New Music: Lil Wayne “You Da Shit”

An unofficial Weezy mixtape has hit the ‘net and it contains a brand new track. No word if this will land on, Tha Carter IV, but let’s hope it doesn’t.

heads up: stk

UPDATE: Official version produced by Detail.

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  • Hater


  • gfgdfgdfg

    good radio song

  • hmmmmm

    from C4?


    Hope this aint the track to make rapper quit

  • Love Affair

    Love this song

  • D-Roc

    ahhh. Tooo hard Tunee

  • toad3527

    this is the cut

  • NYC

    ewwwwwwwwwwww wtf is this? This can’t be labled as Hip-Hop !


    but this song is nice





    ladies song

  • Belize is g*y


  • Tim Lee VA Stand Up

    Damn I think I can finally say I am over Lil Wayne….like REALLY over all his shit.

  • mikey


  • cj

    im a big lil wayne fan and i hate that shit

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  • Mook

    this is def not on tha carter 4…it BETTER NOT BE WAYNE

  • Fuck Ya Life

    When does Carter lV drop next month? Doesn’t seem like he has any buzz for the album, 6’7 was blah a millie was better, that John shit is a Ross song basically and whether this shit is on the album or not its wack.

  • Sportz

    This song is not on C4.

  • StraightUp

    Stopped it after 4sec.Fucking trashy autotune candy bullshit rap.The people that hated on Writers Block loves this soft shit.

  • JHP

    No way this is on Tha Carter IV, this sounds like it belongs on a Lil Wayne Pop album equivalent to his Rock album, and we all know how well his rock album did. I don’t know how to feel about Carter IV. I like 6’7, but that “John” song was a disappointment, belongs on a Ross mixtape, not a Wayne album. I hope Wayne’s got something else up his sleeve, IDK though.

  • jayceon taylor

    as a big fan of wayne it shames me to say this is wack as fuck

  • Donn

    Hater Comments >>>>>>>> All the fans in every city who come out for Lil Wayne concerts

  • Jaediggity

    Ayy, its a step in the right direction.. Atleast his ideas are developing now.. It used to be bad punchlines after bad punchlines.. I think being off that weed is allowing him to think clearer in the booth.. Obviously its not a straight raw hip hop song but GOD DAMN.. strippers need theme music too.
    The way I see it, he catering to his whole fan base, wayne just aint got a bunch of hip hop head following him. He got that, plus the mainstream fans, he gotta supply both.

    I don’t think this is album material, this more on the lines of Prostitute, which was a mixtape BANGER.. Wayne doing his thing, but I dont know why people expect him to have Carter III hype. Nobody beside Drake, Nicki, and if he’s lucky Cole will ever get that hype. Hip Hop is in a drought and it might not find water for a while.

    But Carter IV will be tight, and will go Platinum and he will break his record on the second leg of his tour after CIV drops..

    I wish J.Cole would drop his next single some time soon though.. Roc Nation is some stingy ass bums.. He would be on fire going on a million album sales if he was with Cash Money or Young Money.. They actually PROMOTE artists.. smh Jigga is a bad label head. Somebody call Dame

  • Yo

    WAck hip hop respect his wackness lame wayne

  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis

    “This can’t be labled as Hip-Hop !”…Wayne’s fans arent that bright they wont know the differences.

  • Mr. A From Tha T

    sounds prety much like cdq so i bet it’ll make cut, but im cool wid it, universal prolly forced em to go and make another lollipop

  • CapricornReligion

    Trust me, this is going to be on the “Carter 4”.. Its a nice lil Radio song… Hip-Hop is not just for a small groupm of people anymore.

    If your not appealing to everyone your not going to sell….
    The muisc is not just for ears, its also for Pockets… Its a Business

  • @Donn

    Doesnt change the fact that the song wack!!!!!!! Even the poster said it is!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Word

    C4 has NOOOOOOOO buzz. SMH. And that shit drop next month? Fuck his stans saying a milli first week, No doubt he gonna do numbers first week cuz he Wayne, but that shit gonna be wack.

  • Bo

    remember when wayne rapped like he did on BMJR? now look what hes giving us

  • Black Shady

    LMAO!!! YM keeps takin L’s….this is wack B and extra gay

    JIMMY u bumpin this shit? HA!

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  • Jaediggity

    ya’ll niggas is flat out haters. smh


    Wayne is terrible! always has been and always will be.


  • Donn


    Wayne said in his Hot 97 interview, that he will never do a milli in a week again, that was a one in a life time chance. Wayne is just having fun and supplying music for his fans. If you don’t like Wayne then NOTHING will make you like him so stop trolling

  • Money mitch

    I used to play Wayne so much up til 07′ now it’s like embarrassing to bump his shit

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  • Word


    Whoa Whoa Whoa Whoa. Im a HUGE Wayne fan. And its BECAUSE im a Wayne fan that im so critical of dude. Did you even listen to C2 and his mixtapes? You hear the shit he put out now? He was leagues and leagues a great rapper back then. If i didnt like Wayne, I wouldnt comment. But I like Wayne, so I wanna see dude put out great music. This aint great music. I want him to have fun making music, but if garbage is wat he consider fun? Then he better treat this shit like his JOB and not his HOBBY. Music put money in his pockets and food on the table, and he making garbage right now. Look at all his fans saying they dont like it right here on this board.

  • Word

    Dedication 2 and 3, Da Drought Series, C2, parts of C3, and No Ceilings >>>>>>>>>>>> Anything Wayne has dropped since Fall 2009.

  • Belize

    Fuck this auto-tuned bubble gum sing song boy band pop!
    Real news:
    REST IN PARADISE DESHAUN, WE MISS YOU HOMIE! Why must the good die so young, yet wackasses like this can’t?

  • LA

    When ?wayne world drop?

  • puerto-black

    Radio Ready

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  • blv

    Fuck Pop-rap.

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  • B


  • syllables


  • West Coast

    Radio Hit

  • Kong

    cosign @ Word

  • i kinda like it though lolol i like the ambience : )

  • dll32

    radio track. don’t be dumb and make that your single

  • mitchycent

    needs to get back to codeine and chain smoking blunts and make real music.

  • Everybody that’s saying Carter 4 has no buzz are retarded .. that’s probably the most anticipated album of the year! And HATERS like you guys are going to make it go quadruple platinum! Faggs.

  • BalladOfTheBlackGold

    Sounds like some Wiz’s pop song…

  • d

    it’s ok more like pop but its still ok

  • ymcmb is the shit