• E

    Like.. what?

  • ss money

    you say ‘like’ that much, you know he’s lying, he pissed that fool tried coming at him!! Odd Future is done. (not because of BOB went back, just because they’re all wack as hell!!!)

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  • @EtiennedeParis

    STFU !







    If the word “LIKE” was food, worldwide hunger would be over by a looooooooooooooooooooooong shot

  • mac DIESEL





  • Boo Boo The Foo

    BOB just did a song with Owl City lmao

    dude sold out quick as fuck

  • puerto-black

    21 likes in a 1:30. He was better of saying “They thru a shot, I thru one back. Its Hip-hop”

  • ctg

    I’m indifferent to OFWGKTA but if their success means the death of Paramore/Skylar Grey type of rap songs then I’m all for what they’re doing.

    Nobody besides record execs wanting to push more units wants to hear that pop shit.

  • Nathaniel

    what the fuck did that nigga just say?

    i GUESS he’s saying he didn’t even see it as a diss (although it took him forever to get that shit out) yet you still responded to one line with a whole fuckin song?

    “we don’t believe you, you need more people!” …he caught feelings. stop lying.

  • I don’t know what’s more wack, Odd Future or the fact that I forgot they got dissed by B.O.B.

  • DudeGuyManBroSon

    Im not really a B.o.B fan at all, but I definitely think hes more talented than most of Odd Future.

    Actually, Frank Ocean and Earl Sweatshirt are the only ones Im really checkin for from OFWGFTA, and apparently Earl’s mommy wont let them release any more of his music until hes at least 18. Which really sucks, cuz hes the only above-average rapper in the group.

  • HoesOnMyDickCuzILookLikeKenMasters

    That nigga said a whole lot of nothing.

  • mr.zee




    Fuck ALL these wack back- packin square ass niggas.Where that new Three 6 album at?

  • wuu

    OF we winning

  • Money mitch

    If you listen to bobs old shit he is a dope ass rapper. His verse on that song run with yelawolf is serious. I’m not crazy about that pop rap stuff but I like that it’s out there if I do want to listen to it

  • @Nathaniel

    Yea, BoB overreacted, but it took Tyler less than an hour to back down once “No Future” dropped. I gotta thank Bob for that even if I dont fuck with his music- thats when I kinda jumped off the Odd Future bandwagon. They talk a lot of shit, but DAMN theyre some scared ass niggas.

  • Sam

    Like what? Like like what??

  • Donn

    Like Like Like Like Like ——–> WHAT??

    Just keep it G. you wasn’t feeling the line and u sent them a warning shot back to watch they mouth. Just a love tap. Freezin’ up on camera aint’ a good look,

    Anway @BOO BOO
    Owl City is fuckin’ genius, have you listened to their lyrics and metaphors?? Or you heard the beat and the voice and felt like it threatened your masculinity to listen to some different music other than Hip Hop??? Yea probably. Your probably one of the simpletons who thought Fireflies was about bugs lmfao. It was about insomnia as most smart listeners know.

    Bobby Ray is the future

  • Naaaaaah

    Owl City is a cheap rip off of Death Cab For Cutie, which is a poor man’s Coldplay, who wishes they were Radiohead.

    Skip that weak ass Owl City shit altogether and just listen to Radiohead.

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  • To hell with pussy ass soft ass sensiive bitch ass nigga rap. Man up faggots!!!!!!!

  • Belize

    Bobby Ray, right now, REAL hip-hop heads are fucking with Odd Future than you.

  • Belize

    *more than you.

  • My Funny

    that dude tyler is blowing up though…
    …I got 3 Fucking tickets from Six Flags just for giving them my email..might go there ALL next week…haha..u can try here.. http://goo.gl/fmJXG

  • bigg583

    Youre not a hiphop head if you cosign odd future!


    Like….I dont kno Like…….like if I was in a movie, like……i dont know if people will like me but like….I like the likes on my facebook.

    b.o.b. WAS dope when he first started, now this nigga getting raped by the record labels like Lupe fiasco. STFU bobby, don’t get mad cause those niggas actually “spitting” and you “singing”.
    I hate odd future as much as him, but if they’re doing hip-hop like it’s suppose to….then much respect to Odd Future!!!!!!

  • HiPhOp

    lol took him a long time to say a whole lot of nothing. for his sake i hope he was fucked up on something cuz that nigga sounded dumb. And im a fan

  • pissed

    Honestly the Earl Sweatshirt kid would merk B.O.B.

  • shitted

    Earl got sent away to boarding school, and his mom wont let him be a part of the group anymore. He has to wait until hes 18 (hes 16 now).



  • Whitest Kid to Know Hip Hop

    BoB clearly looked nervious

  • Leezy

    Fuck b.o.b.

  • Elie

    B.O.B needs to go to Speech 101 because his ability to get this thought into a sentence is beyond sad. Maybe he should have taken a moment and put his response into a short freestyle cause he sounds illiterate as hell.

  • Elie

    BoB is a cool pop rapper but he definitely doesn’t want to go at those hungry odd future fellows.


    It was a good line that attacked POP music. If the punchline would’ve rhymed with another pop star it would have been them.

    it’s really that simple. You buffoons get confused too easily.

    Real Nigga Shit.

  • mcg

    Odd Future, that whole group are whack artists. Tryin to get shock value and be a bunch of black Eminems

  • i like bob what in the world happened to him in need to come out with somethin and guick….nuff said thou..

  • ray

    Tyler didn’t even make fun of B.o.B, Hayley Williams and Bruno Mars should be the ones taking offence, Tyler just said B.o.B’s name and faggot cause at that time Tyler was possessed by his ‘alter ego’ wolf haley.


    If you can’t understand the lyrics, don’t listen to the songs.

  • @ray

    Shut the fuck up, you faggot shit-bitch. I hope you get gutted slowly and eaten alive by a rabid crackhead you motherless fuck cunt. Youre actually too stupid to exist, I highly recommend you spend the rest of your miserable eternity getting raped by that ugly little Odd Future Syd-beast. Seriously, I wish there were more guns laying around your home when you were a child, so the intelligent universe may have been spared the offensively retarded anal spray that you consider ideas. How can you live with yourself, anyway, spending every day knowing how pathetic and queer your face is? I think we can all safely assume that the only reason youre still here is because youre such a worthless bitch that youve even failed at killing yourself; which is at the same time appropriate, given that youre a useless fuck-cunt, as well as a true modern tragedy for the rest of humanity. For the sake of us all, please castrate yourself immediately, and then go kill any bastard Sloth-children youve already cursed this earth with. Fuck you.

    (Dont trip, I was possessed by an angry demon)

  • @EtiennedeParis

    LMAO @ @ray!

  • ray

    haha, nice response, from what i read your not even trying to back up B.o.B, or even insult tyler, your mainly taking a hit at me, that is a lol.

    and btw, i live in australia, a place that isn’t filled with guns, hahaha some people in this world are dumbcunts.

    Also i’ll contradict everything you said, i’m not gay, i have a mother, and if i was dead i wouldn’t be writting this, i would consider myself the smart one seeing as i’m surrounded by a bunch of buffoons, i don’t even know what syd looks like (looks like you know odd future more than me), your response was also an ‘idea’, i already stated i’m straight but if your hiting on me i’ll take it as a compliment, never tried killing myself and everyone in this world are worthless bitches, the world would be better if no one was here, also i’m not keen in castrating myself, i’d like to have kids in my future but sorry i have none at the moment.

    Nice time speaking with you, have some sense before you speak. Peace, and much love to you.

  • @ray

    Fucker, why are u catching feelings? The only reason I said any of that shit was because I was possessed by my angry demon alter-ego (his name is Franklin). If u cant understand my words, dont read my comments.

  • basically B.o.B played it cool, he felt that it was nothing serious towards him and even Tyler agrees…. it is what it is I guess

  • Ink

    lmao @ “@ray”

    lmao x2 @ “ray” not getting it

  • You guys

    are fucking fags if youre sticking up for the soft bitch B.O.B. That nigga cant even complete a full sentence. & that fag making fun of ray……. is a fag hahaha

    O.F takin over, hide your bitches

  • none

    tyler is fucking wack for even dissing haley williams and b.o.b, two different rap types bro. b.o.b wins.

  • Odd Future Kid

    You know, Tyler only made one single line about B.o.B, and he made 2-3 songs on Odd Future. “No Future” sucked badly, the beat was off and the lyrics were immature as hell. The other one, “Am I a Psycho” by Tech N9ne and Hopsin also talks about it. It sounds to me like someone got their feelings hurt, and Tyler being the realist just don’t give a fuck. Most of Tyler’s songs are meant to be pointless, contradictory and hilarious at the same time. And if you can’t appreciate how real and how much fun he’s having with his songs, then you don’t know shit about him to even try to diss him. What I know about B.o.B. is that he can’t speak, he sold out (he did a song with Owl City, I mean come on. Even if they are talented, that’s still selling out), and he’s obviously very sensitive to all the “haters” talking about him and his airplanes. You made yourself look stupid B.o.B.