New Music: New Boyz x Big Sean “I Don’t Care”

The New Boyz are geared up to release their new album, Too Cool To Care on May 17th, but today, East Exclusives got a grip of their collaboration with Big Sean and Kane Beatz behind the boards. If you care, take a listen.

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  • James


  • rahhh rahhhh

    dress like adults… rap is preschool

  • Dealy Dealy

    wish these guys would go somewhere with that nonsene…and big sean voice is just dead…

    Walmart Giving Back After Laying Off Over 50,000 People.. $1,000 Giftcards – I Grab 2 of Them..LOL

  • bob

    horrible song.. but sean kills his verse

  • JFK

    Does Kane Beatz do anything other than re-process existing hits? I mean if u do it once, its a bold sample. If u frame every track around somebody elses hit, youre just talentless.

  • So Icy Boi!

    Fuck yall haterz. New Boyz are top 10 lyricists

  • Word

    New Boyz? Imean, its nice that these guys grew up from that bullshit “You a jerk” phase with the bright yellow t shirts and pink skinny jeans with fucking cyan colored vans on, but now what are they? Two random ass niggas. Who cant even rap. Aint nobody checking for New Boyz no more. And im glad they aint. Instant Flop.

  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis

    So Icy how its going with getting the bail $$$$ for GUCCI? Are U going to put up your cardboard box home as collateral?

  • Donn


    Shoulda gave the beat to someone else. How dare they mess up a classic song with this. Big Sean go hard though…

  • JG

    this track is hot u r all hating instead of listening. They each rip their verses… and the Kane Beatz re-processing comment is dense. This is a sample but most of his recs are sample-free

  • Alas

    haha, this is funny

  • So Icy Boi!

    @ZoomZoomDad-Otis shut up snitch

    I was in Waka Flockas music video — – Im a real gangsta

  • Ben Frank

    ^Iz that the jungle?


    I dont care for this


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  • Not Bad, not bad at all

  • illjack

    heads will roll? new boys and big sean… jeez.

  • illjack

    ive heard the big sean verse before… not sure where though…

  • illjack

    his toca tuesday freestyle…

  • Doo Flinky

    Good sample, big waste on the New Boyz.
    Big Sean puts these teenybopping jerkers to shame.

  • dll32

    big sean makes this song dope.

  • wuu

    if you dont like this its cuz you cant dress for shit lmao!!!!ill know what bumbass niggas who look like gucci come here.. this shit straight fire !!!! new boyz future of the west we winning!!!




  • lame

    FUck the new boyz, they are not the future of the west, more like future of the whackness.

  • Word

    @wuu they ain’t gonna be able to afford no new clothes when they catch that brick and flop

  • original will

    contrary to belief new boyz got a top 40 song right now LOL so niggas saying they gone or one hit wonders that shit is false I mean call them horrible but them niggas know how to make hits and the Legacy nigga got some punchlines listen to Active Kings

    then another thing people dont consider is that he produced that your a jerk song that went platinum im sorry i cant hate on kids from my coast that get into music like i said numerous of times come out of the hood of LA these niggas can be getting into a bunch of wreccless shit gangbanging drugdealing robbing houses i rather see these young blacc dudes make bullshit music then be about some bullshit and end up dead or in jail

    I cant stand soulja boy music but i know him being from batesvill he could be involved in some bullshit right now if it wasnt for music so you gotta support shit like that and on a plus side these little niggas finished school unlike these other kiddie rappers who get in like at 8

    so when you say shit like these niggas need to stop why dont yall take a look at what they can be getting into just go read the LA Times

  • original will

    yall niggas is so ficcle 1st yall say these niggas need to dress mature these niggas got on suits now yall saying these niggas dress weird SMFH @ the Hate some of yall contain

    if its not one thing its another

  • wuu

    NO SWAG niga!!!!! you cant afford new clothes either way fuckboy!!!
    @original will
    atleast someone thinks like me !!

  • Belize

    Rest in Peace Derty Harry.

  • LA


  • this song is dope fuck all you New Boyz haters New Boyz is here now so all haters get off they dick

  • Timothy

    Well…They ruined a perfectly good Yeah Yeah Yeahs song.

  • nay

    Shit is fire

  • lol

    where diesel @ w/ her 2 cents?
    fxck these wack niggas tryna bite sean’s style – surprised he evn got on this track with ’em

  • lol

    fuck yu, bum ass, hard of hearing nigga
    plz get off RR on back on new boys dicks – u swear these wack fucks gon last the year w/ this garbage.
    @original will
    u actually praising the nigga 4 producing a wack ass fruity loops beat?? really?? so what if it went platinum, that doesn’t take away from the fact they ain’t got real talent. IF they did, you wouldnt be directing ppl to go listen to ONE particular song where they had good punchlines – why not this song? or any song off they last album? im all for them staying outta bullshit in the streets but when u actually think they going somewhere in this industry is when you wrong.

  • shizzy fn mac

    this song rite all people hatin like chill they out gettin bread nd yall siitten here dickeatn like gohead

  • I like that Kane sample some other sh^t though. Most people haven’t heard that joint. A-Trak remix was piff though.

  • G.O.O.D Music! Big Sean is off the chains. Cant wait for the album