Swizz Beatz On Beatmakers & Producers

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Swizz Beatz will be the latest guest on Fuse‘s Hip Hop Shop later this evening. In this preview clip, Swizz explains to Touré the difference between a beatmaker and a producer. Episode airs at midnight.

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  • ctg

    Snoop had the best quote ever on the difference between a beatmaker and a producer:

    Dubcnn: It’s crazy you say that though. A lot of people been saying that for a long time.

    Snoop: Nah, but when I say that, it’s not disrespect, because them niggas will bring a track that sounds cool, but when he’s finished with it, that muthafucka is immaculate. Like for example if you were to hear the Stevie Wonder song that Busta Rhymes brought to Dre before Dre touched it, you would think it’s two different songs.

    Dubcnn: But he still should get some production credit though.

    Snoop: But, at the same time, Dre didn’t take that from Sha Money. And when he was doing that for niggas back in the days, they didn’t deserve to have their name in the game like that, because he did all of the work! So what you found a sample and you got a cool little drum file, but he brought the shit to life, so he really produced the track! Producing is bringing the track to life! Beatmakers make beats. A lot of niggas make beats. He produces tracks. So that ain’t disrespect what I’m saying. I’m just telling you what’s real.

    I seen him make tracks from scratch. My whole record the nigga made damn near everything from scratch. “Ain’t No Fun”, Daz and Warren G brought him the little *sings melody*, that’s all they had! Dre took that muthafucka to the next level! Warren G brought in the Donny Hathaway, “Little Ghetto Boy, laying in the ghetto streets.” Dre flipped it like “Hold on, gimme that!” Took that muthafucka and made it straight hit!

    Dubcnn: So you’re saying it’s wrong that Daz or Warren G would claim that they didn’t get the credit they deserved on The Chronic or Doggystyle?

    Snoop: I’ma say it like this: they didn’t deserve the credit back then because they didn’t do the work. They made beats, Dre produced that record. Point blank, and I’d say it in they face. They made beats, cuzz produced the record. If you a real nigga in the rap game, you’ll understand what I’m saying. I can make a beat, but I can’t produce! I can make a beat, but can I tell a nigga what to rap about, can I tell him when to come with the hook? Can you break the beat down? That’s what producing is.

    Dubcnn: Right, but if I brought in the beat, I would still want my name somewhere.

    Snoop: But, if you brought in the beat, that’s all you did, was brought in the beat. You didn’t produce this record. This song says “Produced by” not “brought in the beat by”. Keep it real! So that’s what niggas got wrong, and they started pointing fingers and try to bad mouth him, when in actuality Dre doesn’t need ya’ll, ya’ll needed him! Because this shit ya’ll learned from him, that made ya’ll better producers. He didn’t learn shit from ya’ll! See that’s what niggas don’t understand! Before The Chronic, how many hit records did Dre have before that? Everything he made was a hit record right?

    Dubcnn: Right.

    How many hits did Warren G make, how many hits did Daz make? None. None. Okay now, look at the tracks that they produced on The Chronic. Did they have any records like that by theyselves? No. You answer the question for me!

    Dubcnn: Maybe on Dogg Food?

    Snoop: Come on man! Dogg Food was produced by Soopafly, Daz and Dr. Dre!

    Dubcnn: Dre mixed it right?

    Snoop: No, Dre produced a lot of that shit! I’m telling you, Daz and them brought Dre beats, and he produced the muthafuckas! “What Would You Do” was just a beat that Daz had did. That “bu-bump, bu-bump”, the nigga Dre put all that shit on it, that *sings* What would you do, whaa *sings* just to give it that other shit! I’m telling you what I know man! Niggas gotta give Dre the ultimate respect. Niggas try to bash him and cut his knees down like he didn’t do nothing nigga, he’s the saviour man! Because what he did was, he showed niggas how to produce. Because niggas was good at making beats, but he showed you niggas how to produce! If ya’ll had really did what ya’ll say ya’ll did, ya’ll woulda put records out that sold 3-4 million on your own, like he did. I still have to see it!

    All the records that they put out solo wise, GARBAGE. Warren G’s last record, HOT TO DEATH. The records in between, I don’t know. And these are my homeboys, I don’t lie to you, I tell it like it is!


  • derrick
  • SqueeGee

    So… what IS the chant in “On to the Next One” saying?

  • spain

    ^squee gee it says “under the”

  • spain

    “under the spot” i meant

  • SqueeGee

    Ah, thanks Spain!

  • themuthafuckinreal

    Swiss cant make dope beats or produce.All his shit sounds like a damn carnival goin on.

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  • the One

    The message that swiss beak is trying to tell you is that he will be stealing all of you beat makers money telling you that he produced the track all you guys did was make a beat!
    Beak has always been into beat making and that’s all he’s ever been good at. He is not a producer and probably never understood what that word meant until he met his wife and saw how a real song get’s made.
    So what he is saying is actually right, but the only reason he is saying this is so he can steal kids beats and tell them you only made the beat so you only deserve 5 points me I produced it so I deserve 45 points. He’ just learning the game and how to rip people off without them coming back to him and claiming shit.
    Puffy has been doing this from the beginning of time!

  • puerto-black

    That was a classic interview with snoop fron dubcnn.com(never herd of them after tho). Snoop went in and spoke the truth on alot shit going on at that time

  • Belize


  • James


  • mac DIESEL

    @ ctg



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  • 305


  • YoYoYo

    no disrespect to Swizz, cuz I think he has one of the best custom drum kits on his MPC, but honestly most of his beats sound the same. If you listen to “On To The Next One” the only thing that really changes is when the sample is taken in and out and when the snare changes into a different snare, and the hi-hats are take in and out. After that its pretty much a drum loop and some of Swizz’s signiture sounds.

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