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  • Kill


  • WTF?

    and Fuck Food ft. Lil Wayne?

  • dmc

    dope, buyin this one.

  • Mike

    @ … Tech Said He Aint going to put fuck food as his first single…he said it was to raunchy for him…

  • JMS


  • Scott

    I love how this fool spits nothing but radio substance on top of forced multies, man the white boys be munching his anus. If Eminem never existed, these forced multi fools would of never been noticed.

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  • SqueeGee

    Likin it!

  • Icy Boi

    real hip hip! fuck gucci

  • haha

    Scott are you mad that you cant write multi syllable rhymes? And you must not be very familiar with his music if you think all he has is radio substance.

  • TC

    This song is the definition of Tech, he’s been doing this his whole career, nobody has noticed untill now.

    Some of the best multi’s I’ve heard

  • Sliggs



    instant replay!
    cant wait

  • llll

    Thanks Tech.


    NYCE man I like this shit. Tech = GREATNESS . Tech haters yall need to listen to his lyricism .. those who h8 it jus means its over their heads and they need someone to dumb it down for em…like gucci’s retarded ass

  • Vergil

    @Da REALIST: TRIPLE MUTHAFUCKIN COSIGN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • SqueeGee

    @Da REALIST – Nicely said

  • Sam I Am

    I want to see all of you peeps who continuously hype this man (see also: Joe budden/ Slaughterhouse fans) go out and buy the albums. When the album sales come out, then we’ll know what’s up.

  • goddamn

  • Strange Music Bitch!

  • LoverofHipHop

    I like this, and I’m not really up on dude like that, but this was peace. Why is it that white boys are supposed to be the only dudes that spit multies?…Fuck that! This dude, Pharoe, etc kill it just as much.

  • LOVES!

    I’m gonna be bumpin this for a while. Even the guy from Denmark is killin it!

    If yall noticed just before every verse some chick says where they are from. Pretty dope. This song is way better than any Khalid song, hands down.

  • Hey Scottie, dont hate on the multies, just because you have an IQ of 17 and can only rhyme bread and head and cant get out of your grannies basment

    Tech made a milli for every point you scored on an IQ test faggot

  • Kievy

    He has been having a winning week…

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  • Kansas

    fuck u stupid fucks…tech is the one of the best to ever grab a mircrophone…fuck anyone who jumps on his dick in 2011 and beyond..as a matter fact..fuck anyone who aint been listenin to tech since at least 2005 lol….even thats a gift.

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  • Jones

    this is sickkkk.

  • Luiseezy F. Crazy

    “Hey, I

  • 1990SiCK

    its sad.. ppl just dont klnow. its fuckin stressful that theres a such thing as a “tech hater” if u listen to hip hop then y wud u hate on the best rapper doin it!!! ???? he must be trippin more than me too

  • techn9ne89

    tech has 10 albums so far???? 2 ep’s and a mixtape with whoo kid. wiz,waka,gucci, and anyone else that makes that generic ass bullshit music couldnt add up to touch that. AND tech is just now starting to REALLY hit and the album isnt even out yet. just get back in your whip with your bitches and ho’s and get that paper homie dogg muuufuuuuckaaaa. real music is about to take over. no more lollipop crap that sounds the same- just to a different beat. TECH. N9NE. don’t even get me started on how awesome the stage show is compared to all the other fags, too. he doesnt walk around and stare and say AKA every 5 seconds. he also says all the words in the songs. WOW!!!??? AND- it doesnt cost over $45 AFTER FEES for every show. WOW!!!??? and he performs for at least an hour and a half! WOW!!! pull up your pants icedogg aka the juiceman aka thevillain aka the bonecrusher aka who gives a fuck. the world will soon see tech n9ne…

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