Lauryn Hill Performs At Coachella

L-Boogie made her first Coachella performance yesterday and despite a few technical sound difficulties, Ms. Hill made up for it by bringing her solo classics as well as her Fugees tracks to the stage.

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  • Lauryn Hill: better than any girl rapper you know

  • ain/t no other option


    This is MS. Lauryn Hill
    TO YOu RR
    Please change topic

    MS. Lauryn Hill

    YOu should no better RR

    You see your not that close to J after all

    Respect is due back
    she pretty much saved the game back then

  • Damn…I love me some; Lauryn but she really fell off…*sigh* The good old days

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  • sticky

    HH got respect cause of this lady
    Wayne and the rest would of never won grammy/s
    She gave NY HH creds like no other
    Wu tang ruled
    But lauren sold 10 times what wu did
    Don/t forget nY is racist as far as art goes
    Only basquiat made it to the big league in the NY racist art scene
    Lauren did the same for woman rappers
    There is and will only be one = That is the power of lauren HILL
    Thank you my Lady forever

  • sticky

    I almost forgot
    shady em should of never diss Lauren the way he did on a MTV single
    Plus shady also diss Mj on a mtv video also
    Now you know why dr dre can/t come up with an album in ten years
    He helped mess is own game up
    thank you my Lady for helping expose this black white trash mess up
    Shame on dre forever
    Plus does em tracks he diss MJ and lauren with
    where recorded at the old MJ studio mj helped build in LA (record one studio)
    Hypocrites can/t be trusted ever again period

  • DJanony



  • wowowowo

    @ yeah dre was lucky he did not get mugged by the nation of islam for that shady diss on MJ
    Or maybe he did get mugged but we never heard about it.
    MJ was of course very close to the nation of islam
    But Dre was never close to the nation and he never rep them of the panthers ever
    dre only reps white TV screens for the last 10 years it started with 2001 and ended there for him
    What/s up with the doctor = who knows really but he/s messed up
    Huey or pac would freak about this.

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  • look at this junkie bitch lol no wonder crackers laugh at us but ill take the blame being jamaican, rohan sucked that bitch soul dry, jamaican niggas aim to suck a bitch soul dry…

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  • WTF

    Is she pregnant again?