Kanye & Jay-Z To “Lift Off” With Beyoncé & Bruno Mars ?

With “H.A.M.” released earlier this year as the first offering off their collaborative album, Watch The Throne, word is that Jay and Kanye have listed Beyoncé and Bruno Mars for the next release, “Lift Off”. West, Hov and Bey were spotted in Paris last week possibly working on the project. In other related reports, Kanye, Hov and Bey may all hit the stage during Glastonbury in June.


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  • OK..

    sounds pussy…..smh

  • So Icy Boi!

    Kanye & Jay Z r gay ass pop nigguz… Bey & Bruno? Watch da throne gonna flop
    Gucci Waka real hiphop joint album betta den dis shit. Gooch da GOAT

  • My expectations of Watch the Throne a slowly going DOWN

  • puerto-black

    More records like “the joy” and “so appauld” please. “I know you see me noW” wasnt good

  • Daffysci

    so yall just gonna pretend like bruno dont make great music..

  • Jav

    lol they want itunes money!!! Bruno Mars is poppin right now..he has all the teeny boppers and basic people in love with his music..beyonce has the same fans as bruno xcept you can add every black woman in america to it!!! and Jay-Z and Kanye..well they have stans from all over the world!!! Jay said : “screw street cred, give me itune money!!!!!!”

  • Tj

    It’s crazzy how they posted it right after da bad meets evil post
    By the looks of it now WTT seems to be more pop related
    I’m guessing BME will be more hip hop and pure raw lyric related
    just guessin…

  • Y’all niggas gotta see the big picture, corporate sponsors involved, bigger than rap but they will hold down the purists if they smart… still 2 of the best in the game so if they drop trash… still better than the trash ppl drop…

  • Sam from FL

    This gonna be a “lets all stand up and celebrate” type song….lol, lets get some hip hop jay & ye

  • BJohn

    LMAO at these retards doubting the likes of Kanye and Jay. I got faith WTT is going to be crack. Production from Madlib, QTIP, and PROCK? HA, I laugh at the doubters.

  • Mr. A From Tha T

    this’ll either go up or down, but bruno forreal??? i kno yeezy usta havin pop rock guys on the hooks but im just hopin bruno be doin a couple adlibs, #thatisall

    another thought: that lazy song video was fuckin retarded

  • yeezyfan

    Man i cant fucking wait to hear this shit!

  • Fuck MY Life

    Beyonce looks fugly in this pic!

  • Bangers N Mash

    WTT = Pop
    BME = Raw Hip Hop

  • mmkayy

    they really want that #1 song on billboard huh?

  • bob

    facepalm at all theese stupid ass Odd Future dickriders… Bruno Mars is one of the best vocalists out right now..

  • D

    what? bruno fucking mars? are they serious?


  • Hoeassnigga
  • Donn

    Lmao! Now you guys see what its all about! You can either be stuck doin mixtapes for your whole career or test your artistry by making records that appeal to ppl other than lames behind a keyboard who dont even have ITunes accounts. Its called the music BUSINESS!

  • 106

    If Watch the Throne sounds anything like the Good Friday tracks then its going to be great. Can’t Wait

  • Your mother’s “friend”

    Beyonce i can live with but Bruno mars ?? c’mon Jay

  • Black Shady

    Sounds like going the easy route…gettin Bey and Bruno Mars to get a buzz. Just sayin. but im looking forward to hear this album.

    BEWARE of the FAKE Black Shady who been on my nuts for a week now writing his love for YMCMB and MMG. You already know they’re bunch of fruits!! HA!
    SHADY 2011!

  • Ink

    cosign @Black Shady, theyre taking the easy route and I really cant see how Jay and Bruno Mars are gonna mix well.

    Jay and Kanye > Em and Royce, but Bad Meets Evil just might turn out better than Watch the Throne

  • Tj

    Definetly Em n Royce>>>>>>>>Jay n Kanye

  • Able Danger

    This is what happens when GLAAD meets ego.

  • Person

    Them over there, the people trying to sell us this shit- THEY are the only ones that should care about the music BUSINESS.

    WE, the fans, the customers, the supporters who see nothing but bits of audio in return, should be very pissed that the quality of that audio is steadily going down so that these fools can try to scrape up a few extra itunes sales. Pathetic. Pop is just music after its been pimped.

  • indusrty info

    jay z needs features to get a hit………he needs popping artists to help him sell……..he like the old man trying to stay cool………..jay z to me comes off as a straight pussy. i think even he knows he’s only relevant because of beyonce,kanye and rihanna……..otherwise he’d be retired.

    dam i mean i see the pictures of him at lunch with beyonce the other day and the camel had a boner when he got up from the table……it looks like HE NEEDS OTHER HELPING HANDS these days aswell…………old ass camel. u look like bill cosby without your shades on.

  • Your mother’s “friend”

    @ Donn nigga please!, Straight out of compton, GRODT, Slim shady lp, the chronic, Doggy style ,All eyes on me, Ready to die, Marshal mathers lp, Misseducation of Lauryn Hill, The score, 36 Chambers,even College dropout all sold a gang of records without the need for a corny flavour of the month “artist” on the hook, Jay & Ye are just being lazy & hopping on whatever is hot

  • Eyes In My Head

    @industry info

    Lets be honest, tho, who ISNT relying totally on features lately? Eminem, Lil Wayne, even Kanye and Nas- everybody lives off features now. Its what happens when the game gets stale- give it 5 years and a new crowd will be cycling in.

  • SqueeGee

    @Able Danger – Hahahahahahah I’m going to steal that sometime soon.

  • Just Sayin

    @Eyes in My Head So Em got one rap feature and he’s living off features now?!?! I don’t give a fuck who sings the hooks. A nigga holdin it down for three verses 95% of the album is great to me

  • Thank Me Hater

    @Able Danger LMFAO!!!!

  • Donn

    @Your Mother’s Friend

    Str8 Outta Compton – Fuck The Police, Gangsta Gangsta, Express Yourself
    Get Rich Or Die Tryin – In Da Club, Wanksta, 21 Questions (feat. Nate Dogg), PIMP
    Slim Shady LP – My Name Is, Guilty Conscious
    The Chronic – Nuthen But A G Thang, Let Me Ride, Fuck Wit Dre Day
    Ready To Die- Juicy, Big Poppa, One MOre Chance

    LMFAO, C’mon, i can go on and on, all these album had what??? SONGS, SINGLES, Songs to appeal to the masses and after they become mainstream successful, they are considered pop (popular music). There’s nothing wrong with having success on a broad spectrum

    Stop bein’ so close minded, Bruno Mars probably wrote all your favorite hits this pass year. Look up that boy’s track record. Cee Lo Green – Fuck You, Travie Mccoy “Billionaire”, B.o.B. – Nuthen On You.

    I wanna hear SONGS, not no boring ass freestyle verses about nothing. I wanna hear some REAL records

  • Watch The Throne and Bad Meets Evil are going to be epic… these are the only two that are worth the wait

  • Eyes In My Head

    Well congratulation about your opinion on hooks, but those are still features. There is absolutely no way that u could try to tell me that Eminem’s biggest hit of last year would have been the same song without Rhianna on the hook.

    The people that “industry info” referenced were Beyonce, Kanye and Rihanna, and I havent been hearing Jay give up a verse so that Beyonce can spit. Theyre on hook duty too.

  • @Donn

    Dude u didn’t respond to @Your mother’s “friend” at all. He made the point that those albums were all successful without a corny, flavor-of-the-week style pop singer doing the hooks, and he was right. He didnt say anything about singles or mainstream marketability, he just pointed out that flooding your album with pop stars is cheezy and unnecessary.

    Actually, you basically supported his point. All of those artists did it themselves, thanks in part to the examples you gave, and as artists they personally developed and progressed their own sound. Today, on the other hand, these guys go by the same simple formula for everything, which is probably why modern radio gets so damn repetitive.







  • Post no billz

    Yall are judging a song you haven’t even heard yet.. It might be dope.. bruno mars can really sing..

  • 106

    Listen to the song before yall jump to so many conculsions. Jay never makes pop music, never has in the past. Jay dont need itunes sales he just trying to make history. Fall back

  • JHP

    Don’t see how a single needs 2 singers featured in it, Beyonce could probably hold it down herself, but yall are dead if you don’t think Bruno Mars makes dope music. Grenade is probably one of the best pop songs a male artist has dropped in a while, the radio is what makes you hate songs like that, cause they overplay them. All you niggas need to just wait to hear the song before you go judging it like that. Jay-Z & Kanye make heat 99% of the time they work together

  • So Icy Boi!

    Im srry 4 wat i said earlier im nuthin, bt fake trap ass nigga who has nothing 2 do wit my life& beat my dick 2 pictures of my dead Gma

  • Noringtone

    Sounds awsome.

  • Neph

    Heir 2 the throne

  • Coolio Jr

    this joint will be legendary…i guarantee…ye never disappoints and he has juggernauts all on one song..Me and my girl going on vacation…Travelocity giving away $1000 Giftcards for anywhere in US..just for giving them your email..haha..My whole fam got 1 http://goo.gl/8IQWl

  • So Icy Boi!

    Stop stealin my name stans! get off my dick! Gucci and waka lp>

  • jay-z is the best mc to ever live i mean big and pac were nice but we didnt get time enough to see them bloosome like jay give the man his respect gucci and waka aint on these guys radar come on where is the music going we have to be serious and i dont usually blog but i had to say something to you mindless motherfuckers

  • NYC

    HAM was whack and album will be trash too.

    Jay needs to focus on J. Cole’s album

  • Yo dumb ass niggas, Brunos gonna be on Bad Meets Evil too, go to sohh. So now what? Hatin ass trolls

    Diamonds Up

  • Belize

    Sounds pop.
    Sounds like it’ll suck.

  • pawz



  • Amir

    None of you make since… Jay-Z and Kanye West is probably the two biggest names in hip-hop, they dont necessarily need Bruno Mars fans to sell records … Kanye has a pop record out now with Katy Perry so why would he need Bruno Mars fans?

  • not today

    @mac DIESEL .How can you compare something that you haven´t listened yet ? fuckin idiot

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  • Sauss

    I’m so sick of formulaic music.

  • Is It Really Real Son

    Jay Z cut his hair off? Does that mean the album is done?

  • Nickey Negrito

    I’m still waiting 4 WTT. The only time Em gets $15 of my petty cash is when I cop a 50cent album. Othawyz I could care less about BME.

    Em don’t need ya money anyway Nickey, stupidass! Go sleep with Hov & Gayfish~ some Em Stan would say this.


  • rocstar

    royce is whack. same flow every time. after the first couple songs all his shit sounds the same

  • Mike deli

    Kanye and Jay don’t need Bey or Bruno for “buzz” they’re two of the biggest rappers out right now. They are using them for their voices, and Bruno probably only adds additional vocals like Kanye does with a lot of singers like Charlie Wilson, John Legend etc.

  • Obeezy

    @Mike deli

    Do u check for all of Katie Perry’s new music? Shes one of the biggest pop stars out right now, but Im guessing that like most straight males, you skip that shit. But I bet you heard her song with Kanye, and I bet a lot of Kanye West fans bought it on itunes. Cross-promotion works REALLY well, and thats just a fact of the industry.

  • its me!just me!

    Fucking yeah this is gonna be so cool! Cant w8!
    Bruno <3

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  • Wu-Tang Forever

    MBDTF had a decent amount of pop singers and it was great album. Recovery had a decent amount of pop singers and it was an average album.

    Consensus? Kanye makes better albums. He doesn’t have Shady’s lyrical skill, but he more than makes up for it with production.

    WTT will be better than BME, but both should be pretty good as long as Em & Royce don’t get Boi-1da to produce, smh.

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  • SkinzMuzik

    Hov and Ye’ ……POP?……………..yall fuckers are smokin……….I fucks wit Bad meets Evil and Bruno Mars……but ………Watch The Throne…….POP ….though…….?………..SMFH……………………………………………………….H……A……T…..E……R……S!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!