Drake Starring In Next Ice Age Film

Aubrey Graham is set to hit the big screen. Well, his voice that is. As of now, his role is unknown, but Reuters reports that Drake will lend his vocals for the new animated Ice Age film.

Singer/Actress Jennifer Lopez is the latest voice addition to the forthcoming animated film “Ice Age: Continental Drift.” Lopez and actor Jeremy Renner will join new voice cast members Keke Palmer, rapper Drake, Wanda Sykes and Aziz Ansari. The new additions was announced on Tuesday (April 26) during a Fox presentation, during which the studio met potential promotional partners, licensees and retail partners.


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  • puerto-black


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  • JB

    “Ice Age: Continental Drift.”

    It’s gonna be a fast and furious copy

  • 305

    this is why i can’t take this guy serious.

    He originally became known for playing character Jimmy Brooks on the television series Degrassi: The Next Generation

    He was raised by his mother in Toronto’s wealthy Forest Hill neighbourhood.

  • Los

    Drake doing his thing

  • Belize

    Wack. Exactly @305.

  • Bangers N Mash


    Thinking the exact same thing my dude.

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  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis

    Remember Drake is a actor its his job to portray a character role just like William L. Roberts. Drake’s crappy love songs > William L. Roberts criminal fantasy stories.

  • so

    So, he has to be an ignorant dumb ass for you to like his music. NIGGA PLEASE. He’s getting money, I suggest you do the same.

  • stop being jealous 305. Drake’s talented. So far Gone was dope and so was Thank Me Later. He generated such a big buzz for himself because his flow was so different from anybody else’s out there. His production’s good. He could sing. He’s diverse.

    He never claimed to be gangsta either so why does coming from a wealthy neighborhood hurt him?

    If you don’t like his music or personal career decisions, stop being a bitch and deal with it.

  • charlieSheen_money

    Wow, dude fell off FAST.
    Just like the rest of young money

  • UncleSam

    @305 and everybody else agreeing with him, are yall saying that you can’t be a rapper if you’re from a wealthy home? Drake does not even rap about being poor nor being from the streets, hiphop might have originated from the streets but I doubt it belongs solely to the streets.

  • G

    another ice age film? I thought the last one was wack

  • Loc

    how is this fallin off??this is comin up……smh at these dumb ass niggas man

  • Bangers N Mash


    I’m not saying he can’t be a rapper cause he clearly is, but I personally just can’t feel his shit based on his past. His lyrical content ain’t for me.

  • Los

    So half of ya is saying Drake is sell out and that ya can’t take serious, because he’s starting in a movie? Need I remind that some of the greatest (Even YOUR favorite rapper) started in films? 2 Pac, Eminem, NAS, DMX, 50 Cent, Ludacris, Mos Def, Common, T.I and many more.

    C’mon man, don’t hate. Drake’s doing big things.

  • gansterrapisdead

    @Bangers N Mash thats cool everybody music is not for everyone but homie is stil talented and a side not gangster rap is dead and played out noe ones buys that garbage anymore

  • Donn

    Here’s the reality of the situation, animated family films generate the most money at the box office. Take Toy Story 3, Rio which gained over 100 million in the box office in it’s opening weekend, Rango with Johnny Depp, Shrek, Drake is gonna BANK HEAVY, if he gets a starring role as a voiceover.

    Hmmmmm let me see, selling 1 million copies of your album —–> A 300 million dollar grossing film???

    #Winning (Charlie Sheen Voice)

  • Ice Cold

    I havent seen a full ice age movie since elementary. This movie will be worth watching if Drake gets like a main role. Other then that congrats drake

  • charlieSheen_money

    All of those people you listed have fallen off. Except for maybe Em who went pop.

  • Chris Searl

    He’s been in the first couple, Sid the sloth… Type him in google and tell me drake don’t look like him


    WACK AS HELL! just like the rest off young money.. whut happend ? Drake relized that he cant rap? hopefully it will save us another terrible album, stick to kids films drake…
    The guy cant rap, is lyricly awful, has no imagination, and is the biggest fraud in the game… hes a rich kid who grew up on TV, Theres no place for him in rap


  • T

    Dumb ass niggas! yall hating on a dude winning @ life

    of course drake isnt street he never claimed to be

    look at him making money while yall at home hating

    as if yall wouldnt do an animated movie right now if they offered you money!!

  • s.r.v.

    who gives a fuck bout him being in ice age, weres his music..

  • K

    Drake does talk that street shit…. For example “oops I mean a red clue waynes here suwu” WTF he kno about some suwu and drake talked about drugs an somebody havin a gun … So spare merit all that drake don’t talk about the streets bs .. Ya mans a fraud wit money and a little side assistance… Fuck new era hip hop and I’m a young dude … Drake wack n Rick Ross n bird ass wiz kalifa too

  • Kid Cudi

    @ k he said “blues clue whoops i mean a red clue waynes here soo woo” like he changed it just to not piss wayne off cos he knows who wayne reps also you dont have to be from the streets to have a gun thats not street shit when youre famous ill bet over 90% of all famous people have a gun for protection from stalkers or crazy fans or just the person who wants the last drake autograph its not like hes rappin bout guns like he got em for a shootout with some crips lls you wack nigga

  • Tucq

    Are you kiddin? He’s probably gonna bank more doin that movie than he did on the album. And it’s not like it’s a straight-to-dvd movie.

    Nigga, get that scrilla scratch. If y’all don’t see that, then you must’ve flunked Math.

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  • white milk

    so baffled @ the ones saying he fell off or acting as of he’s a fake bc he’s starring in this music. thats some real crabs-in-a-barrel bullsh&t. seriously? thats such a twisted mentality to try to shyt on someone for doing good sh&t as oppose to talking about pitching rocks, constant fornication with countless different partners, worshipping material things, and to top it all off murdering one another. Willie Lynch succeeded…

  • white milk

    **starring in movie

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  • The Evening

    Drake is making business moves. He has an acting background so why not.? Like some people said above, he stays winning whether people like it or not. He’ll probably make mad money off of this because kids love those ice age movies, plus they’ll be people who go see it just for who”s gonna be in it (him, Nicki, JLo). People ARE ignorant, smh.

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