Wiz Khalifa Performs At Coachella

[vodpod id=Video.6396678&w=540&h=350&fv=file%3Dhttp%3A%2F%2Fvideos.videopress.com%2F5qSyCkwt%2Fwizkhalifa-coachella_std.mp4%26amp%3Bstretching%3Dexactfit%26amp%3Bskin%3Dhttp%3A%2F%2Fwww.urbanmusicdirect.com%2Fumd.zip%26amp%3Bimage%3Dhttp%3A%2F%2Fi55.tinypic.com%2F2e6a143.jpg%26amp%3Blink%3Dhttp%3A%2F%2Fwww.urbanmusicdirect.com%2Fvideo-wiz-khalifa-set-coachella-2011%26amp%3Bplugins%3Dsharing-1%26amp%3Bsharing.code%3D%253Cembed%2520src%253D%2522http%253A%252F%252Fwww.urbanmusicdirect.com%252Fplayer.swf%2522%2520height%253D%2522335%2522%2520width%253D%2522500%2522%2520bgcolor%253D%2522undefined%2522%2520allowscriptaccess%253D%2522always%2522%2520allowfullscreen%253D%2522true%2522%2520allownetworking%253D%2522all%2522%2520flashvars%253D%2522file%253Dhttp%253A%252F%252Fvideos.videopress.com%252F5qSyCkwt%252Fwizkhalifa-coachella_std.mp4%2526stretching%253Dexactfit%2526skin%253Dhttp%253A%252F%252Fwww.urbanmusicdirect.com%252Fumd.zip%2526image%253Dhttp%253A%252F%252Fi55.tinypic.com%252F2e6a143.jpg%2526link%253Dhttp%253A%252F%252Fwww.urbanmusicdirect.com%252Fvideo-wiz-khalifa-set-coachella-2011%2526plugins%253Dsharing-1%2522%2520%252F%253E]

The third and final day of Coachella is currently going down and earlier today, Wiz Khalifa hit the stage and repped for the Taylor Gang. Of course, Amber Rose was there to support her man.


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  • YaaaBitch

    Not really good live….Not really good at all…..

  • Big Boy

    that shirt “Wasted Youth” is sooooooo appropriate

  • S_Dogg

    When I’m Gone was ON POINT!

  • honesty

    shut the fuck up!

    Good shit wiz his concerts are always on point!

  • yo


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  • 21st street disciple

    Yall hear that new “difficult” joint by em????? Its a three verse tribute to proof.. Cant beleive it hasnt been posted on here yet.. I just found it on youtube.. It sounds almost as if hes crying while rapping.

  • http://www.myspace.com/onepercentfree

    One day this nigga will drop the dopest HH album of all times// +30 reps FOR WIZ = Top Notch

    For does who don/t know is name Wiz was taken from the “Wonderful Wizard of Oz”


  • Black Shady

    people really feelin this nigga like that? do yall listen to the lyrics or yall just skim thru it?? sad….

  • Black Shady

    and @ 21st street disciple ; it leaked long time ago bruh. and RR wont post it since its an unauthorized leak…

  • smooth

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  • http://www.myspace.com/onepercentfree

    : ))))))))))))))

    For does who don.t know
    TV shows and Live shows rarely sound any good when broadcast
    This has nothing to do with the artist
    That sounds just makes them look bad ” ex: everybody looks bad on SNL due to shitty sound also

    + He/s STill 22 years old and no other then oddFu with this type of vibes out
    wiz got 100% good vibes
    That/s what we like more then anything
    @Blackshady you must of skim thru that part as well = sad….

    +Reps for taylor

  • Sam I Am


    Now while that’s normally true, there are people who try their best to make their levels sound really well, even in outdoor performances I.e jay-z’s live performances. But wiz’s live performances whether indoor or outdoor all sound the same and that’s not saying much.

  • he has no talent, i dont see the point in him performing

  • http://www.myspace.com/onepercentfree

    @ Jay z is the greatest rapper from brooklyn = They have the best flow
    When your the best rapper in Brooklyn your the best rapper in the world

    JAY is the greatest numero uno

    But Wiz got that young talent thing
    I mean Jay started old he had no records out when he was 23 so give it time
    I support wiz cause everything is still possible for him
    and the last mixtape was a megabomb
    Plus the singles are top notch….
    LIve okokokok but i don/t blame a 23 year rapper in front of 100 000 people he is not U2
    But I give HIm 10 more years before he kills them HALL………
    All best to all RR comments
    He needs pressure so give it to HIM
    If you think he.s weak say it Here
    it can only help him moonwalk in the future………

  • 21st street disciple

    Gotcha folks.. I just got out yesterday, did 2 1/2 yrs n the last em song i heard b4 i went in waz the leaked version of crak a bottle lol, i lost all hope 4 em that shit waz so wack! But im hearin Relapse, Recovery n all this new shit now n hes really improvin! Although i think he only came bak cuz the illuminati ordered him to.. Anywayz, wiz is dope! Strikes me as some hip hop nerd but his lyrics r fukn dope! Any1 who disagrees must be 12 n 13 n grew up listnin to bow wow, this mans contribution 2 the game should be greatly appreciated but niggaz dont listen to the lyrics, they hear a catchy hook n they like “yup, this is dope!” fukn idiots

  • Sam I Am


    At one point, it could have been possible but the stupid thing about today’s youth is that when they get criticism, instead of bettering themselves, they claim they have “haters” and feel they’re doing something right and repeating the same mistakes

  • phraynkhp

    awesome show fuck what yall talkin bout, prolly never even been to a wiz show fuckin lames…

  • SS

    generic rapping with a hypeman over pre-recorded tracks and an annoying DJ, Kanye put this kid to shame

  • his album is on billboard right now


  • the One

    This was awesome?? SMFH The only thing I saw that was awesome was Amber’s Ass!

  • yo

    @21st street disciple

    really? dont listen to lyrics? wiz? lyrics? fuck outta here

    Budden is lyrics, therefore, BUdden is God, and no, I didnt grow up to bowwow bitch ass

  • phraynkhp

    “We like white boy hair the way they gel us” wiz got lyrics yall just too slow hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaahahahahahahahahahahahahahaaahahahahahahahahahahahahaha and that was the long laugh on yall bitches

  • phraynkhp

    did we all watch the same video?

  • lilrizq

    i can name a gang load of my favorite rappers who don’t have lyrical content like biggie, jay-z or nas… wiz’s style being so diverse is how he created his own fan base. he gave us 9 free albums of pure taylor gang material. and rolling papers is a showcase of his commercial song writer abilities, and girls buy more albums then men. why you think he gave us the ill sh– for free and rolling papers for 10 bucks or so? he will get an even wider fanbase because of rolling papers. us taylors have to stop being stingy and let khalifa widen his fanbase, he will give us some more piff when he release a new mixtape. khalifa is at the top right now and currensy is second. jet life , taylor gang or drink and drive…die.