Breaks: It Ain’t For You

What you niggas braggin’ ’bout? I’ve been done.

Our new Breaks columnist: Ty Kidd

Golf Wang Bonus below.

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  • HollyWood

    I’m loving this breaks section. Definitely brings a whole new vibe to the website and some people need to hear music like this. Great Great music.

  • Kareem

    First: “Loco” – MellowHype (Produced by Left Brain)
    Second: “Odd Toddlers (Featuring Casey Veggies)” – Tyler, The Creator (Produced by Tyler, The Creator)

  • beatmypussc

    rapradar stays with the exclusive!! NICKI MINAJ SEX TAPE LEAKED!!

  • kaoz

    the hype is so mellow

  • hazz

    MF DOOM used this years ago dope beat

  • Beep

    How can I captialize ?

  • does anyone have the actual odd toddlers instrumental? i could listen to that for hours.

  • This sample was used by Maybach Music… Diamonds and Maybachs. One of the dopest beats to come out that camp… I love this sample, good Paper Plane music

  • ethos

    give credit where credit is due, DOOM sampled the 2nd one before odd future ever heard it

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  • dmv

    ^^^and before wiz khalifa

  • Mellow

    Smoke DZA used the first sample for “The World”. Riiiiight