Wiz Khalifa Denies Confronting Kanye

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Following Kanye West’s performance at Coachella a few weeks ago, rumors surfaced that Wiz Khalifa confronted him backstage. As we all know, Wiz is currently dating ‘Ye’s ex, Amber Rose. Over the weekend, Young Khalifa denied to MTV that there was an altercation.

“I did my set and we hung around for a bit, but we weren’t even there when fam was onstage,” Wiz said. “Somebody made that up. I think they just wanted it to be that type of situation or they wanted to see something go down. It’s fun to talk about it and make jokes about, but in all reality, that didn’t even exist.”

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  • seemenow

    who cares.

    wiz will be forgotten about soon, then he’ll try and go back to like he was before he sold out and i’ll say fuck off bitch boy.

  • Trav1

    I knew that shit sounded phoney

  • Donn

    Ppl always wanna see conflict among artist. Let them live their life. The fans are to blame and thank for everything

  • kaoz

    matter fact Wiz should ask for Kanye beats

  • kalikush

    wiz is a bitch. nuff said…

  • kaoz

    YN says The next Dre Em song is NOT a single….well, its just confirmation that the song is wack

  • kanye will slap that guys face


  • boston geroge, boston, ma

    hahaha @seemenow… agreed

  • nasonemic

    hes scared, he should join g unit so fif got his back

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  • Wiz Stan

    The concert Wiz put on at UB this weekend is proof to me that Wiz isn’t going anywhere any time soon.
    Keep crying that the dude is blowing up suckers.

  • Marcus Garvey

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  • Donn


    Its fans like you who are the reason why artists venture out to broader horizons. I went back and listened to Wiz’s older songs and albums and he kept it str8 Hip Hop for you guys and what did y’all do, download his shit for free and shit on him.

    Ppl like you want artists to make the SAME album over and over and over again just to make YOU happy. Well the truth is the world is bigger than just YOU. There are more fans and consumers out here than just YOU. And some of those fans are responsible for Wiz topping the charts and selling more than 200,000 copies in his first week.

    Anytime an artist reaches a level of success he’s called a sellout, anytime a rapper strays a little bit and trys to evolve his sound you tell him NO, do the same thing over and over again just for me. If Hip Hop fans controlled the labels, the industry would be bankrupt

  • sincere

    this lame couldnt hold it down on the mainstream end. Curren$y stayed REAL fuck WIZ oh yeah WOLF GANG KILLS TALYOR PUSSIES

  • Donn


    That’s cus Currensy is comfortable being placed in a box and staying there and never diversifying his sound and evolving as an artist and trying different things.

    When these niggas go from singing our songs to waiting on you
    Bout a year later the same ones be hatin’ on you
    Every other record these rappers be faking on you
    We singing songs but we know that ain’t true
    We know you gotta make the people pay you
    Cause either you play the game or watch the game play you
    And be that broke motherfucker talkin bout “I stay true”

  • Penew

    wiz ain’t no confrontational type of dude..he too chill..for that..Apple giving away iPad, because they were getting sued about giving away users locations..I got 2..haha http://goo.gl/5wVVj

  • Belize

    dumb bitch

  • blazen

    why is everyone in rap pussies now days?? beef is apart of the hip hop culture.

  • Osama Bin Laden’s Dead Body

    lmao Donn is a complete flaming idiot if he thinks Curren$y never diversified his sound… and Wiz Khalifa made 2 great mainstream projects in BAR and Kush and OJ before he even got popular, but he SOLD OUT after that when he made the shitty pop album that Atlantic told him to. Now hes being forgotten already, because hes making the same trash that everybody else does.

  • Guess there won’t be any Wiz Khalifa-Kanye West collaboration right?

  • Donn

    Actually Im retarded, and Rolling Papers never topped the charts. Oh yea, and the industry IS bankrupt. More modern record labels lose money than make it.

  • Word

    @Donn Lemme ask you this, have you EVER listened to a Curren$y song EVER in your life? How can you speak on a rapper you never heard? Did you hear Covert Coup? Or did you write it off cuz you think its the “same ol boring hip hop” and Wiz aint evolving his sound, he diong the same thing all pop rappers are doing. They try so hard to be different that they all sound the same! Only ones being different (but still wack) is Odd Future. THATS how you be different. Not doing the same pop hooks, pop features that everyone else doing. That WAS different at one point but now everyone doing it.

    And DONT speak on Curren$y music unless you have heard his whole catalgoue and seen the growth. Speaking on artist you OBVIOUSLY never heard. Between Pilot Talk 1, Pilot Talk 2, and Covert Coup, I hear A BUNCH of different suonds. But you wouldnt know, cuz you didnt listent to it. The more you know.

  • lilrizq

    @Donn Tell me why u mad!? lmao! For one u dont know me so stfu wit that shit. I actually bought the lp and later gave it to my girlfriend sister. Let me give u example of rappers that have adopted hippop : Flo rida, pitbull, nelly, 50 cent, luda, jayz, lilwayne, eminem But unlike wiz they droped hiphop albums before switching genre. He could atleast stay true to tha hiphop genre for his major label debut. Now u go along and bump your pink friday album slut! u aint ordinary bruh

    @Converse the only niggas you mentioned that are ill were jay z and eminem, the rest of the rappers were weak from the beginning or lukewarm at best. you do know wiz is 9 albums deep right? and “Deal or No Deal” was his first major label release…smh. his mixtapes were made like albums so he put out way more hip hop albums then most of the niggas you mentioned.

    Jay-Z- 12 albums not counting the greatest hits and that linkin park sh–
    Wiz Khalifa- 10 albums
    Eminem- 7 albums

    And true Taylors know that Wiz is versatile as -uck. i’ve heard some of his tracks that sound techno, house, dirty south, new age, spacely, jazz, hip hop, and alternative influenced. Curren$y is the next ill nigga as far as the freshmen, but he is type cast. if he switched his sound up he would lose fans.
    @Word Curren$y has grown as an artist but his music is Jazz influenced overall.

  • Kill Yourself or Die

    Wiz Khalifa has 3 albums TOTAL. Show and Prove, Deal or No Deal, and Rolling Papers. None of them were very good. The only 2 projects that hes ever put out that I would actually pay for were Kush and OJ and Deal or No Deal, but some retarded little dickrider does not get to overrule the artist and re-title them LPs.

    Jay Z and Eminem have at least 3 CLASSIC albums EACH, but if u insist on including every project of new material, then Jay Z has released 16 projects total to date, and Eminem has released 12 projects.

    Never get this corny little clown confused with the legends.