New Music: JD x Da Brat “Look At Me Now (Remix)”

Breezy’s record continues to make its rounds and today lands in the hands of So So Def. For the record, this marks Da Brat’s first recording since her release from prison. Look at her now.

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    She killed that.

  • jaismallz

    she ripped this shit BRAT is back!

  • James


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  • Da Brat >>> Nicki Minaj

  • InMe-I-Trust

    James must get NO ass (LAME)…Brat did justice to the beat…nuff said!

  • ctg

    She smashed that beat… like a glass bottle on a waitresses face.

  • Andrew

    WOW. i forgot Da Brat was crazy legit like that.
    welcome back!

    btw Da Brat> Nicki Minaj

  • Money mitch

    When I was a lil jit I thought life in 1472 was the shit lol

  • original will

    lol @ctg comment

    she kilt that shit lol watch nicci do a freestyle to this next

  • c.j


  • puerto-black

    There is a lane open for da brat(tuff, gully Lady rap) and she did the time. bonus bucks if she comes out the closet and take over with the pink mafia. Free Remy(the bitch shouldve never went in remy purse)

  • the One

    Brat Killed that !!!!!! Now go back and get your spot as that fake bitch Nikki riding like she owns female hip hop!
    Go Brat!! It’s going to be hot summer!

  • Sealey

    WOWWWWWWWWW. finally someone that used the time to get better


    What @James said! This trick is irrevelent. Nicki> We tha business 100 million dollars!

  • illjack

    murked it. welcome back.

  • Tim Lee VA Stand Up

    I will need to hear more, but not bad so far, wish they had been more original….it just seems like everyone is on that beat trying to do the “busta rhymes fast rap” verse.

    Big ups to Da Brat though.

  • Hip Hop Head

    WHOAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Brat SMASHED this shit. All she gotta do is smash 3 more tracks like this then come w/ a hit & Nicki wont be alone at the top anymore as far as this female shit goes.

    #HipHopWontDie #EVER

  • Why is Nicki even mentioned in these comments?

  • haha

    Da Brat…DOPE!

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  • sh sh sh shady AFTERMATH

    dre killed jermaine dupri like after i heard say what you say i actually thought dupri was dead

  • THAT is why Da Brat is one of the illest MC’s (not just female) PERIOD. The song should have just been her by herself.

    Please put Minaj in her place and save hip-hop


    This bitch is hindeous!! In the music biz you need looks and talent! GO BACK TO YOUR CAVE MAN FACE!

  • Certified

    @sh sh sh shady AFTERMATH

    Faggot you on eminem dick all day. Jermaine ain’t dead.
    Where is eminem???? Hiding in his house. LOL He stays being a pussy bitch,

  • Brat Lover

    good one…she still got it

    Walmart Giving Back After Laying Off Over 50,000 People.. $1,000 Giftcards – I Grab 2 of Them..LOL

  • Brat straight merked this joint & is definitely back! Always thought despite her mostly tomboyish ways she was pretty bad too! @TimLee Brat isn’t trying to copy Busta either if you knew your history Brat is from here in Chicago where our emcee’s are known for that Midwest rapid fire flow!

  • the One

    ^ To the person who asked why is even Nikki mentioned?… The reason being is because she’s garbage and at the top of the food chain as far as female rappers go so we need someone who will take her out and save our ears and are daughters from listening to her trash!!!!!



  • Citylivin’

    her & Shawnna should do some music together….and Da Brat ain’t copying nobody….she BEEN using that flow since she was doing songs with Missy.

  • jane doe

    OMG Brat straight murked this track. welcome home & welcome back to real hip hop. please save our female hip hop legacy from that fake plastic dick sucking hoe Nicki. Next to step up. EVE.

  • sway-z

    Don’t sleep, Da Brat been flipping that fast shit, remember that joint with Missy, Sock it to me? Shit, Da Brat came out spittin on Funkdafied, niggas better check they stats

  • bigjay2501

    Brat killed this. Hope she can put out some good music.

  • Maria

    Remma Major

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  • NotoriousRambo.


  • She murdered that shit.

  • damn, killed that shit! indeed the b.r.a.t. is back in the hizzle fo shizzle….
    tyme to get sosodef cracking again

    nikki or lil kim i wonder which one will be on the new brat ablum…..ymmmmmm

  • t low

    Thats what i’m talkin bout,She killed that shit. I c a comeback. look at her now,she’s baaaack bitchhhh!!!

  • wouzi

    DANG!!!!!!!!! SHE KILLED IT!!!!!!!!!!

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  • Badd Azz

    First of all stop trying to put Nicki down. Men love to hate on a female when she is doing her thang. Next, Brat killed it!! Would love to hear a Brat Nicki combo. And last, Brat has always rapped fast u stupid idiot!! I need u to do ur homework before u say everyone is trying to copy Busta’s verse!!

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