• Belize


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  • please


  • Jaymalls

    this is my nigagaggagagagagagagaggaa!

  • beatmypussc

    rapradar stays with the exclusive!! NICKI MINAJ SEX TAPE LEAKED!! http://www.loot6.com

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    ayo i fuck with the roots nawmeans? they aint doing stupid shit like dating blond white bitches and putting gay streaks in they hair like kwame in the 90s yamean? they aint dropping records thats softer then baby cheeks and shit they been on the grind doing what they do for a long time and all these new booty niggas (drake and wiz) still trying to get in where they fit in…thats my word son. fuck outta here with that sexy shit.

  • Vexed and Glorious

    One of his best songs.

  • Ghost

    not one of his best. but one of the best rappers.

  • LA

    *kanye shrug*

  • puerto-black

    B.I.G.>Nas>Jay-z>Ghostface killah aka Tony Starks aka Starky Love aka The Wallabee kingpin

  • YOUR pusha

    i been to a questlove dj show,that dude is crazy on the 1 and 2s

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    These are my niggaz. Ghostface Killah: Making your favorite rapper look like an idiot.