• I Was Not Here

    Someone tell me this was supposed to be posted on April 1st..

  • Long Lungz

    SWAG ME OUT ALL THE WAY LIL B ahhh damn!!! Yesssss forgot jay electronica just having new lil b is enough ahhh yeah

  • Long Lungz

    Ughnnn son Lil B!!!!

    Go listen to Lil B-Exhibit 6

    Six. If u dont cry to that then damn.

  • coco loco

    EP tittled WE GAY

  • Long Lungz

    Lil b all day!!! Man u can not stop the real. Anyone hating on lil B is simply closed minded.

  • jay

    Fuck lil B

  • A.P.E.

    50 tyson > LIL B

  • This should be interesting….. Thank You Based God and Thank You Jay Electronica

  • d

    funny thing is, as ridiculous as this sounds, i actually see this thing working out. but damn was this kid strugglin to talk about the ep, think he was tryin to sound smart and… well…


    get it? forget it…

  • Itsfarfromover1

    The We Gay EP lol

  • puerto-black

    I would buy a Jay electronica, fuck that Jay Elechannukah, Jay Elecramdaan, Muhammad Aslaamica Rasoulallah EP yesterday. Lil b cant get my memory for anything.

  • hmmm…well new Jay Elect is worth the price of admission…

  • Noringtone

    Jay Electronica will kill him on every tack.

  • Elect

    U guys do realize were talking about a Jay Electronica project right? In other words, this EP is gonna be coming out on my 100th birthday.

  • Lol

    this is a joke, right? lol
    Jay Electronica who is a so-called spiritual cat? lol
    Lil B who calls himself god and blaspheme? lol
    You know this new era of rap is a true joke lol
    spiritual rappers collab with blaspheme rapper lol
    c.o rapper is hottest rapper lol

    P.S. Somewhere Dj Khaled is mourning the death of his matyr hero Bin Laden LOL

  • aka

    I’m Jay Electronica being all deep.
    I’m Jay Electronica being all spiritual.
    I’m Jay Electronica being all deep.
    I’m Jay Electronica being all spiritual.
    I’m Jay Electronica being all deep.
    I’m Jay Electronica being all spiritual.

  • Yung Silv

    very based very rare very legendary #timetocook

  • still best rite now!!

    The BasedGod may work miracles, but i doubt this comes to fruition….

  • SqueeGee

    I’m lovin the idea of this. I’ll probably be giving this more play than WTT or Hell: The Sequel haha

  • The Ghost Of Osama Bin Laden

    Jay is too good to work with a lil B.itch

  • Master

    What the FUCK is e wearing???? Looks like he just got out of gym class.. He looks worst than Charles Hamilton. Damn Based God you on MTV mane. Clean that out fit up mane!

  • Conway West

    “EP titled WE GAY”

    DEAD!!!!!! LMAO!!!

  • Jaediggity

    Daaammnnn that’s fucking crazy. Hows that shit going to work. I think Lil B is going to up his game. I honestly believe hes going to cut all that swag shit out in order to spit with Jay. Like Lupe said in an interview, Lil B knows he has to bring a certain level of lyricism when ever collaborating with me. I think Jay Electronica said the same thing to Lil B personally before deciding to do this. I think this is going to be big for Jay Electronica too, he’s going to catch 90% of Lil B’s fan base. I don’t know if Lil B can grab any of Jay Electronica’s though. I guess it depends on how hard he goes on each track.

    At times Lil B shows flashes of brilliance, there are versus where I’ve seen the most hardcore hip hop heads go “damn, I wish he’d rap like this all the time” but how many records can he pull that out. I think this could be a great thing. All you haters, at least wait and listen to the first joint that leaks before you start your hater engines. No matter how hard he goes though, I know ya’ll still gon hate so fuck it.

  • Belize is g*y, mac weasel’s opinion aint sh*t




  • dre


  • BK

    BK says:
    Tuesday, May 03 2011 at 9:13 PM EST

    White people smell like fish and dry cum #SWAG

    The amount of 2 letter combo’s you coulda had for your name on RR and you chose BK? Fuck outta here!!!

  • 106

    What??? Jay Elect must have lost his mind. I will never listen to him again it this is true.

  • tor

    exhibit c wasnt on a mixtape, and it wouldn’t have been his first mixtape if it was.
    fuck this idiot.

  • relhm

    This shit can’t be real… JayElec the GodMC can’t be working with this piece of shit nigga

  • relhm

    I will lose mad respect for Jay if this is true…

  • SqueeGee

    Lol people gettin mad because their favorite MC doesn’t have the same opinion as them hahaha smh


    bk is gay……..nuff said
    keep posting 23 comments on each thread u fucking nerd!!!

  • Jazz

    jay elec lost

  • New New No Limit

    Woop! Swag! That nigga Silkk the Shocker been cooking for years…Hope they look that nigga up for a feature that would be sick

  • The Hater

    Niggas is really delusional if they think LIL b will every be able to spit a hot verse hahahaha, I see his movement but niggas gotta be realistic, he can’t rap. And don’t tell me bullshit bout “he got records where he spits listen to such and such…” cuz I listened to those and his bars mediocre at best. SWAG!

  • True Hater ^^^^

    Spoken like a ^^^

  • watered down once signing to Soulja Boy.
    dude, he’s playing the masses. not the best, but he can rap.

  • Mar1990

    Lil b Wack !! Jay electronica dope! So the track might be half way decent

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  • I don’t know who thought this up.LiL B is trash.His lyrics are garbage.He calls himself a princess and a bitch.His album is called I’m gay.So yall fans gonna be walking around saying yeah I got I’m gay.How can you feel like a man putting on I’m Gay for some hoes?This has to be a joke.It’s like Soulja Boy and Killa Priest doing an album 2gether

  • April fools right ? come on say it. first how Jay gonna do something with this dude and he aint put nothing yet. think Jay dropped a commercial and one other song. thats it

    -hit me for beats

  • Is It Really Real Son

    This dude need to put out some music cause I aint buyin the hype.

  • ColoradoKnight

    I’m SO confused as to why Jay Elect would even consider to affiliate himself with this guy?! WOW?! This huge LOSS for Jay if this is true? In my opinion.

  • Jack Mehoof

    106 says:
    Tuesday, May 03 2011 at 10:56 PM
    What??? Jay Elect must have lost his mind. I will never listen to him again it this is true.

    Co sign…I listened to “Look like Jesus” yesterday. That kid disgusts me. I couldn’t in good conscience support Elect anymore if he rocked w/ that neantherthal

  • Why do we have albums with lil b and no solo albums from Jay yet?? this is blasphemy


    “the anti nigganomics movement has begun”



  • Hippo

    @loch121 – Hey I would love to see a Soulja Boy/Killah Priest album lol. Probably the only way I would listen to either of them ahaha

  • Chan

    Everything this guy says is just to get attention. I mean think about it. Jay Electronica is one of the most lyrical MC’s out right now. Lil B is the worse rapper out right now. Lil B is such a terrible rapper it is hard to even call him a rapper. Why in the world would these two guys do an EP together? Simple answer they wouldn’t.