New Video: Da Brat x JD “Look At Me Now”

A.I. is that you? Anyway, days after Da Brat made her musical return, JD shares some footage of the pair recording their remix from the So So Def studio. Da B-R-A-T even looks like she never left.

Bonus: “Turned Up” Ft. JD x Dondria

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  • Mook

    She killed that

  • jane doe

    Yessss Da Brat show these fake plastic frauds how its done. She ripped this shit to shreds. Chris Brown gave Brat a shout out on his twitter page. Again welcome home Brat.

  • Black Shady

    didnt this bitch just turn 37 like a week ago???? JD is like 45 LOL fuck outta here

    if you near 40 and got skills (i.e- Jay, Em)..its all good. but this is garbage JD
    Da brat did her thing tho..but nobody tryna hear this

  • wickwickwack

    ^^ stupid argument
    so its ok to be young and garbage ?
    The young kids need to understand that hip hop just turned 40 ! The so called old rappers are the 1st ones that managed to turn their hobby to a real career
    Everything they do is unwritten

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  • CabriniGreeny


  • Blacc

    @Black Shady

    Don’t nobody give a fucc how old she is nigga she murdered this. She coulda recorded this shit from a nursing home it’s still fire. Lol JD is weak AF tho. He shoulda gave brat the whole joint.

  • fresher than a muthafucka

  • Sin

    my eyes literally got wide and my eyebrows are damn near in my hairline.
    she killed that shit straight up.
    fuck how old she is, if the 21st century taught me anything about hip hop its that people dont kare who you are or what you do as long as the music is of good quality.
    in hip hop you kan lie about your past until the evidence is too much but if the music is great then u get a pass.
    or say kiss a man in the mouth and kall him daddy and lie about facts but alas if the music is great then it doesnt matter.
    or say be a confidential informant(Boo Boo) but u still a gangsta and dry snitching on wax, the people dont kare if the music is good. nobody screaming GGG-GGG-G u knw wat i mean

  • lol @Allen Iverson to the brat “we aint even talking to you” funny shit”

  • RoeLuv

    Da Brat could always spit…. Now stay outta trouble girl lol*

  • Nickey Negrito

    This was pretty DOPE!

    The Brat and her sexy self. Just wish I seen more BODY SHOTz.

  • Bronx, NY

    @Black Shady,

    You are obviously one of the new generation of fans who only know drake, gucci man, soldjer boy, etc…

    I was going to say something negative but, as an “Older” hip hop head, i understand your ignorance.

    Why is it ok for em and jay but knowone else? Help me understand your logic?

  • ohhhhh shiiiiit Da Braaaaaaat the female version of BusssaBusss!!!

  • ZoomZoom



  • ang

    Give respect where its due The BRat is a bad bitch… dem other bitches cant step up their game enough to catch up… they can eat her dust…. I respect her to the fullest she is THE GANGSTA BITCH!!!!!

  • ang

    Welcome home BRAT…

  • industrymonday

    @Bronx, NY I agree with you. these kids now know nothing about what real hip hop is. Da brat is it. Theses guys that you mentioned are nurserey rhymers. Hell they are not even rhymers in my book. I don’t understand how people can listen to waka flocka, gucci, etc. You can barely understand what they are saying. People like nas, slick rick, jay z, W-tang,busta and so many like them have meaningful things to say other than how much money they got and women. Hopefully these kids get tired of hearing it. Its garbage.

  • industrymonday

    These old heads need to make a come back and show this so called new generation of hip hop how to do things. Thanks busta and da brat for straight killing it and not talking about pu**y, and what you got.

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