• LRL

    thats whats up…..

  • LRL

    CLICK ON MY NAME!!!!!!!!!

  • Too Short2

    i don’t like this…Me and my girl going on vacation…Travelocity giving away $1000 Giftcards for anywhere in US..just for giving them your email..haha..My whole fam got 1 http://goo.gl/8IQWl

  • this sh is nice. the track was dope already, both had bars and the beat is sick. The visual is real laid back, im likin it

  • Moe

    DOPE AS FUK!!!

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  • Ya

    Dope vid to an even doper song

  • phraynkhp


  • i see you fenty

  • Black Cobain is dope, but this video is so laid-back… having DJ Khaked and Rick Ross in it even better too

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  • dope AF!

  • wale is the modern day tupac. appropriate at the end he asks ‘who got the juice nigga?’

  • Black Cobain = TRUTH.

  • Hard stuff, I like it! =)

  • NY is HARD!

    2 Dreadlock PUSSIES!!!!Sound like ass to me…You cats just suck MMG dick 24/7 and that whole squad is WWAAAAAAACCCKKK!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Nathaniel

    so Black Cobain is the nigga ghost writing for Rick Ross… okay, i get it. glad we cleared that up.

    haha i’m just fuckin’ witchall

  • MoOo

    i’m addicted to this song its so fuckin amaaaaaazing !!!!!!!!

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  • Mars

    Dope as fuck, wale killed it…black cobain is nice too and has been getting better even since his last mixtape “now”……Loud P.O.T. above yall patron @ 4am fucks a last call?