New Video: Maffew Ragazino “Foreign Exchange Student”

Under the direction of Mel Phraze, Maffew Ragazino gives another track off his latest mixtape the visual touch. Nice wardrobe. Rare Gems: The Collection out now.

YN UPDATE: Let’s take ’em back. Ha!

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  • Alas



  • nyc

    Wow…This guy ain’t sayin nothing new!! I hear a dozen rappers with this same style…Whats the difference??? I’ll pass an stick to that 1995 Magnus opus…Always loved this beat tho…..This dude Top Quality was a 1 hit wonder..If you even want to call it that!! When EPMD broke up Eric took Redman & Kieth Murry…& PMD took Das Efx & signed this dude…Def Squad vs Hit Squad….They all fell off.

  • Mr Haterade

    PLEASE… Nigga Fuck outta here it ain’t summertime the beat is aight thatisall

  • GTFO

    Good Mixtape Joint. Watch these haters D#ck Ride this guy by the time summer gets here. LOL

  • RN (Real Nigga)

    song is just alright… the video is out of sync and YN thinks he can push garbage like this on people? c’mon son… Elliot you’re a publicist… not an A&R… stay in your lane son.