New Video: Lil B “Angel’s Prayer”

[vodpod id=Video.5932860&w=540&h=350&fv=%26rel%3D0%26border%3D0%26]

You ain’t got to go to church to get to know your God, so we ride shotty with the Based God for a prayer in Illusions Of Grandeur‘s newest vid. Dear Heavenly Father, can we get a better video? Amen.

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  • You guys take that BASEDGOD thing a lil too serious. Heavenly Father? wtf

  • I do agree this video is not that good. I like the song tho.

  • Heavenly Father? wtf

    ^ I was talking to the man above, not Lil Brandon.

  • Ha!! I got it now

  • smh fuck the faggot ass nigga. why is RR supposting him? is his music good? no. does he bring anything new to the table?no.
    i can appriciete his hustle and how he got to where he is now but for fucks sakes this is trash. i fart out better bars then this fuck nigga, smh

  • yeee

    thank you basegod!!!!!!!

  • ColoradoKnight

    To even put him in the same light (joking or not) with God & The Heavens is mad sacrilegious, PERIOD! This ish is getting way out of hand for a guy with no talent who is nothing more than a contradiction. But then again, the youth are easily mislead.

  • How can you hate on his?

  • suppppppp

    Thank you Based God!

  • So Icy Boi!

    Dis nigga is one of the goats

  • phraynkh

    Pls fuck my bitch basegod…

  • yeee

    basegod youve made me feel comfortable being a pretty bitch. thankyou

  • themuthafuckinreal

    most his raps dont even rhyme.The he says got no message or substace.Its just random shit.Dude sucks.

  • invincible

    15 year D.G destroys The Based God out on the same Devil in a New Dress remix and Video. <—- This Kid will def be on the XXL Freshman Cover in 2 years