• juliet

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  • LoverofHipHop

    Very well said. He touched on many important and valid points. Dates might have been a little off with the early 80’s comment when I think he meant early 90’s but other then that was dead on with the whole thing.

  • mrcollege

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    NASA technically created the internet in 1957 after Sputnik. Niggas was parnoid. They created some committee. And that committe created the very beginning of what we know today as the internet.

  • Pharell is breaking down some real shit.ironically 2pac was signed cuz some exec’s daughter liked him.yeah music ppl aren’t running the game money ppl are and they don’t know what their doing.he really educating ppl on here.Wow this is what’s really going on as far as them making artists do the same style.great interview
    rever bnation.com/loch

  • SmokinAces

    Yea I went to this. It was real cool and Pharrell was real down to earth and laid back the whole time. Definitely a memorable experience.