• First Guy

    First BITCH

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  • blue

    he didnt wanna say he proud of his country but the white man made him say it..dam u

    llcoolj hoow do u feel about the justice system for minorities
    how do u feel about unemployment in middle class
    what about the white supremacy in beded in american socitey were they control all the information
    how do u feel about middle class being taxed out of there homes

    llcoolj is one that got out of the hood and lives a comfortable lifestyle but u can tell that in some way he trap by his on success,
    cause he said im not going to let me doing movies and tv shows keep me away from were i came from , but im not going out my way to go there nor put myself in that situation were i know the people starving would eat me alive to get a fraction of what i have.

    thats like saying im a doctor and help the poor but i would never live in the area were im reachable all the time. but i will drive in a hr and drive back home were im safe

    wake up

  • Belize