• wutisaniga

    suck a dick lil hoe ass nigga i wanna fuck in you in the mouth bitchhhh

  • Post no billz

    i dont know whats worst freddie kibs pretending to know about sports or freddie kibs whole conspiracy theory about bin laden..

  • still best rite now!!

    Jamarcus Russell was a physical freak too, didnt help him much…..bust! I root for all black QBs, hopefully Cam stays dedicated, cuz he could be the truth.

  • ESGN is the shit.

  • G

    Gibbs knows what he’s talking about. Reggie Bush should’ve been a second rounder at least and just hasn’t lived up to the “Next Great Running Back”. Carolina did have to make a splash, because even though I’m a Notre Dame fan, Jimmy Clausen (He sucked at Notre Dame, honestly) wasn’t going to cut for a franchise that has an aging and oft injured face of the franchise (Steve Smith).

    Cam Newton does have a lot to learn at the QB position, but he’ll get by on athleticism until he has to learn how to operate in the pocket. Shit, Mike Vick is still learning how to operate in the pocket.

    Oh, and Go Bulls!

  • still best rite now!!

    Oh, back to this fuckboy Freddie Gibbs, how u gon call Lil b out for using his platform incorrect when you mostly spit that “fake gangsta” bullshit! Whos life are u saving with that message dumbass? You aint gotta be gay yourself to want equality for all humans. ‘Gangsta Gibbs’ sign with the ‘Snowman’? GTFOH i can name 20 BasedGod somgs with more of a msg than anything you & Jeezy ever dropped!

  • Citylivin’

    dbag says:
    Monday, May 02 2011 at 6:27 PM EST

    ESGN is the shit.

    co-sign…..and y’all Chicago Bulls fans got a rude awakening coming with the Hawks.David Stern tried OD hard to make sure Orlando got out the 1st round because he knew they’ll be trouble for Chicago(He gotta protect his star players D.Rose,Kobe,LeBron etc.). BUT he failed to realize…Atlanta is worse…they got 2 rotating big men….and all their best players are on the bench…y’all betta D.Stern payed some refs to throw it or it’s gonna be some Memphis Grizzlies type shit happening…..oh yea Fuck Roger Goodell & David Stern!

  • Word

    Damn this the only column I aint like. Gibbs, you said the same thing all analyst have said but with a ghetto twist to it. Fuck it.

    FUCK ROGER though. Bitch ass nigga. Im waiting for this lockout to be over so my RAVENS can get coached up and take that superbowl next year. ShoutOut to @mac DIESEL and NY Giants for taking Prince Amukamara before he could fall to the RAVENS. Bastards. We had to settle for the nigga with character issues who not even gauranteed to go the whole summer without getting locked up. Fuck it though if he do make it then he still a GRADE A Corner Back. Nigga Jimmy Smith, Salute!

    Shoutout to Torrey Smith. Burner. Flacco gonna have a field day throwing the ball to him. I see him as the RAVENS own Wallace from the Steelers (Forget his First name)

    Either way, LOOKOUT NFL, Ravens going all the way and aint shit yall can do bout it! RAVENS SB2012!

  • Ice Cold

    MIAMI HEATTTTTTTTTTTTTTT!………..yo freddie gibbs wheres the miami love? huh?……..its okay i’ll take the hate. When miami lose you will have a story about them sucking ass but when miami wins you completly ignore us.

  • Ice Cold


    im telling you word, i live in Maryland to, i keep telling all the redskins and ravens fans the Falcons are going to own this year but they dont listen. And o yea…….JULIO JONES!………..nuff said…….*does go go dance**

  • PPL

    Raprader staff, can you guys just put Freddie gibbs editorial content as the frontpage brief, we dont need the same explanation all the time. We’ll still end up clicking on the blog entry for the rest of the content.

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  • JoeMoney

    Check out Wale and Future doing the Sexy Grandpa #GEICO http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f64VcwTv8ko

  • Belize


  • still best rite now!!

    [email protected]

    lol Freddie brought no insight, just copy & paste some shit you hear watching Sportscenter.

    But honestly i think Jimmy Smith will turn out as the 2nd best corner in the draft. nebraska is known for having bust in the league. Torrey Smith & Tyrod taylor too in the late rounds, Ozzie Newsome always draft his azz off!

  • real

    hmmmm… the more famous Freddie Gibbs gets, the more haters he has… interesting equation!!!

  • Word

    @Ice Cold

    I admit, the Falcons had me scared when they drafed Julio Jones, but THREE things stuck out to me about that move.
    1. We dont play Falcons this year, so I dont care
    2. You guys through away like a million picks for one dude
    and 3. Your DEFENSE is still ASSSSSSSSSSSS. Aaron Rodgers lit you boys up. Why bother with the offense? That shit was decent enough with Julio. Now instead of losing 48-21 you’ll lose 48-41. Good job.

    @still best rite now!!

    Exactly. Cosign. Prince do look like a bust. I seen his film, he got scorched a couple times. He dont got nuffin that Jimmy dont got already. Only thing is his character is better. And dont forget Tandon Doss!! Big, Physical, injuries wiill hamper him, but our offense got WRs that Flacco can mature with now. Plus a OT and a DE. Ozzie did his thang!

  • Word

    (*Threw not Through)
    (That shit was decent enough *without Julio.)

  • Jay

    Shut up niqqa… U can’t complete an article or a sentence without “fuck *insertname” .. if you wanna act ghetto so bad go take it out in a studio instead of being an internet gangsta.

  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis

    GO PATS !!!

  • D

    great column, wish it was longer tho, you’ve got an interesting point of view…

  • Ice Cold


    Lol, are defense is ass but theirs a reason why we have “free agency”. All we have to do is wait for the lockout to end SMH. By the way we gave up 2 picks in 2011 & 2 picks in 2012 that ain’t no million man lmao.

  • Front Man

    this shit was funny to me…Me and my girl going on vacation…Travelocity giving away $1000 Giftcards for anywhere in US..just for giving them your email..haha..My whole fam got 1 http://goo.gl/8IQWl

  • tellingmane

    who is this clown lol i guess this guy will be telling jokes for a living cause his rap career is not going anywhere