New Music: Consequence x Musiq Soulchild “Waited Too Long”

Though Consequence’s new mixtape Movies On Demand 3 drops later this month, he’s not wasting any time putting out new music. Here’s his latest featuring Musiq Soulchild.

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  • bullshit
  • kaoz

    Its bullshit to think Consequence can take the spotlight away from Kanye, if he could believe it would have already happened..talent shines through everything else. He’s grievances are based on the fact that he’s been with Kanye and GOOD music from the begining but still cant get his music released from a mainstream media standpoint yet he sees Kid Cudi come through and drops two major albums and then Pusha T gets signed and he got next on the good music after Big Sean..That should be frustrating especially if u also Ghost write he does for Kanye….So him speaking out about it giving closure to the whole situation and being responsible to his fans too..

  • Jeffro

    Damn Cons must hate this pic, shirt is too tight and he looks like a bobblehead with that carrier dome…ouch!

  • Alas

    this pic looks too funny

  • kaoz

    hnaging out with ye had him wearing a blouse thinking that shit will help get his album out ha!

  • saywatuwant

    Lmao sumbody put In the big head code that nigga look like modok

  • kaoz

    the boy from Andromeda

  • Kofi


    I love it when people say Cons ghostwrote for Kanye…..IT’S NOT GHOSTWRITING IF YOUR NAME IS IN THE ALBUM CREDITS! Cons still getting checks from those songs while a ghostwriter would just get a much smaller one time fee. Dude got no reason to be bitter I mean would his new shit be getting posted on blogs like this if he never met Kanye?

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  • Cemal

    rapradar gotta put up a new pic of con, seriously.. i dont even wanna listen to the songs cause the pic turns me off too much…

  • Big Willie

    Oh this nigga is back, Cons head look like a Dutch Master lmao, This nigga is wearing a latex shirt with Iverson sleeves lmao

  • ruthless

    This nigga is with child.

  • saywatuwant

    Lmao @bigwillie sumbody sewed that shirt on em that nigga rocking a Mickey mouse glove for a shirt

  • saywatuwant

    Lmfao @ LA

  • sway-z

    This nigga skinny/fat lol. Nigga said he wearing a latex shirt lmao!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Cons be spitting tho, leave that nigga’s fashion alone

  • Ya Boy G

    Lmao even con laughed at that shit.

  • So it’s looking like Movies On Demand 3 is basically going be Cons TV! Another really soulful dope beat from Ye & Cons did his thing on this though just wish he had 1 or 2 more verses on this cause it sounds more like a Musiq feat. Cons joint rather then the other way around!

  • Sam I Am

    lmfao @ ruthless I wonder how many months in is this nigga?

  • i should have known that i was going to like this type of flow cause musiq soul child has and always will be the bomb nuff said thou…

  • RC

    This song is okay for Cons…..

    Nothing is wrong with this.

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  • bonta

    con gota do somethin about dat belly lol