringing the hypocrisy of the bible thumpers…they using the bible to suit their own thoughts (twisted as they may be)…same way slave runners/traders/owners used the bible to keep us passive…for the love of all that’s real….come outta this man business…go read a book, having a cream soda…do some fukking thing…and if you listened to his show last Wed….listen to his show next Wed…aint nothing changed.

  • Doo Flinky

    Why blacks are so homophobic despite all the discrimination we face really just blows my mind.

  • MATT

    “God made Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve. So everybody hates gay ppl, not just hip hop. But Christians do (or they supposed to)and so on. Homosexuality is frowned upon in the bible. Plain and Simple.”

    God didn’t make shit . GOD DON’T EXIST. Pick up a science book you dumb motherfucker.

  • pornstar

    They were talking about mr cee in this video

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  • Doctor Grey

    I think its funny for years I was banned because i never liked the down-low cats.They creepy, first of all even in the streets peeps are peeps ,anyone hiding shit is fake and not to be trusted.So for years I seen all these creepies creep on in Downtown Manhattan. I never worried bout gays they did them and its none of my Biznuss.But them creepy hip hop parasites down low sweeties and dainties came in and peeped I was tolerant of gays and not them(for obvious reasons) and they did’nt understand it. .They’re mistake, and I always said “Soon everybody will see why I was blackballed and called crazy and potentially violent ,just because all these down lowers wanna keep theyre secret”….Aint no secret now talent and originality means nada to them,artistry or intelligence means nothing to them.Its all about who is a faggot enough to suck they dick.And now you see what they call “rotation on Hot 97” bitches!!!

    IMF GANGSTER SINCE 1926 “More Cheese” since 1997
    Righteous since the beginning of time.

  • blakep267

    if lupe was gay, would that have any effect on his music. only person it would have an effect on ould be Lil wayne cause he only raps about pussy. kinda suspect to me

  • Jinx

    errrrrrr mister cee

  • VoH!KaB

    “Its the Big Dog Dick Pulls!!!” *Flex voice*

  • Thomas Moxon


    All I hear in this thread is incessant moaning of pre-teen fucking children (or at least people with the brain of them) complaining that a man is gay.

    People said quite clearly they would stop listening to their favourite rapper if it was discovered he was gay. The reasoning given is that “they don’t want to hear music about it”, why the fuck would an artist who’s music you’ve liked up until now suddenly change their style just because they’ve admitted to being gay.

    Grow the fuck up seriously, anyone acting all butt-hurt about gay people are either seriously over-compensating or deserve to be shot. I can’t believe a community that’s been an advocate for so long about stopping racism is willing to hop on the discrimination train and hate someone for being gay.


  • Marvel

    @Donn THANK YOU!!

    To criticize someone for being gay is fucking dumb! We can have plenty of lesbian rappers, sure, no problem, but ifwe have a gay male rapper, he’s suddenly a social pariah???

    Hip-Hop is constantly trying, to this day, is trying to be accepted as the art form that it is, and aside from the crap rap thats flooding the radio, whats holding us down is shit like this! We preach equality & understanding, yet we’re gonna hate on someone that a homosexual???

    Mister Cee obviously has made a HUGE contribution to hip-hop, and its not right that y’all bash him because of something like this. Hip-Hop still has a long way to go, and ignorant motherfuckers like y’all are gonna make it a tough road for us if y’all dont learn to be tolerant.

  • Flower

    B!tch azz woman hating punks are ALWAYS GAY.

    That’s why this Sis has given up on hip hop LONG TIME AGO.

    Sick of closet ass pipe sucking and fcking Negroes dissing women just cause they lack the BALLS TO COME OUT AS PROUD GAY MEN.

    The Black community has long been in the toilet and this is one of the reasons why.

    Punk azz Negro!

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