• Long awaited.


    Now click the name to peep the basics.

  • Belize is g*y, mac weasel’s opinion aint sh*t


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  • Wow

    Straight killed the beat . J.Cole on the beat . Kendrick with the Lyrics . Wow . Can’t wait for the collabo mixtape .

  • ganja

    This is fuckin amazing..

  • CarreraLu

    Dope song. Cole beats are niiiice.

  • still best rite now!!

    “who said a black man is in illuminati, cuz last time I checked that was the biggest racist party”

  • JDot


    Dope song..

  • James


  • yo


  • John Macabee

    this shit is fucking ridiculous

  • Chu Chu

    I Need To Hear More Music Like This. First Song Hearin From This Guy & It Made Me A Fan. Deff Will Be Buyin His Future Projects On iTunes.

  • Citylivin’

    *Drops mic like in “Coming to America”*….this shit is tuff!

  • 3rdRail

    @ Chu Chu, check out the whole T.D.E. roster, they drop heat.

    Ab-Soul-Longterm Mentality
    Schoolboy Q-Setbacks

  • woah did anyone else notice that the picture switched

  • Chu Chu


    Good Looks Bro. I Really Havnt Gave The New Rappers A Chance But Big Krit , & Jay Elect Now This Kendrick Guy Is Dope Man.

  • NotoriousRambo.


  • supppppp

    The effects like a scratchy mic sound like something Kanye West would do. And Kendrick sounds like Pusha on this record. Beat is crazy too.

  • Respect!

    This is what I’m talking about. Lets get it fam!

  • supppppp

    ‘I won’t sugar coat it! You’ll die from diabetes if these other niggas wrote it”
    Tough bars, got damn!

  • Kendrick went straight in on the lyrics as usual & J. Cole on the boards! Beat fit Kendrick flow perfectly too!

  • Black Shady

    I cant wait for their collabo project. this gonna be hot

    Cole World

  • The game needs to watch out on this

  • sunsun

    the kid is ill

  • Anon DCPL


    this dude is the truth! dropping some sick ass bars.

    this is the hip hop we need right now in these fucked up times.

    I hope these brothers dropping knowledge like krit,jcole & kendrick don’t get infiltrated by cointel-pro plants.

  • nice.

  • Anon DCPL

    crazy crazy crazy DOPE, had to listen to it a few times.

    It’s TDE HiiiPower!!

  • As A Man Thinketh

    Chu Chu says:
    Wednesday, April 13 2011 at 11:47 PM EST
    I Need To Hear More Music Like This. First Song Hearin From This Guy & It Made Me A Fan. Deff Will Be Buyin His Future Projects On iTunes.

    EXACTLY! what chu chu said…this lil ninja spittin on here! I hear the Ye influence but its all good! And J Cole got beats! I’m a fan of KL!

    Whats TDE yall?

  • This shit NASTY!!!!! BANGER!!!!

  • cooper

    wow man j. cole is so fucking awesome. he is a wiz behind the boards.

  • Ender

    This is ridiculously sick…. to answer some of the questions I saw up there- “TDE” is Top Dawg Entertainment, which is the label Kendrick Lamar is signed to. Kendrick, along with Ab-Soul, Schoolboy Q and Jay Rock are also known as the Black Hippies, and they work together often. For anybody just now getting into Kendrick, I would highly recommend u check out the “Kendrick Lamar EP” and “O.verly D.edicated”.

  • DL Kendrick Lamar’s “HiiiPower” @ gudskunc dot com…

  • ColeWorld

    Wow…Wow… This is the best thing i’ve heard from Mr. Lamar. Its obvious these make a good combo, maybe the new dynamic duo… Can’t wait for the collabo mixtape! Yessir.

  • ballzout

    crazy deep track finally..Keep it Kendrick and do ur thang brotha..

  • D

    this is crazy. kendrick and cole = explosive

  • IIG

    You can tell Kendrick was heavily influenced by Kanye when he recorded this. Some parts are a dead ringer for So Appalled. Good shit though.

  • Ill We need more Songs and MCs Like THIS

  • assasin

    Incredible music

  • llll

    J. Cole should fuckin send beats to Nas & Eminem!

  • Stack 13

    WOW, He was punching the shit out of this track, he said… I am off the slave ship, building pyramids, writting my on Hieroglyphics. Holy sh!t.

    Stack 3, I keep telling you man this dude is sick, with this rap stuff man.

  • WilliamValentine

    This DUDE is the ONE!! DRE need to let this kid be his new SNOOP asap!!! He seriously will be the greatest of the next generation of rappers!! He could literally take DETOX in a direction that’s totally next level west coast lyricism.

    Grown men never should bite they tongue
    Unless you eating pussy that smell like it is a stale plumb

    You aint got to tell the wise to stay on beat
    cause our lives are instrumental

    Again, DUDE IS the ONE…OVERLY DEDICATED…mixtape of the 2010-peep this future legend.

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  • Jinx

    section 80 coming soon

  • wow

    y are there so many stans on the net? i mean he kinda sounds like ye on this never mind he took from So appalled a bit but beyond that on the verses as well… then the production the drums are kinda ye-ish to me as well

  • James


  • Me

    its official kendrick lamar is the greatest rapper of this decade never disappoints

  • wuu

    you cant play this on radio get this shit outta here!!

  • He is starting to remind me of old ye…but better and with out the self deprecation. I enjoy when him and cole joining forces that’s a real team.

  • First Verse Only….

    “Visions of Martin Luther staring at me, Malcolm X put a hex on my future, someone catch me/ I’m falling victim to a revolutionary song. The Serengeti’s clone, back to put you backstabbers back on your spinal bone. You slid your dis, when I slid you my disc, you wanted to dis, but jumped on my dick—Grown, men never should bite their tongue, unless you eatin’ pussy that smell like it’s a [inaudible] plum. I got my finger on the motherfuckin’ piston, aiming it at a pig, Charlotte’s web is gonna miss you. My issue isn’t televised, and you ain’t got to tell the wise, how to sound beat, because our life’s an instrumental. This is physical and mental I won’t sugarcoat it, you’ll die from diabetes is these other niggas wrote it. And everything on TV just a figment of imagination, I don’t want to [inaudible] dred that, like a Haitian, while you motherfuckers waiting…”

    The Internets Needs Less Commentators and More Curators—BJack

  • Able Danger

    Maybe the torch won’t burn out before it gets passed.

  • Word

    Dude made a fan outta me with this one.

  • Braniak

    This Shit here…..this shit right here……this shit Fiya!

    witness the rise of a star*


  • jayceon taylor



    kENdrick LaMAR is Illuminati/Jesuit/Society of God/Mason

    3 fingers = 3 6’s = beast sign = 3 i’s = 3rd eye = “enlightenment”

    higher power is how he pronounces hiiipower

    Marcus Garvey was Illuminati, as well as Malcolm, Princess Diana, and many other notables who decided to dissent and were killed for it.

    If you like this song… Satan has won… your heart over.

    Be mindful of what he says. The devil speaks cunningly through wicked tongues.

    I will pray for J. Cole and Kendrick Lamar, and all of us.

    Satan is a liar and the truth is not in him!

  • Ender

    ^This moron didnt make it to the second verse.

  • The Truth

    ^ Last time I checked, that was the biggest racist party?

    Illuminati members will always deflect their allegiance in public until the time is right.

    You did not listen to the second verse well enough…

  • Braniak

    AAWWHHH F*** IT.

    5 star this shit.

  • Ender

    lmao ok go ahead then, believe what u want. But if there really is an Illuminati out there, A) Kendrick Lamar is not in it, and B) Im down to join that shit any time, hit me up!

  • BlaZe1

    i only lisen cuz of j cole production…..now i wanna hear more of kendrick lamar….shit is dope

  • Nathaniel

    my God.

    that shit was powerful.

  • meTHATSwho

    anybody else hear a lil Pusha T in his delivery? Not saying its not nice… just sounds like I heard it all b4…

  • Chad

    maaaannn my dude like the west coast Kanye…J Cole on the beats is nice

  • RedRocBoy

    Damn! I been sleeping on dude. Very Impressed.

  • Yeh i Ced IT!!

    I see all these great comments on here bout this song and supporting great music again…well deserved believe me…but i dont see anyone posting about how they went and purchased it off of itunes….thas the real support….

  • so icy boi!

    wack …

    ferrari boys > 2.0 shady boys + gay ass kendrick lamar + j. cole

  • yeah boi

    yup that was sick and food for thought

  • darrius

    He kind gotta Pusha T flow. This shit is sick tho

  • red

    da future—>>>> j cole + lamarrr….. lamar sounds like a combo of royce da 5 9 and kanye west…. best thing of the bestest :P….

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  • wouzi


  • Dang…

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