• LOL

    Why do people like this? I don’t get it….

  • Ricsipop


  • Blaxdon

    Damn them golf wang (why do they spell it like that) it’s clearly pronounced and spelled wolf gang anyway I digress) Them niggaz scare me. That’s power right there. Let be clear my generation was late “90s (swiss,dmx,jay..juve…etc). But trust me when I say that these Niggaz are the shit get down or lay down.

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  • martin


  • Baby Of Stan

    like why does rapradar keep on posting this BULLSHIT!!!

  • Ashin Kusher

    I bet security hate it when OF are in town.

  • Itz Yourz

    Hahaha…..security was definitely out numbered and couldnt control shit. It was all in love though…it wasn’t like they rush the stage to hurt them…they live them niggas and just wanted to rock out with em…nuff respect. How concerts should be.

  • Belize


  • MrBlackFolks

    Someone give these niggas they medicine. And i dont need a odd future post erryday. Cut that shit out

  • feining liquor often

    lmao this is a concert. im glad OF shows are like this. Move around, fight people, fuck shit up.


  • Osama Bin Laden’s Dead Body

    Bored with these guys already.

  • Jaediggity

    Shit was tight. Haters gon hate.

  • whitedelight

    probably bum rushed the stage to beat these lil wack bitches asses…. just my opinion… i wouldve. wack ass wanna be 3 6 mafia

  • kalikush

    Wtf is this a rock concert!!??
    u go to hip-hop concerts to have fun and have a tight experience.
    You wanna start cat fighting take ur dramatic ufc ass to a bar!!
    of is kinda boring tho

  • Leezy

    Haters. Odd future is dope.

  • CapricornReligion

    Man… Lol these dudes is Entertaining. Im sorry but, Lol I miss this sort of “Wild out Dont give a Fuck” Attitude” Rap use to have… Its cool man just let them do them… We all have are Favorites anyway….

    Let them do what they want. Rap needs some Excitement right now untill these Upcoming Albums drop

  • Shut Up Bitches!
    Golf Wang!!

  • YOUR pusha

    that was kinda crazy, i dont listen to much of these guys music but i kinda like their enrgy, i would go to their concerts and rock out just to let loose

  • dre

    lol all you niggas hate!!! you fuckboys are outnumbered you niggas are on blogs gating all day while therre thousands of people supporting so who is it wack to? how is this boring to? get a life bitches WOLFGANG

  • southcakc23

    this IS the “blah blah blah” that KRS talked about; much like eminem was that same “blah blah blah”. These odd future fucks are nothing more than regurgitated eminem and eminem was a regurgitated ICP.

  • Idk

    They have a lot of energy at concerts, and theres definitely a place for that. But when it comes to the music, I just dont see the talent thru the hype. The beats are pretty bad, and the lyrics are generally just the typical yaba-daba-doo gibberish rap, only angrier. Without referencing Earl Sweatshirt or Frank Ocean, can somebody explain what the hype over the rest of these guys is about?

    I feel like I gave Odd Future a fair shot a few months ago, went thru a lot of their shit, and I can see real talent in Earl and Frank Ocean. But, 1) That doesnt mean I feel it necessary to overrate the rest of them, and 2) For some reason it also seems like the most talented members are also the furthest removed from the rest of the group. Obviously Earl is missing indefinitely while he does his boarding school thing, but has anybody even seen Frank Ocean in the same room as the rest of these guys? I guess its better for an RnB career not to stand next to Tyler.

    Now I know Im gonna get dismissed (and probably “caps lock” screamed at) as a “hater”, but Im only giving an honest opinion and raising questions that I would actually be interested in answers to. More than anything, I love music, and if Im missing something that would allow me to really enjoy Odd Future as a group of musicians, then by all means Id love to be in on the secret.

  • Idk

    ^Oh ok… I guess I need a lower IQ level.

  • tr

    That was pretty insane. They’ve got a very wild fanbase…neat to watch.

  • That was some 28 Days Later sh^t. RR posts everyday because clearly they have a cult following. No different from when they kept showing Drake show footage and every broad in sight was singing his songs.

  • phraynkhp


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