• LA

    Dope! damn released it! need some new electronica

  • WOOHOO!!! new jay elect can’t come soon enough. i can’t remember the last time i heard a rapper spit more double entendres in a single verse. when jay elect met just blaze, hip hop was revived.

    p.s. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9VeVJRcXlfA

  • Black Shady

    Shout out to Guru. But please tell your boss we need that COLE ALBUM in 2011!!!!!!!!!!!

  • blaqscorpio

    Cool! I wanna hear “Hello young lady”!

  • Swagd’d Up

    @Black Shady

    Look you and about 10 other people are the only one’s anticpating a fucking J.Cole album in retail. I think J.Cole nice and I mos def respect his hustle but let’s be real that nigga is just a tax write-off for Roc Nation, they got Rhianna and just scooped up Beyonce……Who da fuuuuuuccccckkkkk cares about some mulatto from NC. Sheeeeiiiiittttt TMZ aint even know who this nigga was. Oh yeah, this is a real good interview, Young Guru be droppin’ some jewels. I peeped the first vid where he was talkin bout the indie game, 360 deals and all that good shit. Dude should be doing artist development and grooming acts to come out. Learned alot listening to both vids……J.Cole shoulda listened because that niggaz release date is the same day Detox drops…..lol!


    ^Dumbass why would tmz know who he is? He had the best mixtape of ’10! Get off the net and get a job you bum!

  • Swagd’d Up


    What was the name of his mixtape again? My bad, I was too busy bumpin’ some hot shit that I can smoke and fuck bitches too. Look I am gainfully employed unlike J.Cole who doesn’t have an album in retail and why would you want me to get off the ‘net…..it’s the only place where I can get the latest J.Cole “Club Banger” that’s gonna shut the game down. You niggaz is bitches, b, straight up! Hop off the sac and let ’em breathe nigga!

  • remn

    I knew it …… I saw him last night outside of scala in Kings Cross …….. knew it was him !!!

  • 106

    @Swagd’d Up I’m waiting on that Cole album. Cole on tour building the base artists make more off tours than albums any how. No need to rush it and catch a brick. J Cole Jay Electronica and Jay z who fucking with we?

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  • Swagd’d Up


    Good luck my nig…….Oh by the way, how long you been waiting on that Cole lp to hit itunes? Yeah I know my dude it’s been since what….uh….08-09…..Yeah, yeah no doubt (daps @106) Yeah, he gonna drop I know after Hov drops that Watch The Throne album and then his own joint….J.Cole is up next to bat……Nigga Please…J.Cole another muthafuckin Red Cafe! Jay Elect cool for a nigga that makes a song once every lunar eclipse….To be honest I don’t really care for those niggaz music, if I want to hear that type of hiphop done right I’ll just pull out my Nas catalog or sum Raekwon and GZA. Who sent these niggaz, b!?


    @Swagup Nigga im bitchin? Im not the one writing paragraph and shit? Like i said get off the net and find a job you bum!

  • LA

    ?Tmz aint even know who this nigga was?Yeah tmz stay on the latest underground nigga dick???smh

  • Riley Freeman

    These guru interviews are good

    Double r does it again

  • Swagd’d Up

    @Hip Hop IS ALIVE & @LA

    Yo, you mad my nigga…..cuz if you mad and I got yall both aggy I aplogize. I was just expressing my personal opinion, I thought that’s what the comments are for…….Lol! Let me stop, both yall niggaz can fuck eachother in the rectum for all I care, yall some lame ass niggaz that bump Game mp3’s and wait for a J.Cole album to magically drop from the sky. From now on, both you niggaz is my “SON’S”, you don’t post a comment anywhere on the net w/out my approval first….You hear me(In stearn voice, while reaching for belt)!!!!

  • Your mother’s “Friend”

    Yup these Guru interviews are where its at , Dude stays dropping jems, you can see why Jay keeps him around

  • LA

    ^fag up go bump some maino u faggot ass nigga! yo and get off my dick and hop back on mister cee or flex nigga! #FAIL

  • Fuck RapRadar You Slow Pussys

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mFtdyXiawhw Em Verse From Writers Block

  • mac DIESEL



  • Swagd’d Up

    @LA You Flex/Hogan’ing on me right now….Lol! Eat a dick, bitch w/ extra balls on the side. Your Mother should have been stoned to death for concieving you.

  • RedRocBoy

    DAMN!!! 4,5 albums of unreleased Jay that shit is insane. Hope big homie releases a Lost Tapes. That shit would be crazy.

  • Jack Mehoof

    Im waiting on J Cole album to. Guess I’m on his sac to…smh fuckin weirdo… Big KRIT doesn’t have an album out either. Guess he sucks too. smh tmz didn’t know who he was…lmao there should b a screening process b4 niggas are allowed to get on these sites

  • Jack Mehoof

    Oh & the interview was great

  • Swagd’d Up

    ^ You DAMN RIGHT that funny lookin ass nigga Big KRIT is wack as fuck, nigga! Word is bond, yo there are 2 tracks in the world I can tolerate that Koala Bear face nigga on and thats “Glass House” off Kush&OJ and “Moon&Stars” with Killa Kyleon and Curren$y his other shit just don’t compell me to listen. Shit, thats why that nigga giving away music, nigga need a fanbase to connect with………And oh by the way Jack, yep you’re on his sac if your waiting on that tax write-off to actually be released for retail. J.Cole, Big Krit and Mac Miller along with a couple mo’ of these bitch made niggaz is just wack to me, I can see why alot of ’em will be getting dropped from their label in the near future.

  • LA

    ^fagup I already ether yo bitch ass! now u keep commenting while i go smash ya moms cheeks

  • Swagd’d Up

    @LA where is this ETHER you speak of, because I have not felt it. Just your unwanting homosexual advances, chill out my nig! First off, your a 30 yr old virgin you don’t even know what a woman’s vagina looks like much less feels like. But wait my mentally challenged friend, you and the vagina do have one thing in common….Yall both like to get FUCKED!LOL, U a sucka, my nigga. A straight herb, type a nigga that still gets wedgies as an adult…..hahaha You a fuckin pussy in real life and online…..hahaha!

  • Belize


  • Jack Mehoof

    lol look how much that weird dude be writing! Hating on some young niggas, more talented, got more money, got more hoes & way more relevance then him. Keep typing paragraphs, mayb u 2 can be a tax write off for somebody one day…

  • Swagd’d Up

    @Jack ^^^^^SHUT THE FUCK,b^^^^^^

  • daman

    Why do ppl always half to try and insult others in the c-section, yall never gone see each other in yall lives. Cool that out but that was a good interview. Im anticipating all of The jays’ albums.

  • JDot

    Guru has the best interview.. Ear hustle, lol..

  • ESCO

    Swag’d up is the coolest motherfucker on the internet, no really, good on you b, you really are.

    Congratulations. What a life you have.

    No sarcasm. Seriously.

    How dare people anticipate music from an artist they want….why should we, when we can smoke blunts and fuck bitches to anything on the radio like the coolest nigga ever swag’d up…..i mean….people…HE”S SWAG”D UP!!!

    lol what a fucking douchebag.



  • Nucky Thompson

    ….apparently nobody here knows what a troll is…. except “Swagd’d Up” obviously lol

  • Jack Mehoof

    Lol @ Esco

  • rocstar

    guru needs to teach a class on hiphop,

  • Obama

    Cool Guru… Now all you need is a time machine… To go back to when Jay Electronica ACTUALLY had a buzz… And back when he wasn’t 40 YEARS OLD!!! Nigga please…

  • mac DIESEL




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  • the One

    Good to see people finding out who really is behind Jay making shit hot! He’s one of the nicest dudes in hip hop so if you see him give him his props, he deserves it!

  • n8o15301

    lame……….niggaz on hovs payroll….hes takin orders from veto”thats jay z 4 you dumb non street niggaz”so whatever hov says goes and he dont give a fuck what you think ….HES THE GOD MC
    TAKE NOTES NIGGA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Guru always gives great interviews.

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