Diggy Simmons & Bangladesh In The Lab

Daniel Simmons was recently in the studio working on some material with producer Bangladesh. Although the final product isn’t previewed in the clip, Diggy does demonstrate his musical process.


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  • Converse

    We dont need another lil bow wow. smh

  • Your mother’s “friend”

    Let the kid live , anything is better than Jojo

  • Jake


  • Converse

    Or a hip hop justin bieber

  • kaoz


  • dll32

    bangladesh makes me puke. dude is just weird

  • Doe Money

    who cares.

  • Belize

    I respect Diggy, it’s just hard to get into that shit.
    But Bangladesh needs to go hide in a cave.

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    CO-SIGN @ DOE MONEY!!!!!!!!!!!

  • 3 Funny

    i actually fux with Diggy lil dude can spit…
    ..I got 3 Fucking tickets from Six Flags just for giving them my email..might go there ALL next week…haha..u can try here.. http://goo.gl/fmJXG

  • Bangladesh is such a tool. What a clown. Props to Diggy tho, do your thing.

  • Keith

    Diggy has skills. Can`t front.

    Bangladesh makes crazy beats. He seems high in this.

  • Diggy comes from a house of God, this is prolly the most times he’s heard nigger, fuck, and shit…
    Bangladesh is a pure drop out