• ies

    keep it yeller!!!

  • Black Shady


  • RN (Real Nigga)

    more mandatory shady postings, huh. yelawolf is ridiculously overrated.

  • huh…not bad

    this is suprisingly good. i dont really like yelawolf and only like bizarre cuz he’s a crazy motherfucker but this track is good they both did their thing

  • Monk

    DOPE……yela is killin bizarre is also dope

  • mja

    this shit is actually pretty str8

  • damn

    the gift: yelawolf signs to Shady
    the curse: yelawolf is forced to do songs with D-12

  • Shady Records 1.0 !!!

  • Monk

    man u r a fag….d12 is the best damn thing……shady 1.0 > shady 2.0

  • Gordon B.

    This track is sick, too bad the rest of the album isn’t.

  • Belize

    Yela really ain’t that good. Bizarre is crazy, but also overrated. This is dope tho!

  • casper21

    get em Yela! Fuck the naysayers, I’m rootin’ for ya




  • Princepolo

    Ain’t a fan of yela or bizzare but this track is really good

  • Beat Bizarre Verse I ever Heard LOL

  • Pendleton

    Nice showing by Yela. Overall song construction is pretty trash. Bizarre’s verse just came off like he was bored and was forced to write something. Finally it seemed more like it should have been Yelawolf ft Bizarre

  • catfish billy

    ha! how can yela be overrated when half these kids are still sleepin on him. this shit was dope. did not really need bizarre on the track though. yela kills it by himself!

  • yelaaaaaaaaaaaa alllllllllllll daaaaaaaaaaay….the game is in shadys bag

  • OffMyNutz

    Yela better than all your WAAACCKKKAAASSSS trap rappers who don’t even TRAP!!!He would BODY them on the MIC!!!SHADY MOTHERFUCKERS!!!!!!Haters eat a fat dick!!!!

  • WOW

    yelawolf is complete trash no bullshit. erbody who likes him ends up being weird ass fuck too haha big suprise

  • Mindfck

    this shit is COLD. fuck yall naysayers!