J.Cole Debuts New Verse In D.C.

Last night, Fayettenam’s finest performed at the U Street Music Hall in the District Of Columbia. Towards the end of his set, Jermaine blessed the audience with a new verse acapella style.


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  • Yo!

    Cole world

  • V


  • Sony Music Employee a.k.a J Cole Album Is Never coming out

    cole why dont you shut da fuck up and drop an album. I been a fan since forever and you been signed to Roc for the past fuckin years. Jay-Z dont give a shit bout you dont you get it? He dont care bout your career or anything you do. Your not even on his radar. SO now we are gonna get another Jay-z album while your ass is on the shelve. dont you see your wasting time on this dumb ass label? who the fuck on roc nation is hot? Bridget Kelly Range Rita Ora ALexis Jordan. what? nobdy. Roc nation been in bizness for the longest and nobdy has come out with an album. so wtf is up son? are you gonna waste your prime years on a fuckin label with a superstar that doesnt care bout you? or are you gonna take a stand say “fuck this shit” leave and do what you were supposed to do. conquer the rap game without jay-z.

  • yously

    @Sony Music Employee a.k.a J Cole Album Is Never coming out
    lol j cole ain’t gonna read your comment, you damn fool haha, wasting your time.

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  • dr dre drops detox then detox 2 then detox 3 and cole world still has no release date

    Its pretty sad that Jermaine cant even drop a single. He should of dropped the album after FNL when his buzz was at an all time high. In the morning would of been a legit single getting airplay. He could of sold 200k. Could of would of then he should of. Follow Drake’s scheme Cole and stop tryna secretly one up him. Theres no way hes topping TML.

  • Red1

    I hate it when your a fan of an artist and all you get is a bunch of empty promises of hottest shit to drop on earth 16th of nevuary no shots but less acapella live verses and interviews talking about how dope the music your making is and actually give us a body of work to listen to

  • after being a fan of cole for a long time i have figured out any freestyle he does is something that old or didn’t make the album & will show up on a blog soon couple months later i know the shit he holding on to or is making is gonna be crazy he grows every song

  • assasin

    Yall crying that his album need to come out just to bootleg it, make empty promises of buying it then cry that it flopped?

  • Red1

    im not making empty promises of buying it im gonna download it u crazy artists can complain like they didnt get the bootleg when they werent famous and that we should all be holy and buy their shit when we can get it for free doesn mean we luv em less or were not as good fans cos we dont financially support them fuck outta here its about the music they can worry about their funds jus like we all gotta musics not the places to be having a cry bout that shit unless your a suit exec looking at bottom line i pay for concert tickets so artists shut the fuck up record sales will never be what they were ur lucky ur still selling give it good 10 years artists like lady gaga will be doing wood numbers and u will still be praisning it like …Young Whatever sells 15 units and is number 1# congrats

    jay-z ” i had the illmatic, on bootleg”

  • Mook

    Nrew J cole freestyle? yawn


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  • JHP

    I’m definitely a Cole fan, and I’ve been tryna defend his delays for the longest, but I’m just fed up now! I’m sick of hearing about the tours, acapellas, repetitive interviews, talking about how dope the albums gonna be and not even having a damn single out from it. It was supposed to come out half a year ago.

  • Citylivin’

    true Cole fans don’t bitch about the album not being out….they listen to the 3 dope mixtapes that he put out for $Free.99…just like @assassin said y’all just waiting to bootleg it & cry that it flopped….or you’ll cry that it has a pop artist on it and that Cole sold out.

  • Red1

    nigga has 2 fucking videos in like 4 years tha fuck that in the morning shit was a wiz khalifa video rip off of how he shot his kush & oj shit damn get active mother fucker what would canibus say drop some music do something nigga friday night lights can only be played on repeat for a certain amount of months

  • 106

    Stop crying when the album ready it will drop. You hear Cole talking about making money doing all these shows no album out. Roc Nation ain’t give up on him yet when he go on tour with Rihanna he will be in front people that actually buy albums. He only 24 Drake buzz only comes around once a decade.

  • So Icy Boi!’s Stepfather

    @ Sony Music Employee

    Get a job!

  • So Icy Boi!’s Stepfather

    @ Sony Music Employee

    Get a job and stop bitching!

  • Dj

    All y’all cOmplainin like y’all paid for Friday night lights if your a real fan throw on the warm up cuz that shit is album material also. This nigga is building his fan base all across the world, buzz ain’t big yet? He got y’all anticipating like a mothafucka. His single is coming soon an it’s guaranteed to be harder than ‘in the morning’ bc if you didn’t know that song was made from his damn room. Hes a student of the game he knows what hes doin. Patience, an this kid is gonna be one of the greatest.

  • Black Shady

    if your name aint Em, Banks or Cole….im bootleggin the shit outta you!

  • DamnShame

    he doesnt have enough buzz to come out… stop freestyling or coming out with these pre-written verses and drop some real music, or just good music in general.

    At this point I dont think he is capable of puttin out a radio worthy track. And whats up with the visuals for him… they are always shitty. lol

    There is just to much wrong with this guy… He needs to be Dropped…lol

  • Word


    Im guessing you never heard warm up or fnl huh?

  • NYC

    DamnShame = a hip hop fool lol

    Cole’s album is coming out, relax. Jay-z wants him to sell good and give him a chance to build up his fan base. Thus, adding him to the rhianna tour.

    Summer realease looks safe to say. August/September 2011

    I would only ask for a single soon !

  • very anticipated dude


  • Able Danger

    @Citylivin’ and @106 – co-sign

    I”ll take three more high quality mixtapes over an album anyway. Future comments gonna read “I want the mixtape Cole back.” Do ya thing J. See ya in May in CT.
    In case ya didn’t notice FNL was his debut. What ya want hooks, videos and features?

  • Belize


  • Hip-hop boy

    people jus don’t underdstand the bizness… Most likely when your on a major label the artist which is j.cole doesn’t control when his album comes out. It’s roc nation’s decision.. p.s. I’m anticipating his album

  • Yeh i Ced IT!!

    I’ve checked these comments about my homie everytime Rapradar post somin about him….SMH…i swear yall clowns think yall know so much about the music industry…”oh cole should did this”, “Jay is doin this” “The album shoulda dropped”…yadayadayada….if yall know so much about what to do then you should start your OWN LABEL….yall dont know the biz, so shut the fuck up….”Ol bitter ass, sit around in middle class homes, wit computers on, hatin on the newest songs”…he said it himself…lol…i can guarantee, a platinum classic album…maybe not platinum first week, but classic nonetheless…WAIT AND SEE

  • we all need to be very patience !* good things come to those who wait*you,ll see and everyone is going to like it…nuff said thou…

  • LOL!

    another broke ass lyrical rapper who will never drop…good luck making mixtapes till your 40