New Music: U2 x Jay-Z “Sunday Bloody Sunday”

Last year, Hov and U2 traveled to Australia for their five city 360 Tour. During the band’s set, Jay-Z joined them on stage to perform their collaboration. For the limited edition of U2: Duals LP, the band released a high quality recording of the performance. You can purchase the LP by subscribing to their fan club.


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  • big shout to stu who engineered this hit…

  • Belize


  • asdasd

    Wack. x2

  • good message…jay z could have made a better verse..its a good song tho


  • Chu Chu

    Hov Need To Stay In His Lane. NOTHING Rockstar About The Guy

  • Doe Money

    I’m a U2 Fan and I hate this shit.

  • Word

    Hov and Linkin Park went perfect together but this shit wack

  • ColoradoKnight

    This is dope.


    Noise…. no ham here.

  • Sam I Am

    it sounded mad forced on jay’s part at the end of the verse that he took the cop out method but i fucks with the message.

    sidebar: the name of the track is Sunday Bloody Sunday. Where you got Bloody Sunday Bloody is beyond me.

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  • Belize

    Not bad.

  • jonnyboy

    Jays verse is actually ok he is on point with the message the original u2 track is about a massacre the British army carried out on Irish civilians in Derry as an Irishman its a touchy subject for an outsider to touch but he makes parrelles to Iraq etc an it works well pity he didn’t have a 16 bar verse for it woulda worked better

  • puerto-black

    sounds forced

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  • the One

    The U2 track is one of the best rock tracks of all time… U2 was the only band back in the day that even new what apartheid meant and they stood for change when it wasn’t cool. So if your hating on these guys then you need to give your head a shake. As for Jay’s verse it was just ok ….
    If you are black U2 deserves your respect!!
    One of the best bands of all time!

  • wickwickwack

    it s from a concert in Berlin ,u can tell they didnt take time to work on this
    i wouldnt be surprised if they asked jay to spit a verse a day before the event

    i hope one day they ll go in the studio and rerecord this

    By the way nobody til this day gave props to jay for performin @ a historic place like that where just a few artists performed

  • Master P’s Theatre

    Up the RA.