New Music: CJ Hilton x Nas “So Fresh”

This slipped under our radar last week, but better late than never. Here J Records’ new R&B crooner CJ Hilton releases a fresh new tune featuring Esco. Produced by Salaam Remi. This goes down smooth.

heads up: hhnm

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  • So Icy Boi!

    Nas is so wack smh

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  • puerto-black

    Lost Tapes




  • please

    This is dope! CJ Hilton has a smooth sound and Nas’ verse is nice!

  • brutally honest

    Niiiiccceeeee!!!!!, Let’s hope with the label shuffling that Sony Music has gone through, to acquire their new boss; “Doug Morris”. Let’s hope Doug finds a replacement, (which will probably be L.A. Reid) and helps CJ get that look he needs. Because homie is extremely talented

  • brutally honest

    I mean for J Records…..


    wow….wow…! this shit was niiiiiiiiiice smooth and hip-hop!? what’s better???

    @rap radar enuff with the so icy boi! account man…
    we all know you hate Nas cause he can rip your fav. bubble gum rapper.

  • Converse

    *yawn* make a song nigga! goddamn nas is one lazy ass nigga

  • bhikku

    Cosign Converse

    Where a Nas track at?

    We are in the worst period in U.S. History since Illmatic.

    Once again, where a Nas track at?

    Niggas gotta come at your neck again to get a “Poison”?


    “Ask Nas, he don’t want it with bhikku. No!”

    Lazy ass nigga.

  • bhikku

    P.S. Nas…the lane is WIDE OPEN. No Pac, no X, no ‘Kast (though Big Boi’s working), dead prez, Mos Def, Lauryn – MIA, Saigon, Talib, Jean, Pharoahe – got no distribution, Black’s with Jimmy, Jeezy’s “Ballin” with Lil Wayne, Lupe (by his own admission on his last album – “rage against the machine” should not be rage against your own fucked up business decisions) sold out, and every other rapper is so full of shit right now, so unrepresentative of hip-hop’s highest aesthetic and social deals… No one is speaking to the hood right now (and eat a dick to the cunt Khaled), and the hood is HURTING.

    You really can be the revolutionary you always spoke of being. It’s not too late for you. You gonna have to grind a little to make these young boys hear you, but hear you they must.

  • Amsterdam-Mike

    this guy sounds like j. holliday…

  • This is great!!! =)

  • wouzi


  • The singer is dope.Nice RnB joint.I like the Marvin Gaye part.Dude got a good voice.beat is knocking too.I like how nas redid his style from the raekwon song at the top.Nas spit.Sounds like a hit

  • Izzy

    A 2011 version of II Hype by EnTouch

  • nycccccc

    dammm nas brought it here hahahaha

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  • drazen

    Nas is so on point in this one. i wish the rest of the song was a bit more sped up though but it’s a good sounding track.

  • Belize

    Very dope!!!

  • I was wondering what happened to CJ Hilton I heard him like once or a couple times before & thought he was pretty dope with a smooth classic sounding voice & then he kind of just disappeared! Glad he’s back though cause this song is real fresh & smooth plus Nas really kills his verse! Would expect nothing less though cause Nas spits some of his best stuff over Salaam Remi-production!

  • haha

    Haha that lame ass nigga “So Icy Boi” calling nas wack, but you post wit a name like that? You a fag… but I agree wit Converse.. Nas, drop a mixtape or something nigga! Stop being lazy!

  • Who Me?

    Salaam!!! Beat is so on point!! I see you borrowed that sample from MF Doom, lol! It’s all hip hop!

  • Tee

    CJ Hilton’s Back with New single entitled “So Fresh” ft. Nas :
    You can also buy it @ Itunes