¡Mayday! Signs To Strange Music

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Tech N9ne continues to build his roster and recently signed hip-hop band, ¡Mayday! So far the group have worked with Lil Wayne, N.O.R.E, and Cee-Lo to name a few. They are also heading out with Tech on his All 6s and 7s tour next month. Check out for dates here.


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  • Carp

    Dang, Strange is going on a bit of a signing rampage lately. I might just have to check these guys out.

  • LA



  • ZoomZoom


  • Mr. Nook

    @ZoomZoom, um… you must be mistaken, because Strange Music is definitely not a “wack” label.

    Listen to Tech N9ne, Brotha Lynch Hung, Kutt Calhoun, or Krizz Kaliko and tell me they’re wack.

  • yesssir

    “They are is also heading out with Tech on his All 6s and 7s tour next month. ”

    Come’on B.Dot, you’re better than that. haha.

  • Much love to MD. Much love to Tech and Strange. I think this is a good move.

  • bruhbruh

    mayday are dope. straight outta miami.

  • ExtraGood909

    Jay Rock is signed strange music too

  • bayAREAstandup

    Ya’ll don’t sleep on Strange Music! they bout to take OVA

  • Belize

    This is rap radar not rock radar!

  • Travis O’Guinn is an MF’IN BOSSSS! He like the underground Rick Ross, signin niggas left and right lol

  • Converse

    Who the fuck care!!!

  • getthafuckouttahere

    Ayo belize… they actually be doin that rappin shit most the time


  • Belize


  • I fux with Strange Music. Real Hip-Hop shit. These Mayday guys could be like the new Gorillaz.

  • Vergil

    belize??? please suck my dick!!! its tasty!!! you can trust me!!!

  • Belize

    ^WHAT? Go listen to onkia cunt

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  • Chris

    Ha! I saw them at the last Tech N9ne show in Ft. Lauderdale. I met them. Real cool kats. Crazy ass performers! #POWERMOVE

  • yeee

    its funny how you mention allthose rappers and praise them yet your on a website that caters more to the drake wayne em type fan…

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  • Chris

    @yeee All the people Mr.Nook mentioned are better than the ones u mentioned (except Eminem, of course). It doesn’t matter if they’re underground, they are beast to the fullest. Those motherfuckers really know how to rap. They also make music that can play very well on TV and radio without having to sacrifice their artistic integrity. AKA they don’t have to sell-out to make mainstream-friendly music. Drake & Lil Wayne do (Well, Wayne has shown improvement lately…. But I’m never gonna forget Lollipop, Got Money & Pop Bottles)

  • Steve

    ^What a hater and stan?

  • Chris

    Already got my VIP tickets muhfucka.. YEAHH!!

  • Steve

    ^Ru white? No offense

  • Swagd’d Up

    Yo, in that screen shot this nigga look like an old ass DJ Khaled……Eh, buncha niggaz I could care less about. Can’t say there wack because I haven’t bothered checking out there stuff and I can’t say there dope because I don’t know one song of there’s…..All I know is dude looks like Khaled’s pops or uncle.

  • Chris

    @Swagd’d Up That’s not Tech N9ne lol that’s his manager in the screen shot… smh

    @Steve naw I’m Hispanic

  • Swagd’d Up

    @Chris Nah big dog, I thought the Khaled doppleganger was the Mayday group or artist. Seen their music get posted but never felt compelled to listen to it. I heard of Tech9, not my thing, got sum cool shit. Would bump his stuff if I liked PCP, crystal meth, and Horror flicks.

  • Chris

    Um, dude im not into drugs, except some weed, and i barely watch that many horror flicks yet Tech N9ne is my favorite rapper. He has A LOT of party anthems, deep songs about his life and shit im SURE youd like. Give it a chance though. idk who u listen to but, go check out on youtube Tech N9ne – Leave Me Alone