• Black Shady

    Dope! YN is my idol! SHADY TAKEOVER 2011!

  • Post no billz

    Everone knows this record.. most recently used by ja and pusha.. also cashis moma I just killed a man..

  • G

    Everyone SHOULD know this record, it’s a shame these kids have no idea who Queen is. Say what you want about their sexuality or whatever, the music is dope. They’re one of the greatest bands of all time. Every music fan should have their catalog, or at least their greatest hits.

  • Chu Chu

    Freddie Mercury The Greatest Singer & Performer In History. RESPECT

  • puerto-black

    Shout out to “Wayne’s World” movie for putting me on to a classic song. Rock Band 3

  • puerto-black
  • The YOUNG Hov

    Did J.Cole sample this too in “Killers”? I know he used that part that said “Mama I just killed a man” then went from there, but is the beat sampled from this?

  • Black Shady

    @ Fake Black Shady ; tell your mama to suck my dick bitch..and die slow

    SHADY 2011!! Shout out to YN, dont listen to the fake Black Shady on top. He’s Mr Me 2!

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