• mrskeezymak

    Niggaz whack besides fab.

  • belly

    man a hate when dj fuck songs with all them bullshit effects

  • Sony Music Employee a.k.a J Cole Album Is Never coming out

    shit is hot. i cant stand the same typical southern tracks sometimes but i let one slip through once in a while. sometimes you need that ignorant shit lmao

  • Roscoe Dash is ass

  • bigboy2011

    Drama got one now that Hit he has been looking for I Hope Gangsta Grillz Vol 3 Measures up. We need these club records

  • Drake

    wiz tryna jack my flow


    Oh my. Miley Cyrus gets 54 responses on an earlier posts that r mainly nutten but a bunch of bs comments. How much responses gon b here? Scratches head.

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  • drizzyyy

    sounds like drizzyyyy but sick

  • JHP

    Yeah Khalifa did jack Drizzy’s flow with the “OOOOOO” but this is pretty dope, I’d much rather hear this on the radio than Taylor Swift and some of that other pop garbage

  • youngjannetti

    cant wait to be drunk as hell and hear this in the club.

  • puerto-black

    how about a real trap or die 2 or a real dedication 3(no autotune)

  • Belize

    WACK as fuck.

  • yaman1

    shit is hot idk what your talking about mrskeeymak wiz and roscoe are fire…fuck the dj shit tho

  • fuckyafeelings

    Hate or love these three dudes this shit will be a banger in the club.

  • tk12

    Roscoe Dash ..smh ruined this song, dude is annoying

  • Ben Frank


  • steveoh

    is that a booger in wiz’s left nostril??????????

  • Black Shady





  • original will

    this shit goes

  • j

    wiz is a dumb ass!!! You got the white fan base. You suppose to use that to your advantage. You think these white people r going to buy your album? When all you do is talk about smoking weed 24 7! com on son! The kid fucking name his album rolling papers smh. no subject matter whats so ever! How do market rolling papers in walmart ?Come on son that’s why he didn’t do no big numbers. Because he’s to busy Glorifying weed. Don’t get it twisted there’s nothing wrong with smoking weed. but when you talk about it every song it gets redundant. Grow up read a book educate yourself so you have more to talk about in your songs!! TGOD or listen to wiz khalifa rolling papers cd!!!

  • D!A!E

    Generals don’t have strips….C’mon Wiz Kid

  • original will

    @ J

    White people smoke weed too they just arent as out with it as blacc people but trust me they start younger than blacc kids I start smoking when i was 14 these white kids start at like 11 been drinking since like 9 and start doing lines by 16

    its white craccheads and junkies it just doesnt look as bad for the simple fact they have enough money to buy cracc and pay rent where as niggas in the hood will be buttass naked for they fix

    its alot of shit i seen in the suburbs that you wouldnt thinc there is actually more white people on food stamps than any other race

    and 250 k for a debut is big considering the fact ricc ross cant do those numbers and he a vet and Wiz Idol(Snoop) is doing a quarter of that and he sold out big time with the songs he been doing lately

  • rocketgirl

    Have any of ya’ll heard of the artist Vee? He sounds like a mix between Wiz Khalifia and Curren$y. Check him out! You can get a free download of his song “Run This G Mix” here: http://runthisgmix.viinyl.com/ Let me know what you think!

  • Fab and Wiz on the same song? DIDNT see that coming at all!

  • Belize is g*y

    wiz jacked drake’s flow from his song with big sean lmao wow

    song goes hard still

  • dboy


  • Mr. A From Tha T

    DATS ALRITE!!! Even if this aint cool to ya. DRAMA gon be fuckin legendary for being the first / prolly only dj to do a mixtape with 3 STACKS, #waitandsee

  • Word

    @original will

    Actually, Wiz did 190k. Which is still good though, I dont know what a good debut week to @J is but for a nigga thats not 100% pop and kid friendly like Drake or Nicki to come in from his roots and do 190k? When niggas like Snoop, Raekwon, Banks, VETERANS aint even doing half that? Thats great man.

    As for this track, its too easy for Fab. Fab like that one pretty girl in the club who surround herself with ugly girls so she look more prettier. Fab surround himself with less than lyrical rappers so he stand out more on the track. Saw what happened on Remeber the Titans? Held his own, but Budden or Banks took that one

  • Big Sean

    Drake copy-pasted my flow, he’s even said so in interviews!! Get familiar!! Now Wiz high-jackin’ me too… .. .

  • Drake

    ^Fuck u! I made this flow famous go suck on gayfish dick faggot!

  • WalMartGuy

    fab my nigga…and roscoe…i don’t understand…

    Walmart Giving Back After Laying Off Over 50,000 People.. $1,000 Giftcards – I Grab 2 of Them..LOL http://goo.gl/g4zvo

  • syllables


  • Doo Flinky

    J have you ever met a white person? C’mon son we smoke weed too retard.

    And Wiz didn’t sell a lot beause hmm…no one sells in hip hop unless they’re Jay-Z, Nicki, Drake, or Kanye.

  • 5k on my wrist

    roscoe killed it

  • 5k on my wrist

    this fire

  • Ron Burgendy

    &Big Sean is somewhere shaking his head…

  • flip

    fuego…bangin this shit in the whip tonight

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  • UKnoMeBWatie

    wizzle man tgod

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  • this hook is fucking annoying. verses are ok

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