• Who Me?

    Beat is very annoying!

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  • BiggaBooBoogieChild

    Dem digga boo by them horror boogie kids? Lol so nonsensical. This beat isn’t very “Lo”. I’m still hyped for the new tape though. Tall Glasses is that jam

  • obviously the industry heads and top rappers have blacked balled Andre 3000 because he.s the nicest and he.s conscious. Cant believe he.s not invited even by the top black rappers albums over the last maybe 4 yrs!and he was once heralded as the best!now they dont even speak of him.its all gucci,wocka,wayne,wiz,blahblahblah .hes valuable too! Nas put andre on your shit!jay do it too! And wayne u know u can squeeze andre on yur shit if u got 2 ft by rozay on there….

  • cbsdf

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