New Video: Soulja Boy “Money Gang Anthem”

DeAndre and his SOD gang take to the parking lot to give us a visual behind their take on Wiz Khalifa’s track. No loitering fellas. Off Soulja Boy’s Juice mixtape. Woop!

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  • So Icy Boi!

    This is real rap! Fuck dat Nas shit

  • Black Shady

    his SODMG is full of YES MEN. why would they let Soulja Boy drop some bullshit music for so long?

  • please

    “A hundred K on my neck because I gotta check” -SB This shit is just WOW…LMAO!

  • Melvin Davis




  • kid VisionZ


  • Anon DCPL

    So Icy, you’re a fucking idiot dude..idk if you are actually a kid, a retarded ass grown man, or a govt. plant just spewing mad non-sense b.

    Anyways, but back to the post, SB is a fool if he think’s all these dude’s in his “squad” look out for his best interests.

    go read a book.

  • They even got a ‘rapper’ in the group named Killa Cam? Cam’ron should come after these little kids -__-!

  • 305


  • BalladOfTheBlackGold

    Haha! This Killa Cam dude just killed everyone else on the track.

  • BalladOfTheBlackGold

    BTW, I don’t know what to think of all these teens from the South who dream of being some kind “westside though motherfuckers”… I know hip-hop allows to express our feelings and all… and Common, Talib Kweli and so many more used hip-hop to express themselves, why aren’t they taken as examples ?
    What’s so attractive with the “thug rap life” ?
    Pussy ? Please, don’t tell me Common does not get laid. I’m sure he gets more seduction from women in a week than 50 and Lil Wayne.
    Money ? Okay, but showing the money doesn’t mean having a lot of it… Let’s look at Ross then at Fif and Jay, business made what they have, not hustling around…
    Danger, gunshot, fight ? Damn, these kids don’t even what being punched means, except in a video game…

    I don’t mind at all people rapping and all, but if it could be more than freestyling about experience had playing GTA and watching porn…

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  • JohnBlack

    OMG, this cat seriously calls himself Killa Cam. O_0 These young Bucks have no respect for the game at all. They’re obsessed with this fake ass thug imagery. They rap about stuff they’ve seen in movies and heard tother rappers talk about. We don’t believe you! Not having job does not make you gangster, neither will tattoos or corrupt grammer. I feel sorry for their communities. None of these dudes will ever amount to anything. They have no education, no stable income, no future. Shit is sad as hell.

  • Doe Money

    I just lost what little respect i had for this site.

  • What better way to jock Wiz Khalifa’s swag.

  • CapricornReligion

    Its like…… Does he get it?… The Hip-Hop Community wont even allow Bow Wow to get away with too much because, we know what his day was about when he first started..

    Who is soulja boy trying to Market too?

    Hip-Hop heads aint Fucking with this. Street dudes are not allowed to fuck with this Lol. and, the casual Rap fan wont even take this serious either.

    I respect what the dude did.. He had his own lane and came in on his own. Thats why I didnt complain about it like my other dudes did… But? What the Fuck is this about?…

    Thugged out? “Juice” remake? Smokeing weed? etc… I know hes going through his Youth phase but… C’mon now.. You have a Brand to worry about… As my favorite Wrestler would say

    “Know Your Role and Shut ya Mouth”… Lol, shout out to the “Late 90s-Early 00s” Wrestling fans

  • iamtelling

    give it up soujla you are wack

  • MidnightMarauder

    Soulja boy is the truth, nobody touching dude rite now!

  • Word

    Im glad the Soulja Boy era is over he lasted longer than 15 minutes I give him that but its over tho. His ringtone sales down, nobody bought that album, nobody checking for his new gangsta music. At least do what yu do best and make that clown ass playful music that got you in this game. Its wack but its YOU. That’s what niggas will always remember you for. Crank Dat. And nuffin else.

  • kush718

    SOULJA =JUICE = HE DEAD IN ANOTHER YEAR OR SO look at pitbull n flo rida they went pop and cakin n we dont give a fuck cause we still dont listen but they still international nigga thats gettin checks 100 racks on your neck lol

  • kush718

    he gonna be dead in another year or so soulja you got the juice now!!!!!!

  • pissed


  • john

    soulja got that juice!

  • Belize

    SOulja girl think that since he can’t sell pop, he can sell “street” music? Sounds like vanilla ice.

  • BalladOfTheBlackGold

    ^ But Vanilla Ice was good in what he was doing and he knew his place.

  • Santa

    This is the worst thing I’ve ever heard.

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  • loco popo

    this was funny and entertaining. nthn i take seriously but they were having fun but dont sell that mess to the public. SOD Money Gang! haha

  • whut the why do they lack originality as in beat wise and lyrical skills…try and sound diferent instead of like every1 else that is whut can make you fall off if your not careful…nuff said thou..

  • Ya Boy G

    Lol this nigga said show respect. Both of his latest wack ass videos been shot ob the same day. U involved with a woman whose fiance may beat allllll the black off yo ass..and and and this shit sucks. Respect? I understand I don’t wanna be lyrical. I understand partying. But good mod jesus wtf man. Why they all wearing tshirts and he in some ugly ass penny candy card?….if pac ever. EVER. EVER EVER EEEEEVER,…pop up. Id PPV that ass whoopin.