• Post no billz

    ohh shit!

  • Eric Valent

    Amaya you sexxxxxxxxy!!

  • chris

    hey stans

  • kelletl2

    cant wait to hear the song

  • Amaya

    @EricValent i hope you know im a dude LMFAO

  • GREAT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • IITSDman

    damnn cant wait i hope dre produced it though i wasnt really feeling the i need doctor production after hearing shady tear up that fast lane song i got high hopes

  • beat

    Bet it will leak before then

  • Eric Valent

    @Amaya, me too papiiii! 😉 xoxoxo

  • Monk

    damn i know its gonna be dope please let it be produced by dre and eminem to be like in forgot about dre please GOD !!!!


  • whitedelight

    DETOX BITCHES!!!!!!!!!!!!!! it’s coming… 2032!!

  • Ronnie-Moe

    Lol @ the conversation going on between Amaya and Eric Valent

  • Word

    LMAO!!! @ Eric Valentine hittin on Amaya knowing thats a dude. You attract so freakin weirdos huh Amaya?

  • I’m tellin you

    I hope to hear something far better than I need a Doc !

  • Dam13n Da Hater

    I always thought Amaya was a chick too lol

  • So Icy Boi!

    I’m a bad street cunt.

  • rapradar stays with the exclusive!! NICKI MINAJ SEX TAPE LEAKED!! http://www.loot6.com

  • Belize

    BETTER be good. If it’s a corny bitch song like kush or ineed a doctor I’ll for sure not cop it.
    Losing faith in you Dre & Em.

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  • Able Danger

    yippeekayay mothaf#cka!

  • Amaya

    haha [email protected] is my last name, first name is David, people just call me that as my nickname

  • East

    Dope!!!! But Dre better produce it.I mean,how the fuck can he have other producers on Detox? The whole reason why im looking forward to Detox is because of the dope ass beats dre makes so i was disppointed that he didnt produce the first 2 singles.
    But Die Hard should be dope,im looking forward to it,a new Dre&EM track is always good.

  • Ice Cold

    So icy boy isn’t gucci 34? Lol

  • wickwickwack

    Em Again ?



    and I really hope this isn’t another fuckin hip-pop track!!
    I’m really starting to hate how detox is coming out, Jimmy ivone sucks donkey balls!!
    Bad meets Evil>>>>>>>>>detox

  • blazen

    hopefully better than I Need A Doc.. wasn’t feeling that shit.

  • CapricornReligion

    Damn….. Em cant lose right now. Hes on “I need a Doctor” and “Die Hard”, “Space Bound” is about to drop soon…. “Fast Lane” was Crazy, “Bad meets Evil” is coming, He is on Lil waynes “Carter 4”, Slaughterhouse album, Royce “Success is Certain”, “Detox” and More to come……

    Oh yeah, Good 2011 for Em so far. But? damn Dre?… Two Singles with Em on it?.. Im a Stan so its Cool I cant wait but, Lol switch it up. I want to hear Em on some albums Cuts not ALL Your Singles….

    Hmmmmm “Die hard” huh?….. I wonder what Direction the Song will go in…. Cant wait

  • Joey

    Dre needs to drop Detox already cause The Slaughterhouse and BME Albums are buzzin more and prolly will outsell ..Drop it already DRE!


  • Belize

    “@Amaya Nigga get rid of that nickname that shit aint orindary bruh! ”
    ^^^^^^^^@Coverse: “ain’t ordinaray”, ha! Faggot!

  • kalikush

    rofl belize>>>>>>>>>>> stanverse

  • D

    so, kush and i need a doctor not working??

    yeah, i thought so

  • Sounds like som REAL HIP-HOP!

  • Bi-Snithing

    Last name or not Amaya sounds like a chic name, especially when u posted under a single name. duh!

    Stop attacking chi-chi’s . they think you name is “cute”. Unless u meant to “keep it cute”

  • DrDreThatDude

    2011 IS GOING GREAT!

  • mikey

    gonna be dope hopefully

  • Black Shady

    oh shit!!! its gonna be HOT

  • Bangers N Mash

    Waiting for this. Gonna be dope.

  • Should be dope! Detox is still here? I hope!





    IM GAY!


  • Dre

    Check it ? Die Hard Instrumental: youtube.com/watch?v=AsIWW8gCL28

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  • Dropthatshitnow!

    I hope it’s better than I need a doctor! We need something like Forgot about Dre!

  • AryoStan

    i need real hip hop like forgot about dre!

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  • John

    Huh? :-E

  • John

    Huh? 😛

  • John

    Huh?? 😛