New Music: T-Pain “You Copying Me”

Before T-Pain releases his album Revolver, he’s letting go a mixtape called Prevolver. Ain’t that clever? Here’s one of the cuts produced by Tha Bizness. Monkey see, monkey do.

green hitz

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  • Lol


  • New New No Limit

    Nice song but Silkk tha Shocka would murder this beat
    FREE C MURDER!!!!!!!!!!

  • Santa

    This is suppppper hot

  • Gond

    This is dope!! Really, really impressive from Pain. I like how the song essentially sums up his whole life/music career. Again, very, very impressive.

  • Belize

    Not rap. Just annoying Auto-Tuned screaming over a corny club beat. What else is new?

  • Gond

    @Belize WOW nigga all I see you do in RR is bitch about every song. I would really like to see you try do any of this shit and then watch people hate on you. How you like that?

  • 305

    WOW. Who still listens to this guy???

  • ControversyCreatesCash

    Wow people still like and or remember T-Pain?

  • DJ



    Give it to SOMEBODY ELSE!

  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis

    t-pain must’ve been hiding out with bin laden damn son where u been at?

  • dan

    @Belize there’s no auto tune on this song you retard

  • This sounds like a B.o.B type flow/style.. Is it just me?

  • dwayn

    @Belize so you saw a t-pain song and just assumed it was auto tune? Lol i can feel that.. Anyways, this song isn’t bad.. i’ll cop prevolver..

  • Poont Face

    T-pain swear people biting him…decent song though…Walmart Giving Back After Laying Off Over 50,000 People.. $1,000 Giftcards – I Grab 2 of Them..LOL

  • Naaaaaah

    This is a lot better than I was expecting, so props to dude, but tbh it still annoyed the shit out of me way too much to play again.

    And hes kinda right, too, people WERE copying T-Pain. But thats when u know your time has officially past- when even the dudes that bit your style quit that shit years ago.

  • petey tree

    That dude really said silkk tha shocka lmaoo

  • the ghost of osama bin laden

    You niggas actually like this shit??

  • Jimmy Dee

    Belize is the sorest nigga on Rapradar.

    mac DIESEL-Funny dude some times, even tho he uses some stuff which aint needed. Still funny tho.

    COLD BLOOD-Speaks the truth at times. And still cool. Same goes with Jimmy.

    ZoomZoom-some kid from some high school that don’t really know hip hop or rap.

    So Icy Boi! – That nigga just comes on here to get ridiculed with his Brick Squad lovin and his “gangsta” pictures :/

    Black Shady – cool cat, but gotta cut down on the Stan-ism. It’s not live at times. Not at all.

    And then there’s a split. Either normal people, or crazy fanboys. This is RapRadar. Enjoy the site or fuck off out of it n get yur news from CNN or somethin. Stoneyface, gargoyle-ass niggas.

  • Luke

    He tell akon to “shut up nigga”?

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  • okdoagg

    Pr33 Ringz also had some ok songs, Pain can kinda rap.

  • Eyerone

    although this track is annoying, he killed it lyrically and flow wise.

    it is what it is.

  • Belize

    @Gond: I’d like to see YOU.
    @Jimmy Dee: sorest nigga? What’s that supposed to mean? And @Jimmy speaks the truth at times? lmaolmaolmaolmao

  • its pretty okay thou…