COSIGN @Lupe!


  • Nathaniel


    that shit DJ Clue, The Game, Just Blaze, and Fabolous said was hilarious.

    Lupe said some real shit (as usual). can’t let these chumps get comfy celebrating something that’ll have zero effect on their everyday lives.

    unfortunately… tis osama dead shit means little for the troops, the war as a whole, the state of america politically and economically, or what’s REALLY going on out here.

  • toad3527

    FAB is funny

  • toad3527

    so lupe thinks its the us governments responsibility to kill bad schools and to kill poverty? where is that at in the constitution?


    @LUPE Cosign!!

  • Sho Nuff

    Great day to be an American…USA…USA…USA….Burn In Hell Osama bin Laden

  • Escko

    bullshit osama isnt responsible for 9/11 hes just the scapegoat…Fuck the Government

  • Later

    Misspelled Al-Qaeda

  • RIP Osama Bin Laden …


  • NotoriousRambo.



  • So Icy Boi!

    I hope yall ready 4 the Government n Obama 2 take us down next! Obama is a puppet,open ya eyes! 12.21.2012

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    Mr.Porter mad dumb! If he would have been dead 5 years ago Bush would have used it to get elected.

  • So what the fuck is Wasalu doing exactly to help eliminate “wack” schools or poverty?

    Wasn’t he involved in a Heroin ring in Chicago? (Yes)

    And where is 90% of all Heroin created? (Afghanastan)

    Yea, no wonder Wasalu is pissed off.

    And full of shit– that nigga is NEVER in any Chicago schools working or volunteering, nor is he donating or raising money to help schools.

    He’s not working towards raising poverty awareness or working towards ending poverty.

    He’s a rapper.

    And most likely a former drug dealer.

    He’s full of shit.

    And the people who listen to him and his ridiculous rants are sheep.

    Smarten up, dumb niggas.


  • Take tHAT MANE

    funny post cuz half of them ain’t hip hop

  • Rick

    Lupe stay on his terrorist soapbox. Give Obama credit, hater.

  • Able Danger

    They grow up so quick seems like just yesterday we gave him his first rocket propelled grenade launcher… Obama2012.

  • Brown Jesus

    Now playing Immortal Technique “Bin Laden”

  • Tim Lee VA Stand Up

    hahah JUST BLAZE was right, that wouldve been sick!!! hahaha

  • Sam from FL

    Lupe is a big hypocrite…damn, LOL. New song with trey songz glorifying hyper materialism and gender based stereotypes. But people love him because he’s a “rebel” that uses big words…. Brainwashed

  • Belize is g*y, mac weasel’s opinion aint sh*t

    OBAMA 2012

    but i really cant stand lupe, he’s so damn depressing, can that nigga be happy for once !!

  • Tim Lee VA Stand Up

    *DEAD* at Sam from FL

  • Mo


  • Belize is g*y, mac weasel’s opinion aint sh*t

    @Sam from FL lmao i agree , but people will say “lupe is the truth” FOH

  • dmc

    LBD you can only be president for 2 terms. and btw why would the government kill the most wanted man in the world without gettin info outta him firtst, killing him doesn’t make sense.

  • SqueeGee

    @lbdII – Bush couldn’t have used it cause he already had 2 terms…

    And what’s up with people saying Obama killed Osama? I didn’t realize he was over there fightin…


    Pure hiphop fail, like osama dying gonna bring our economy up and gas prices down. Obama didn’t do anything. Stay out of politics hip hop 😉

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  • All these tweets are interesting, but Snoop Dogg and Lupe Fiasco’s were right on point… OBAMA 2012

  • get bucks

    Lupe is a chump 4 that…

  • DJ Ian

    yall ain’t posted Chuck D’s tweets? he went off.

  • The dumb niggas that come to this site dont care about world events, they want more Gucci and Wakka Flakka!

  • SMFH

    ya niggas comin at Lupe cuz he said “Now kill poverty, wack schools and U.S Imperialism” is stupid as FUCK. he didnt say Obama doesnt deserve credit. hes sayin that now since Osama’s dead, n it was so much of a big goal apparently, now we can move on to bigger n better issues thatll actually effect the everyday lives of Americans.

    how the fuck is Osama bein dead gonna change anythin? in the same speech that Obama announced this big “victory”, he said the War On Terror isnt over. the troops aint comin home anytime soon. ya think Al-Qaeda just disintergrated as soon as Osama died? whether he died from American bullets or natural causes, that nigga was old as fuck. u dont think they have atleast a dozen other niggas on deck to take over his spot? America celebratin aint gonna do nothin but piss those lunatics off even more..

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    @ the people above I’m well aware how may times you can be elected but Bush was for McCain. If this had been done 5 years ago he would have announced and said that we didn’t need a change because the Republicans were protecting America. Think about the BIG picture. Not everything is a conspiracy theory.

  • SS

    that nigga is NEVER in any Chicago schools working or volunteering, nor is he donating or raising money to help schools.


  • get bucks

    People goin @ Lupe cuz he always pissin’ on somebody parade!!! He need to chill out and be glad he rich and successful.

  • Thetruth

    Y’all so fucking dumb because an operation carried out by the marines & started by the bush adminstration, now Obama should be re-elected. What the fuck people wake the fuck up! He’s only fucked us worst then bush did.

  • jerzy

    who got fired on celeb apprentice??

  • SS

    Lupe a pussy ass house nigga!


    Says the beta faggot jacking my initials.

  • Dino

    Bin laden is dead/tell all your ppl that Bin Laden…. Meek Mill remix this shit for me (Tupac Back) beat..

  • Who gives a fuck what any of these fools think.

  • Brandon Off Bass

    I wanna hear Eminem’s reaction to this lol.

  • Anon DCPL

    Typical US political psyops.


    IMO, he was probably dead a while back.

    And if it is true, Western powers just slapped the shit out of a hornets nest,especially with all the shit going on in the Middle East. Obama needs to bring the troops home (which they will not withdraw regardless), after our government has spent trillions of tax dollars in Afghanistan & Iraq.

    There are other things at hand:

    crooked politicians,our economy, our failing dollar and unemployment.

    Don’t believe the mass media hype.

  • drizzy

    wasalu and them muslim boys never liked obama or any u.s adminstration for that. they been sayin america at war with islam long before 9/11 fuck wasalu that fake ass muslim.

  • Red1

    Man you Americans are so gullible your gov is just trying to distract you , you believe that shit they can’t find this nigga for 10 years then wen ur economy is fucked your all broke homeless and mad and it’s re election time shazzam like magic they killed him not to mention he didn’t even do it your government set up 911 no nigga in a cave can do what the Nazi Germanys imperial army couldn’t even do they couldn’t even get a rock on us soil man dumb Americans wake up

  • SmokeYou

    Nobody cares what hip hop thinks.

  • JJ

    The first thing i thought of was that Eddie Griffin stand up where he said “Get me 5 bloods, 5 crips, 2 mexicans and a redneck and this shit wouldve been over”

    God bless America, Fuck Bin Laden, and fuck Pakistan for supporting him all this while!

  • Rico

    GuttaboyJihaD ethered Lupe. Seriously.

  • Respect!


  • SS

    illuminati want my mind, soul & my body

  • AlexRmF

    LTLline (not sure who he is) and Lupe gave the best comments about this… I don’t believe this shit about “we killed him and we dumped him in the ocean as a funeral” type of excuse… either Osama is not dead, or they just staged his death to cover some bigger shit.

  • Scott

    Ya’ll lonely ass kids who know nothing about politics anyways, arguing like some community college drop outs, have fun pretending you matter, dumb fucking bitches.

  • NYC

    lol it’s funny how people believe anything on TV ! Obama just tricked 95% of Americans to vote for him again.

    Lupe is right, why aren’t we improving home b4 going into wars that aren’t our business ?

  • cool

    wale better shut his faggot ass mouth, nigger cant say shit bcuz he on weed? suckdicknigg

  • SINcere

    Some are saying Osama shouldnt have been killed. Give me a fucking break. Osama & his goons hated “U.S.” (muslims, christians, dogs, birds you NAME IT). You scared now he dead? Al Qaeda been mad & plotting. Our war is about THEM too. POINT: We living in history & Barack was doing his job. So dont be like some old people who hated malcom x when he was alive & now kicking there self over it

  • johnd

    meekmill is ignorant as fuck

  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis

    [email protected] Spike Lee say that mideastern people are the new bogeyman.

  • NoShit

    Im proud of the USA for killing this massmurderer,Im from Norway myself and have been waiting for this to happen.You got the fucker,i hope he burns in hell.
    But i wanna see pics of him dead with a bullet in the head,release the pics to the world or else most people will doubt it happen.

  • The YOUNG Hov

    Lol first time I say this, but I definitely cosign @So Icy Boi!

  • The YOUNG Hov

    and cosign @AlexRmF too. real shit

  • dave chappelle


  • Mike

    @GuttaboyJihaD You seem to think you know a lot about Lupe’s past but not about his present.. He promtes more about gaining self knowlege.. He has started a book reading club, speaks to students around the country about the importance of education.. And while not being one of the super well off rappers in the game he gives back to the schools in he home city of Chicago.. More than what your favorite rapper does..

    But forget that point.. To sit and throw salt on someone who spoke the truth about what this country should be giving their full focus on is a full of shit stance…

    We are a middle of the pack country (fact)..

    Our test scores are the lowest they have been ever (fact)

    We spend more money on shit we don’t need then any other (fact)

    All he said was let’s get better at what really matters and that is the future of the people in this country.. The news of Osama being killed is great but don’t let that be the only reason this President will get a second term.. It is the right of the people to want more from it’s country..

  • Rhizza

    Today we’ve lost the World Champion of hide n seek

  • S_Dogg

    Cosign @Lupe!

    I really think the war on terror is a bunch of bullshit.

    All you fucking pricks saying that he’s constantly hating should fuck outa’ here and go bump your Gucci in celebration of this largely irrelevant piece of news that everyone is gonna’ celebrate. Obama is dead, and what, this doesn’t affect Americans at all on a day to day basis, in fact the Taliban have vowed to avenge his death, things are fucking worse if anything.

    Let me hit you with some figures,

    NASA 2012 Budget: $18.7bn. US Department of Education 2012 Budget: $48.8bn. US Department of Agriculture 2012 Budget: $145bn.

    The cost of ten years of illegal occupation to kill Osama? $1.283 TRILLION.

    Killing Osama has been a bigger fucking concern for the U.S. government than more important issues like Hurricane Katrina and the fucked up education system etc. So before any of you go ahead and hate on Lupe and celebrate this petty victory, open your fuckin’ eyes!

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  • kaoz

    Lupe Fiasco is next, send me to do the job…i would tie two horses to each of his feet and whip horses behinds to run in opposite directions…how about that for words you never said ha!!!

  • kaoz


  • Saudia Arabia didnt even want him back, thats why we dumped his body in the Indian Ocean, so that says alot, but now we need to use our intelligence on who is going to step up next and take his place, its far from over and we need to watch not only the terrorist that are across the water but keep an even closer eye on the ones that are in our back yard i am all for celebrating but lets keep fighting for what is right and this beautiful land we call home because you could have been born in one of those countries where they been fighting for over 200 years but God created you as an American, so be proud that we have the freedom to vote, walk down the street when we want, work and party, and sometimes if you dont feel like doing anything you have the freedom to do that too.Much love to all the Armed forces around the world it has been a struggle for us all 10 years plus is a long time and respect to all who lost loved ones on 9/11, with god we can forgive but as an American we will never forget. Lets make sure we do this right for them, not lose focus and keep Americans of all natioanlities free. Hip-Hop,Rap,Rock,R&B,WHAT DO YAL THINK THEY WERE LISTENING TO TO GET THEM HYPED UP TO GO KILL THAT MOFO. Much love to everyone on Rap Radar, take a second to breath in the air and tell the ones you love that you love them with all your heart cause now we have one hell of a road ahead of us. But smile cause this is a victory for everyone that wants to be the change that we want to see aruond the world.Always be strong,Never let go, And you will find things that cant move have the power to grow.

  • i think they were listening to Snoop Dogg-Boom

  • Dujay

    mr porter’s tweet is the muthafuckin truth

  • wickwickwack

    lol @ great day to be american . some people are full of shit
    That guy was probably already retire
    But how come he got shot in the head and is already buried ? that man had to be put on trial before they hang him up

    ps : u dont celebrate death ,this aint halloween

  • What!!

    I hope y’all niggas know that one of Osama’s ex-bodyguards said that they should kill him in the event that his about to be captured, I doubt he was shot by an American soldier. Also Saudi Arabia didn’t want his remains, so they had no choice but to dump his remains in the sea and at the same time respect muslim religious belifes of burrying the dead within 24hrs. I hope they release pictures of his body soon though.

    Ohh yeah btw Fuck Lupe! always saying dumb shit, stfu!

  • haq

    lupe is a fuckin’ fag

  • Nickey Negrito

    Jack Bauer said ” I killed Osama 7 years ago and kept the body on ice.”

    We know Jack is the best CTU agent there is.

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  • IITSDman

    i personally think T.I shot him

  • blackghost
  • blackghost

    don’t believe the hype!!

  • IITSDman

    so bin laden dead before detox dropped? smh fix up dre

  • rahrahrah

    How many Americans did Osama kill?
    How many Afghans did America kill?
    How many Iraqi did America kill?

    To quote your god J’hova, “men lie, women lie, but numbers don’t lie”.

  • Peace, I agree with LUPE, now we can spend some of these billions on the domestic struggles.
    I also agree with $$ where are any of these so called rappers/mc’s who rep-in their hood. Are they coming back to the hood and building rec centers, corner stores laundry mats or something that represent their concern for the babies there? No, they have millions and don’t know how to do for self.

  • still best rite now!!

    smh…the same ppl sayin this is a conspiracy theory is the same niggas who believe Soulj Boy is Illuminati, plus re-election is over a year away anyway.

    And Lupe’s gonna complain anyway because of his muslim beliefs…who really gives af you didnt vote for Obama?

  • Belize

    lmao. co-sign what @Pill said about “let them I KIlled Osama punchlines begin.” FAIL @Wiz tho…

  • Kid Cudi

    fuck yall lupe may not be the messiah but at least he has expectations for the government. i agree that we should be workin to fix up our schools and poverty in america before takin out osama. jus cos he doesnt go out and do charity work doesnt mean he cant believe that the children of this country shouldnt have a good education and have enough money to get by.

  • blackghost
  • blackghost

    they trying to sensor my post


    Respect to everybody involved in this mission. RESPECT.

  • ToiletSpatula

    Is it strange that they announced this on the same day Hitler committed suicide?

    Illuminati’s work at its finest.

  • Africa Rules

    Fuck AMERICA

  • jake

    toad- where are any of the things that go in in the constitution? for example the 16th amendment has still never been legally ratified…meaning that income taxes are illegal and we are being extorted by our government…so why don’t you think they control everything else and have the power to change things?because they do have that power but the select few with the most power have the most money and won’t give up a dime for the common wealth. if wallstreet and the mortgage industry were regulated again and we didn’t blow a bunch of money over a false war then the government who started all this in the first place could put that money into bad school and basically erase poverty in the hard working class….then america will prosper and the only homeless assholes will be the lazy fucks like before or the ones who say they were from Nam who came back without injury and complain that what they saw was too devastating to get a job so they ask for your money on the corner. now everyones just robbin and stealing and what does that do? puts more money into the governments pockets when they call out law enforcement and hand out fines and throw us in prison. our government in this day and age has the ultimate power to do anything yet they act irresponsibly, and selfishly.

  • Lil scrappys momma

    meek mill the funniest nigga

  • kele

    “Niggaz will prolly find Bin Laden before they find a nigga hotter than me” Lloyd Banks >> now they killed Bin Laden and still haven’t found a nigga hotter than PLK

  • eh yo

    Ironic how your name is “thetruth” but you speak none of it.
    -Correct-Bush did initiate the push into Afgan. and Iraq
    If him and his power hungry puppet masters wouldn’t have worked with OBL, and used him as a tactician then put his head on the chopping block to be a scapegoat for the attack(9/11) they set up, then we would have never taken our asses over there to begin with. There’s no way Obama has “fucked us worse than Bush” because a lot of this debt crisis began in 01 when we ignored the debt because we figured the money would just generate from citizens. Fuck outta here.

  • did anybody else notice that wiz khalifa was the only one who wasn’t sure whether osama was captured or killed? smh.

  • Rachael5922

    Bin Laden Immortal Technique…..PERIOD.

  • Ben

    What about Bishop Lamont?! he said some funny shit.
    “Osama Bin Laden is dead… now lower them damn gas prices!”

  • kanye west

    @Escko , imma let you finish, but SMFH had the best rant of all time!

  • pissed at Lupe

    First off @Dumb ass Lupe

    It is not the governments job to teach you how to read,or do math,be a good parent,teacher,community advocate…… We need to stop depending on everyone else to help. Our ancestors made a path, and your bitchass is asking for a handout, Im tired of you depressing ass NIGGAS!

    So if the government did everything,your bitchass would find something else to complain about-maybe we should use our brain and find a way and/or make a way!”The government aint giving us lawnmowers to cut our grass”,cryin ass fools!

    I dont like alot of things in government-but i would be a idiot to think we dont need one or that it is perfect.

    Grow up or shut up! Pac said it best”everyone wants to be a character or a hero,if you are so real about it-lets start our own country……Nope! didnt think so. STFU Lupe. You are a lost little puppy like everyone else. ass-hole

  • s.r.v.

    Obamas niceeee with it

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  • poo bear

    lupe is a clown

  • Itz Yourz

    This is good news…but the nigga that was next in line after him is pumped…terrorism will always be here because there will always be a nigga opposed of western ways. Killing him we just really pissed them off, hopefully it was some intelligence evidence laying around so we can prevent other shit from happenning…and if we wanna send a death blow…kill the nigga that are funding these niggas…this just the beginning remember they are very patient ppl…so keep the light on for those fools. And a big middle finger salute to Pakistan for hiding him in plane sight.

  • 5k on my wrist

    i read they swiped that nigga bin laden dvds, computers….etc

    then they tossed dat nigga in the sea

    goon shit

  • 5k on my wrist

    lupe smh

  • skeez

    @Black Shady haha candabitch, Canada is to much of a bitch to do anything.

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  • S.M.H (Show Me Hate)

    Seriously, is lupe fiasco an al-qaeda member ?
    He’s wack.

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