Ja Rule Forbez DVD Freestyle

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“Let him go in before he go in

Wake up! ForbezDVD recently caught up with Loki and persuaded him to drop an exclusive freestyle. Remember, Pain Is Love 2 and The Renaissance Project coming June 7.

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  • Belize


  • The truth


  • DONALD TRUMP. THIS JOKER IS WILD! He is on a media psycho PATH. Clear the way b 4 u get psyched

    Cool. Not bad.

  • Bi-Snithing

    the dead can speak?

  • Alright not bad even though he not a freestyle rapper

  • Love

    That’s was GREAT

  • Sam i Am

    forbes dvd is such a joke. you would think by naming yourself after one of the richest publications known to man, you would at least have some good presentation value

  • Belize

    Dope. Shout-Out 2 my groupies.

  • Mac pro diesel

    Fuck mac diesel

  • hiphopallthetime

    good freestyle

    nigga always has the funniest faces though lol

  • Belize

    To all my @Belize stans/groupies keep the good work up ya bored bitches!

  • Jay styles

    jarule back ???? idk he use to be dope this kid is nice tho http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H-1LziZcxqI

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  • Black Shady

    Jarule??? WACK JUICE!!!! SHady destroyed your career and your label nigga

    2011…the takeover!

  • Erika

    Ja is back! I LOVE RULE!!!

  • ShadyAftermath

    Damn between this and his new single, I can’t hate. Rule back on his shit.

  • Chris D

    JA is Back!!! I knew it, Our nigga is back!

  • Tony


  • Mark

    WOW Rule back on it. He been buzzin latley. Shouts out to Ja, Nigga back like he never left

  • Jay Kress

    Def a sick freestyle. Like I said before if Ja, keeps up this level, im gonna cop the album.

  • ForbezDVD

    Shout outs to FORBEZ DVD! Ja did a nice job on this

  • K Will

    RULE IS BACK!!!!!

  • A-Ron

    JA IS BACK!!!!

  • WayneFan

    Get Em RULE!!!!

  • Vince

    Ja went in on this freestyle! Can’t wait for Pain is Love 2!!!! JUNE 7, 2011!!!!!

  • RealRap

    who i this

  • Doe Money

    The Rule is back…in Jail.

  • He sounds like Chocolate Droppa.

  • kkilla

    Rule fuckin on FIReeee!

  • Obama

    poor guy…

  • still best rite now!!

    Plz Post Freddie G dissin Lil b so I can rip into that hypocritical azz nigga

  • still best rite now!!

    Worldstar of course…lol

  • JohnBlack

    wOw. Simply Amazing, Did not expect that freestyle to be so wack. It almost brought tears to my eyes. Dude really fell the fuck off. I mean reall off.

  • GetPaper

    Not bad, he’s not a freestyle rapper so it’s not that great but I expected it to be worse.. I’m suprisingly shocked that Ja Rule is back on his grind, I hope the dude reaches some succes! Holla