• BigAnt !


  • BigAnt ! SUCKS DICK

    Stfu cocksucker ^^^^

  • Bobby

    what beat is this? in the first freestyle

  • BigAnt !

    Niggas mad cause this nigga taller than em….

  • thetruth

    he be rippin yall swellin if you dont think so

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  • 305

    this fool is so wack

  • Fatnigger

    Is that Lil Wayne in the pic? Oh no its another dick rider tryna be him.

  • ^
    it’s Waka Flocka “Grove St. Party”
    btw, Ace Hood freestyle is TOUGH!

  • awww man, this beat (@3:57~) reminds me of my freshman college year lol 2002!

  • Doe Money

    This guy is the worst rapper ever.

  • Belize


  • suuwuu


  • Dre

    Sooner or later people will respect this kid.I respect the fact that he’s not giving up.It’s like people love to hate Ace Hood.lol It’s not like he’s wack.He got a little bars and he rode every beat Cosmic Kev put on wit no problem.People probably think Ace is like a Lil Wayne clone but over time he’ll develop his own identity.They treated Shyne the same way when he came out back in ’99 -2000

  • killacrack

    its lil waynes ugly sister

  • WayneSuckz

    this guy has mad talent and he ripped up every god damn beat thrown his way. of course he’s gonna have haters, cause he’s great and thats what happens when youre successful. He aint nothing like Wayne. how? Wayne sucks hard. Ace Hood kills every track and always will.

  • what is the last beat in this song the 1 with the piano in it