• beatmypussc

    rapradar stays with the exclusive!! NICKI MINAJ SEX TAPE LEAKED!! http://www.loot6.com

  • Trump says he has a good relationship with THE BLACKS


  • Black Shady

    I think Cam’s the only one always fucking with them black hoes…thats wassup!

    but those 2 songs are weak!! stick to songs like “stop it 5”


  • 106

    What was he thinking? Love bug ass shit.

  • Soundin like the old Cam. Which is good.

  • puerto-black

    “Be at your moms crib, slow jams with no pants”

  • bfp501

    I don’t have Just Right on my Gunz N Butta

  • mr.300


  • Ben

    New york hiphop is dead! westcoast new school is killin u faggots

  • wickwickwack

    cam´s a goofy rapper

  • Ahhh, I don’t know….not my type of hip-hop. Kind of corny to make a song about a girl checking your phone when you’re damn near 35 years old. Leave that to Bow Wow or something.

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  • IIG

    Cam is one of the most consistent in the game. And not just music… he’s consistently not doing any sucker shit. I appreciate Killa. I just wish he had those Diplomatic Immunity and Purple Haze type beats still.

  • dannidavito

    get’em LUX i c u girl!

  • brandon

    Hyped for this!

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  • j6

    garbage its a wrap for camron i can’t believe how bad this dude fell off!! just wack c=m on son the same sample beats that been outdated since purple haze stick a fork in this nigga the only thing to look forward to from harlem is vado!!!!!!!!!!!!,vado can spit but sometimes he gets on that camron bullshit with those wack beats give its up cam stick to acting your run is over with !!!!!


    Yo Cam, why the fuck are you rappin in front of one of those dodgy GreatWall made in China trucks? really boyboy? Hope they broke u off some change coz thats not a good look. still tho…