• still best rite now!!

    whoever woulda thought we’d see a black 1st lady?this is beautiful! God bless America.

  • the ghost of osama bin laden

    lol ur an idiot if you think black ppl smell like flowers lmao
    they smell like sweat n ass

  • flawda

    Michelle and Barrack swag has been on a 100 trillion these last 3 days

  • Donn

    Ppl still gonna find a way to hate on this or make perverted remarks.

    This is truly beautiful. Beyonce is doing more than just being an artist, she is doing her part to help the world. Good shit

  • Belize

    NOT RAP! Damn I’m gettin mad at all these Pop posts smh.

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  • blaqscorpio

    LOL @ Bee’s crazy ass! Gotta love her.

  • Drake

    fuck obama its #Coleworld

  • Drake

    fuck osama its #coleworld

  • NoSoup4Yu

    I hate Barack and jayz!

    Ol’ successful lawyer wife / r&b diva having…

    Ol’ Osama bin Laden / wack rapper career killing…

    Ol’ black president / best rapper alive being…

    Ol’ Donald trump / nas ethering…

  • NoSoup4Yu


  • jayx

    students = poor/ middle class black american -> dress in black, hair black
    Beyonce= rich black american *> dress in white, hair blond

  • lj

    Is it me or does Beyonce look less like a dime and more like a nickle.

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  • Belize


  • Soupp Cooler

    that was a close one..who yall think won???..lol..Me and my girl going on vacation…Travelocity giving away $1000 Giftcards for anywhere in US..just for giving them your email..haha..My whole fam got 1 http://goo.gl/8IQWl

  • Nahomie

    Anyone whos hating prolly sitting at the computer stuffing their fat face with icecream and oreo’s. Peep game, the first family knows what an iconic figure Beyonce is and her influence on the youth. I think this “Lets Move” movement is a beautiful thing, kids are being active and having a good time, while the first lady is right there with them. Unforgetable priceless memories for these kids. Would Mrs. Bush be out there dancing, prolly not, she’d be more concerned how to cosign fucking the country up.

  • p

    i guess they are preaparing jayz for the presidency

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  • Miss Peaches

    <<<<<cosigning what Nahomie said.

    I hope yall see the underlying truths in this venture: Look at us…we can be successful in entertainment and politics (and everything in between) and we gonna enjoy said success cause we gonna be healthy with it. This is good shit….real good shit!

  • that is a very nice work out video for the kids now a days cause they love to dance when they get the chance ……nuff sAid thou…

  • that was nice and beyonce was dancing with highheel shoes on …and michelle was good also…nuff said thou….

  • the One

    Jay is so lucky!

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