When I Was 17: ?uestlove

MTV takes us back to ’88-’89, where the black hippie, ?uestlove met Black Thought, went head-to-toe with Boyz II Men at a talent show, and drew crowds at his high school’s cafeteria.


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  • Rozay!!!!!!

    Prodigy talks about the time he met Jadakiss

    So me, Big Noyd and E Money Bags are bored looking for something to do. I wanted to call some bi*ches but my phone with all the fine bi*ches numbers in it was dead, so all I had was my beeper. So Noyd is like “Let’s hop in the Bulletproof Toyota Prius and head to the waffle spot”. I don’t really want to go because it’s like 1 AM and I don’t really got gas money to be wasting gas like that, that’s why I got the Prius in the first place. But after a while I’m like “fu*k it”, grab the burner and me, Big Noyd and E Money Bags hop into the Bulletproof Prius and head to the waffle spot.

    When we get to the waffle spot, theres a bunch of niggas there lined up waiting for they waffles. I’m P, you know my name ring bells, so I’m not trying to wait in line and sh*t. So I walk to the front of the line and it’s some 6’9 Lebron looking nigga standing there grilling me. Nigga asks if I don’t see the line. At this point E Money Bags pulls out his burner and is begging for me to give the word to shoot the nigga in the lips. But I’m on parole so I can’t just have niggas murdering niggas so I tell E Money Bags to chill. I walk up to the nigga, I only catch about midway above his belly button, but I’m P so I tell the nigga, “It’s over for that dunny” and a swing. Before I even hit the nigga I see him collapse and then hear a loud ass pop. Apparently I had swung so hard I caused a sonic boom that popped the nigga eardrum, so he was out. Big Noyd and E money bags start laughing as I step over the unconscious giant and start ordering waffles for the crew.

    As I’m asking for the strawberries I hear a very strange sound. It sounds like the mixture of a hawk screech and a hyena busting a nut. I turn around and see a lil bald black nigga laughing. I don’t recognize the nigga but my nigga Big Noyd pokes me and is like, “Oh sh*t, thats the nigga Kiss.” I’m like “Gene Simmons is black?” Noyd looks at me like I’m silly, so I’m about to snuff the nigga, but then he says “Nah Nigga, Jadakiss.” So I’m like “Word?”. The nigga Kiss beckons me to come over to his table, and he got a couple bi*ches there. But I’m clumsy and I forget about the nigga i knocked out and i trip over his body, spilling syrup all over me. I get up ready to shoot any nigga who laughs but the nigga Kiss is like “fu*k that nigga, come through to the crib, these bi*ches love syrup and sh*t.”

    We get to the crib and I’m like “Ayo kiss, where the bathroom?” Nigga points to this door that look something like a time portal from Stargate Atlantis or some sh*t and tells me I can take whatever linen shorts I want. I walk up to the sh*t, flip the light switch and walk in. I’m about to take my shirt off when Kiss walks into the bathroom smiling hard as fu*k. I’m about to reach for my burner cause I seen that smile before at Rikers and I ain’t having that sh*t. But before I could blast the nigga he says “Watch This”. He reaches over the sink, and the sh*t does some eye scan sh*t to the nigga, and i swear on every nigga i ever lost in Queensbridge, THIS NIGGA WHOLE BATHTUB LIFTED UP AND ROTATED. My nigga Kiss just said “AHA!” and walked out, and two white bi*ches walked in naked, took they pins out and they hair fell down to they calves. Then all three of us took a shower…

  • 305

    who else wants to see a rick ross when i was 17???????????????????????????????????????????

  • Noringtone

    This man is my hero.

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  • DMT

    ?uestlove = only slightly less underrated (<is that an unavoidable double negative?) than Black Thought, but that little bump in popularity is all thanks to that badass afro

  • Belize


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  • Kid Cudi

    @rozay the funniest thing is thats prolly true

  • @305

    305.ur obsessd with ross,dude.cool down.

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